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Janome 2212 vs Singer 4423 | Which One is Right Option for You in 2023?

Singer and Janome both are the top brands running successfully in the market. People love their sewing machines because of their versatile construction, efficient performances along with the technologies that make sewing easiest, especially for beginners.

Both machines are an excellent choice for newbies who are finding the right and convenient option to start their sewing and quilting journey. Let’s take a comparison of Janome 2212 vs Singer 4423 to see which one is more suitable for you.

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Quick Features Comparison

Here is a quick comparison table where we have described the features of Janome 2212 and Singer 4423  side by side.

FeaturesJanome 2212 Sewing Machine
Janome 2212
Singer 4423
Singer 4423
Built-in Stitches1223
Stitching Speed860 SPM1100 SPM
LCD DisplayNoNo
Automatic Needle ThreaderNoYes
TOP Drop-in BobbinNoYes
Buttonhole1 Four-step
1 One-step
Built-in Free ArmYesYes
Warranty25-year limited25-year limited
Pricecheck price 2check price 2

Overview of Janome 2212

If you are a sewer, Janome doesn’t need any introduction. It is a well-reputed sewing machines brand. The decent white-colored Janome 2212 is a role model for those sewing machines who are offering the same qualities in such an expensive money range.

Let’s first talk about its unique 12 built-in stitches that include the four-step buttonholes. They are more than enough for a beginner to sew different creative designs successfully. Select your stitch within seconds through a labeled stitch selection dial.

Moreover, customize your required stitch length and width that you can allow your machine to reach max up to 5mm (width) and 4mm (length). Working on longer projects is no more hectic task as you can sew the clothes at a max speed of 1000 stitches/minute.

Furthermore, a built-in Light brightens up the workspace to avoid eyestrains. Front-loading bobbin system, a free arm, and an automatic thread cutter offer more ease in works, lessening many efforts.

All in all, it is neither very because its price is under $200 costly nor lacks many features that could produce difficulty for beginners.

Overview of Singer 4423

The portable sewing machine by Singer has a lot of exciting features that usually darken the Janome 2212 model. Start with their same feature that is the automatic needle threader that is avoiding much frustration.

Singer heavy duty 4423 accompanies a variety of 23 built-in stitches to let the sewer sew clothes in all kinds of designs include six basic, twelve decoratives, four stretch stitches, and a buttonhole.

Switch between these unique stitching patterns through a dial and sew at a maximum speed of 1100 stitches per minute. The heavy-duty, grey-colored frame is highly appreciable because of its high versatility, giving it long-lasting stability.

Thick seam clothes are usually difficult to work with, but if you have Singer 4423, you don’t need to worry about it! There is a 60% powerful motor equipped in it that offers a perfect piercing on thicker clothes.

Major Feature Differences of Janome 2212 vs Singer 4423

We have found few dominant feature differences between these models. Have a look:

Stitching patterns

The Janome 2212 sewing machine has fewer built-in stitches as compared with the Singer model. It carries 12, but Singer has a total of 23 stitching patterns. It means that Janome 2212 is offering less opportunity to stitch in different styles.


Both the sewing machines have a single buttonhole, but Janome has a 4-Step buttonhole that requires different stages to do it manually. Consequently, Singer 4423 model offers a one-step buttonhole that is created automatically and requires fewer efforts.

Sewing speed

There is a slight difference found in both stitching speeds. The Singer’s one offers 1100 stitches per minute that are truly mind-blowing for longer projects.

While on the other hand, Janome 2212 sewing machine speed can reach up to 1000 stitches/minute maximum.

Common Features – Janome 2212 vs Singer 4423

  • Automatic needle threader
  • Inbuilt light
  • Maximum stitch length: 4mm
  • Stitch selection dial

Common FAQs About Janome 2212 and Singer 4423

Can I sew denim using the Janome 2212?

The Janome 2212 is an entry-level sewing machine that can handle basic tasks but may struggle with thicker fabrics. The metal needle would be too heavy for thinner fabrics that do NOT include denim, hence it cannot sew denim.

Is The Singer 4423 Good for quilting?

Well, it depends. The Singer 4423 is an example of a vertical needle, walking foot sewing machine that is good for any kind of quilting or sewing project.

Bottom Line

There is not much difference in price tags of these sewing machines, but there are found few prominent differences between their features. After testing the above Janome 2212 vs singer 4423, we’ve concluded that Singer 4423 is a better option to go with because it offers a few more advanced features that are slightly lacking in Janome. Otherwise, both are fantastic in their ways. So, the choice is all yours!