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10 Top Machine Quilting Designs

Machine quilting is becoming increasingly popular among quilters. There are various options available to quilters, ranging from complex patterns to simple machine quilting stitches. Machine quilting designs have different options that you can improve through your creativity. From straight-line stitches and free motion, we gathered the best machine quilting designs for beginners and experienced quilters alike!

Free Machine Quilting Designs – Top Picks

1. Paisley

Paisley Machine Quilting pattern
Photo Source: Leah Day

The Paisley design is done intricately, focusing on creating a stylish pattern using the shape of a tear. The result resembles the feather of a peacock or a flower. You can use this design in your quilts, and it is also perfect for quilters who are just starting their quilting journey.

2. Echo Shell

Echo Shell Machine Quilting pattern

The Echo Shell design is an easy free motion machine quilting pattern that enables you to stitch without any limitations. It features a half-circle pattern, and when combined, they mirror the beautiful waves of the ocean. You can use this design in your blankets, quilts, pillows, etc. Beginners and advanced quilters will enjoy stitching this design.

Here are some tips and techniques for free-motion quilting or FMQ.

3. Pebble

Pebble Machine Quilting pattern
Photo Source: Leah Day

Do you think circles are boring? Designed by Leah Day, she made circles look elegant and refined. This ingenious stitching placement of circles all over your base fabric will achieve the chic and modern look, perfect if you only want simple and minimalistic designs. This is suitable for advanced quilters and those looking for long arm quilting machine patterns.

4. Flower Power

Flower Power Machine Quilting pattern
Photo Source: Lori Kennedy quilts

This beginner-friendly quilt pattern crafted by Lori Kennedy highlights the artistic beauty of a flower. It connotates hope and light, which is the ideal reminder for you that even in the darkest corner of the world, beauty still lives on.

5. Fern & Stem

Fern & Stem Machine Quilting design pattern - free motion quilting_

Designed by Leah Day, the Fern & Stem design depicts the skeletal beauty of trees. It captures the essence of allure and grace trees have been giving us every day, and the simple intricacy of it makes it more alive. If you’re an intermediate quilter, this one’s for you.

6. Orange Peel

Orange Peels Machine Quilting pattern
Photo Source: Kustom Kwilts

If you are easily fascinated by the creative usage of geometric figures in art, then you’ll be easily enchanted by this Orange Peel quilt pattern design! It boasts the familiar resemblance of geometric figures, which makes it bold and edgy. This design will give you an illusion as if you are looking at stars. Quilters with previous knowledge of basic quilting will enjoy duplicating this design.

7. Poinsettia

Poinsettia Machine Quilting design pattern - free motion quilting

Be prepared to be swept under your feet with this simple quilt pattern design by Leah Day! It will give you the impression of a flower blooming or the sun’s warm rays, so feel free to wrap yourself in this quilt after you finish it. Recommended for advanced quilters.

8. Super Daisy

Super Daisy Machine Quilting design pattern - free motion quilting
Photo Source: Free Motion Project

If you are fond of flowers, then this Super Daisy quilt pattern designed by Leah Day will absolutely capture your soul and heart. The unadorned Daisy pattern is what makes it more lovable because it exudes purity and clarity. If you are a beginner quilter, you won’t have any trouble replicating this pattern.

Printable Machine Quilting Patterns To Download From Online Shops (Paid)

1. Hook Stipple

Hook Stipple quilting machine design

Want to do something simple yet still elegant? Well, this machine embroidery quilt pattern by Barb Brett is perfect for beginner quilters! The design is eye-catching with its intricate hook-inspired style. You will only need your embroidery machine!

2. Redwork

Redwork Machine Quilting design pattern -

This beginner-friendly quilt pattern by Anton Kerr embodies the image of simplicity is beauty. The simple design is the perfect addition if you are going for that chic style. It is also versatile so it is easy for it to blend with anything. Some of the sizes include 2×2 inches, 3×3 inches, 4×4 inches, 5×5 inches, 5×7 inches, 6×10 inches, 7×12 inches, 8×8 inches, 8×12 inches.

Inspired to stitch now by seeing the beauty of these patterns? I hope that these Top Machine Quilting Designs can help you finish your next quilt project quickly and beautifully.