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Janome Sewing Machine DC1050 | Full Features & Specs Details

The Janome Sewing Machine DC1050 is a computerized sewing machine of Janome. It is a much practical and stable automatic sewing machine with more accuracy. The Janome DC1050 sewing machine capable of handling almost every type of fabric. It is a good price machine with featured-packed, sturdy construction, and user-friendly.

Janome Sewing Machine DC1050 Features 2023

Janome sewing DC1050 machine is a fully computerized sewing machine that can undertake almost every sewing task. Many unique features make this machine easy to use and reliable. It’s also a fun way to create an impressive wardrobe that gets nearly as many raves as the Janome DC1050 itself!

Now, you’re probably impatient to hear about the Janome DC1050 sewing machine’s exceptional features and the benefits they bring to the table. Ok, let’s get straight to it.

Built-in stitches

Janome DC1050 sewing machine comes with 50 built-in stitches, which are more than enough in an affordable sewing machine. These stitches include utility, satin, appliqué, and heirloom stitches, A complete guide print on the front side of the device for these stitches. It consists of 3 one-step buttonholes.


Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

It is a necessary feature of a sewing machine that it should be capable of adjusting the stitch’s length and width. You can change the stitch’s height and width according to your project needs in the Janome dc1050 computerized sewing machine. The maximum stitch width is 7mm, and the stitch length is 5mm.


LCD Screen

Janome sewing machine DC1050 has a backlit LCD screen. This screen is somewhat small but works great. This LCD allows the user to you see what stitch the user is using. If you want to choose another stitch for your sewing project, you have to use the directional buttons. Plus, you can adjust the length and width of the stitch with these directional buttons.

Easy Convenient Button

Janome DC1050 comes with three easy, convenient buttons to make it more users friendly. The start/stop button offers you to sew without using the foot pedal. This nifty feature enables quick mending or sewing of long seams.

The Reverse button allows the sewing machine to backstitch for locking seams quickly. You can stop a stitch pattern at any time, even before its completion.

There is no need to backstitch to lock a seam because the locking stitch button ties off the thread’s end. This feature is excellent for securing seams on fin fabrics or during the use of decorative stitches.

Easy to load Bobbin System

When starting a sewing project, the biggest problem used to be threading the needle. The Janome dc1050 computerized sewing machine has an easy-to-load bobbin system. With a top-loading, jam-proof full rotary bobbin system, which makes it easy to insert the bobbins. You can do it quickly by dropping the bobbin from the top.

Another good point is that here you can get an auto bobbin winder system. When the bobbin is wholly winded, it will automatically declutch the bobbin winder. Isn’t this a fantastic feature?

Automatic tension adjustment

It comes with an automatic tension adjustment system. This function is for you if you are a beginner in the sewing field or an intermediate sewer. Start your project without any tension of needle tension adjustment, because it will automatically adjust the tensity according to your fabric type or project.

This function is more valuable for changing the situation of the texture and turning at the corners. Besides, it is equipped with programmed pressure control, as indicated by the sort of material and alteration.

Free Arm Function

The free arm is a convenient feature for any sewing machine. This feature makes sewing one layer of fabric without catching another. The free arm feature uses to sew little or round areas like sleeves, jeans, and arms opening.

Portable Machine

The weight of the Janome dc1050 computerized sewing machine is only 11 pounds. It also includes a Retractable carry handle, which makes this machine super easy to move anywhere.

Janome Sewing Machine DC1050 Instructional Video 

Parts of the Machine Janome DC1050


  • Assorted needle set
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Satin foot
  • Foot control
  • Bobbin
  • Felt
  • Lint Brush
  • Power supply Cord
  • Screw key
  • Spool stand
  • Seam ripper
  • Spool pin
  • Spool holder
  • cover
  • Instructional Book

Janome DC1050 Manual

To download the complete user manual of Janome DC1050 Click here:

Easy to install and run
Extremely user friendly
Memorized position of the needle up/down
It’s a lightweight and portable machine
Quiet operation
It comes with a lot of handy accessories
Zigzag stitches could be better

Product Information

Size19 x 11 x 14 inches
Weight10.4 Pounds
Sewing speed820 spm
Warranty25 years limited

Common FAQs of Janome Sewing Machine DC1050

Is Janome Sewing Machine DC1050 a heavy-duty sewing machine?

No, officially, it’s not a heavy-duty sewing machine. However, you can sew 3 to 4 layers of fabrics with this machine. If you want to sew on leather or other heavy-duty materials, you have to choose another sewing machine.

Can this machine do some embroidery, or could I import fonts from the internet to use in stitching?

First of all, this Janome sewing machine is not an embroidery machine. It’s only limited to the built-in stitches that are available in this machine. Secondly, you don’t have the option to import fonts from the internet to use on this machine.

Can I use the snap-on feet from my other Janome on this machine?

Yes, you can use other model’s snap-on feet on Janome Sewing machine DC1050.

Bottom Line

Janome sewing machine DC1050 is a versatile, sturdy, and portable machine at affordable prices. In our opinion, its ease of use is one of the best features that this machine offers. Janome DC1050 lets you create professional results, even if your skills are more on a beginner level.

This machine is one way to reduce the cost of mending, clothing alterations, and general sewing repairs. In its price range, it is one of the best computerized sewing machines.