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19 Types Of Quilts Every Quilter Should Know

If you are a beginner just starting the journey to the wonderful world of quilts, chances are you are still looking for ways to start. Lucky for you, we have what you are looking for! We know that the hardest part about making a quilt is choosing the right design, but we’ll help you solve it. Listed are just a few types of quilts that can improve your quilting skills. There are many different types of quilts, with limitless possibilities for creativity. Look for the ones that will suit your style!

Types of Quilting Patterns

1. Amish Quilt

Are you someone who likes to be quirky? Do you fancy historical artifacts, then this type of quilt will suit your style! The Amish Quilt goes back hundreds of years and is still being recreated until today. This quilt uses geometrical patterns, and it commonly uses darker shades to highlight the main subject. Truly, making a quilt of this type will unlock your inner artistry as you can be creative with the patterns that you can use.

2. Patchwork Quilt

As the name suggests, the Patchwork Quilt is a type of quilt that patches fabrics on top of the quilt top to create new blocks. If you want to go wild with your quilt and don’t care about symmetry, then this one’s for you! With how random the designs that you can make with this method, the only limit that you have is your own creativity!

3. Applique Quilt

Most quilts are made by sewing fabrics together to make a block, but the Applique is the most unique out of them all! To make this type of quilt, you will have to cut out a piece of fabric into your desired shape, then apply it to a larger quilt top to serve as its background and voila! You have yourself a masterpiece in the form of a quilt.

4. Autograph Quilt

Historically, autograph quilts are used as a memento for our loved ones, especially those who have passed away, but it is still present to this day. To make this quilt, you can make various patterns to create blocks for your centerpiece, but always leave a black space in the middle where a person could write something and sign it with their name, it is named the Autograph Quilt, after all.

5. Hand Quilt

hand quilt - types of quilt pattern - ILQF_

This is the traditional way of making quilts, and it dates to ages way before we had the technology. If you want to try doing it the old-fashioned way, all you need is a pair of hands, a needle, a thread, and a few pieces of fabric. Although this type of quilt will take hours to finish, it is quite an enjoyable hobby to start!

6. Art Quilt

Every type of quilt can be called art, but this one takes it literally because instead of using canvas, the Art Quilt uses pieces of fabric to create these majestic artworks. These quilts, however, are often used for display rather than practical use, as it is hard to make. The Applique type of quilt is the most common method used in making art quilts, as it is the easiest way to create shapes before stitching it to the main fabric.

7. Centennial Quilts

Is your grandma celebrating her 100th birthday? If the answer is yes, then this quilt will be the perfect gift for her! The Centennial quilt is a type of quilt that is used for celebrating something that has reached 100 years. Making this quilt will require the use of colorful fabrics that resemble the colors of golden tabloids. With an ancient-looking design, it would be fitting to display in such a historical event.

8. Charm Quilt

The charm quilt is like the Megazord of quilts since it is created from various types of fabrics. If you want to be a little funky, you can try recreating this one. The requirement of making a Charm Quilt is simple. Just bring out lots of different fabrics to work with. It is said that the block of charms is less likely to be repeated twice in a single quilt.

9. Custom Quilt

The custom quilt allows you to add the element of technology to your quilts. You can customize your fabrics by printing a photo, logo, or any graphic design that you like before stitching them together to make a large collage or quilt. This will also make a nice gift for someone this coming holiday!

10. Memory Quilt

Just like the custom quilt, this one sparks joy by having pictures of your loved ones in a quilt. You can make this by having the shirt that your children have outgrown or simply putting their picture in the fabric to make the quilt blocks out of them. Such a great way to commemorate your loved ones.

11. Miniature Quilts

The miniature quilt is not just a piece of quilt cut from a larger one, the same as those pillowcases and bed sheets. Miniature quilts are intricately made as a replica of a larger quilt pattern and are often used as a mug rug or a placemat. It takes guts and precise skills to craft such a wonderful type of quilt.

12. Crazy Quilts

First created in the Victorian Era, these quilts follow no rule from anyone! You can freely sew any type of fabric that you want, and it will still be relevant. The color of the thread and the direction of the stitch doesn’t matter if you enjoy making it!

13. Crumb Quilt

Just like Crazy quilts, the Crumb quilts use absurd-looking pieces to create a beautiful masterpiece. The major difference is that you should use one type of fabric in making a crumb quilt. If you have leftover fabrics from a previous quilt, then this project can make use of those! With how goofy you can get with this, you can make something creative out of it.

14. Whole Cloth Quilt

If you want to make a quilt but you only have a white-colored fabric, then you don’t have to worry, we got you covered! The White Cloth Quilt doesn’t need patchwork blocks. Instead, its quilt top is made entirely of a large piece of quilt, but it is also not using the Applique technique. All you need is the skill to sew patterns at the top of the quilt.

15. Embroidered Quilt

Making this type of quilt is the perfect way to showcase your embroidery skills! Use a dark or light background for the quilt and a contrasting color for your favorite cartoon character or a quote that you love. If you want to do it the old-fashioned way, you can embroider them using only your hands, but asking for help from an embroidering sewing machine won’t hurt as well!

16. Album Quilt

This type of quilt is very similar to a scrapbook, but in the form of a quilt. Made for special occasions, the album quilt is made of several blocks designed intricately. These designs aren’t merely decorations for the quilt. They also have meanings for the receiver of the quilt. Album quilts are often made to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or even to remember someone who has already passed.

17. Puff Quilt

The clickbait of quilts, the puff quilt, doesn’t require quilting. That’s right! It is a quilt that you don’t need to quilt. Instead, you stuff the blocks into the desired shape and stitch them together to hold them in place. It makes a comfortable and fluffy pattern that you can use in your blankets, just whatever you may think they’re useful for.

18. Denim Quilt

Having to throw away your old jeans and denim jackets is such a waste, so why not recycle them and turn them into something beautiful? Your old jeans turn into different shades depending on how old they are so that you can get a variety of colors from them. This is one of the best starting quilts that you can do anytime!

19. Pictorial or Story Quilt

Some artists love to depict a story using their quilts, like those that the Egyptians used. These quilts can tell a story with a series of blocks or with one large picture, but there are cases where the story is divided into multiple quilts that are put together. A creative mind is what is needed to achieve something like this.

Why are there so many types of quilts?

Quilting as we know originated in Europe around the 12th century. American settlers introduced quilting traditions. Early pieces were mostly done out of need. Due to population growth and technological advancements, more options in textiles became available as time went on. As a result, quilting was elevated to a fine art form, and the pieces it produced became more refined. It’s grown into a multibillion-dollar market, with annual revenues of around $3.7 billion. With the fast growth of quilting came the different types of quilts provided in the market.

And there you have it! Different types of quilts that you can master to start your quilting journey, you can choose one type at a time and enhance that skill so you can move on to the next technique! Stock on a lot of fabrics because this is going to be a long ride. Happy quilting!