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Fun Ways To Celebrate National Quilting Month

Quilters, wind your bobbins and celebrate because March is National Quilting Month. It’s the time to honor quilters and your favorite hobby at once. The National Quilting Association celebrated its first National Quilting Day on the third Saturday of March in 1992. A whole three decades have passed since then! Its influence has expanded over the world.

So mark your calendars on March 16, 2024 it’s National Quilting Day. Whether you find quilting your favorite creative escape or it gives you a sense of accomplishment, celebrate the warmth and the stories behind your quilts.

History of National Quilting Month

The Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society decided to honor the long and illustrious history of quilting in the Bluegrass State by hosting a “Quilters’ Day Out” event on the third Saturday of March in 1989. National Quilting Day was first celebrated in 1991 after members of the National Quilting Association who were attending the 22nd Annual Show in Lincoln, Nebraska, voted in favor of a motion to begin celebrating the holiday. Although the NQA initially designated the third Saturday in March as National Quilting Day, the celebration has unofficially grown to encompass the entire month of March in recent years.

Ways to Celebrate the National Quilting Month

We’ve rounded up ways to celebrate National Quilting Month:

  1. Challenge yourself by learning a new technique, such as English Paper Piecing, foundation paper piecing, appliqué, or free motion quilting. Enroll in a quilting workshop to hone your quilting skills. Who knows? The next family heirloom might be in the making.

  2. Participate in National Quilting Day by displaying your quilts outside your home to educate and encourage your neighbors. Thousands of other quilters will be doing across the country. You may also print the official logo of the quilt alliance. Be open when asked by your neighbors about the history and basics of quilting!

  3. Never let your quilting stories become lost to the ages. Join a Facebook community of quilters. It’s a safe space to share an unforgettable piece and the story behind it. Don’t forget to use #NationalQuiltingDay to reach fellow quilters on social media.

  4. No more excuses, and finish your pending projects. For those who have been quilting for some time, you probably have a project that you’ve been working on for a while but have left aside because you’ve begun something new. There could be a couple of reasons for unfinished quilts, such as losing interest, having to focus on a new class, or being clueless about how to solve the pattern. Make national quilting month your inspiration to finish the project.

  5. Attend a quilt fair. Find nearby quilt fairs in your area. Whether they are held in person or virtually, 2024 Quilt Shows will undoubtedly include unique quilts. In addition, you could pick up some new skills or discover some exciting new trends in quilting.

  6. Time to reorganize and clean! Messiness is an inevitable byproduct of the quilting process. There’s a lot to keep track of everything from tiny pins and needles to yards and yards of fabric to your machines and their tangled power wires. Not to mention, a big mental block to sewing can result from a messy workspace.

  7. Pass the kindness and share your expertise on NATIONAL QUILTING DAY. Spend the day passing on your passion for quilting to your kids, grandkids, local school, or other group of young people. Help out a non-profit quilting group by donating your time, energy, and resources.

10 Quilt Patterns You Can Make on National Quilting Day

There you have it! Have a fantastic time commemorating the rich tradition of quilt-making!

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