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Top 7 Free Owl Quilt Patterns

Prepare to be mesmerized by a captivating collection of owl-inspired quilt designs. Owls have long symbolized wisdom, mystery, and grace, making them a perfect muse for quilters. In this roundup, we have carefully curated a selection of patterns that will ignite your creativity and bring these enchanting creatures to life in fabric form. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or just starting your quilting journey, there’s a pattern for you. From realistic appliqué showcasing intricate patterns to whimsical patchwork designs featuring adorable owl characters, these patterns offer a range of styles and skill levels. So gather your fabrics, thread your needles, and embark on a magical quilting adventure, where you’ll create quilts that evoke the allure and magic of owls. Let your imagination soar as you stitch these delightful patterns into works of art.

Free Owl Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Whoos Bedtime Is It

Whoos Bedtime Is It - Free Quilt Pattern
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Discover the enchanting Whoos Bedtime Is It quilt pattern by Stacey Day. Crafted with nine charming owl friends, this free pattern creates a finished quilt measuring 50 ½ inches x 65 ½ inches. Follow step-by-step instructions to bring these serene creatures to life, from their intricately crafted heads to their whimsical bodies. No feathers will be ruffled among this forest-friendly bunch. Choose fabrics from Nina Stajner’s Forest Dreams collection for added magic. Label each piece for easy assembly. Embark on a whimsical quilting adventure that brings tranquility to both creator and recipient.

2. Owl Always Love You

Owl Always Love You - Free Quilt Pattern
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Embrace the warmth and charm of the “Owl Always Love You” quilt pattern by Riley Blake Designs. Create a 54 ½ inches x 70 ½ inches finished quilt, ideal for welcoming a special baby girl or boy. Choose between the gentle hues of green and pink from the It’s a Girl fabric collection or the soft tones of navy blue and mint green from the It’s a Boy collection. This beginner-friendly pattern allows you to showcase your quilting skills while crafting a heartfelt gift. Whether experienced or new, follow the step-by-step instructions and create an adorable owl-themed quilt that will capture everyone’s attention.

3. Too Tired to Give a Hoot

Too Tired to Give a Hoot - Free Quilt Pattern
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Be enchanted by the whimsical Too Tired to Give a Hoot quilt pattern designed by Denise Russart of Just Quiltin. This delightful wall hanging showcases an adorable sleepy owl and measures 33 inches x 37 inches. With a free printable owl applique pattern, you can easily bring the charming owl to life. Enhanced with a playful Flying Geese Border, it adds a touch of fun to the design. Enjoy the joy of quilting as you create this endearing masterpiece that brings coziness and charm to your space.

4. Owlish Pillow

Owlish Pillow - Free Quilt Pattern
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If you love owls and want to create a cozy pillow cover, this pattern by Pat Bravo is for you. Pat Bravo’s Owlish Pillow quilt pattern will help you make an 18 inches × 18 inches pillow cover featuring a mother and baby owl perched on a tree branch. This pattern uses fabrics from the Heartland collection. If you’re new to paper piecing, watch helpful tutorials to familiarize yourself with the technique. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions for a seamless quilting experience.

5. It’s a Hoot

It's a Hoot - Free Quilt Pattern
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Explore the whimsical It’s a Hoot quilt pattern by MoMo for Moda Fabrics. This delightful design creates a 50 inches x 60 inches quilt, perfect for adding charm to any room. Combine strip piecing and applique techniques to craft a stunning owl with lovely flower details. Whether you’re an experienced quilter or new to the craft, follow the step-by-step instructions to showcase your skills and create a mesmerizing quilt. Let the enchantment of It’s a Hoot brighten your quilting journey with its delightful beauty and creative expression.

6. GO! Hoot Hoot Hooray!

GO! Hoot Hoot Hooray! - Free Quilt Pattern
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Get ready for whimsical fun with the GO! Hoot Hoot Hooray! wall hanging quilt pattern. This free design from AccuQuilt measures 10 inches x 45 inches and is perfect for adding charm to children’s bedrooms or playrooms. Bring six adorable baby owls to life with charming embroidery stitches using fabrics from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Let your creativity shine as you choose bold colors to energize your space. Download the free pattern, embrace the process, and create a cherished wall hanging that delights with its playful design.

7. GO! Owl-rageous

GO! Owl-rageous - Free Quilt Pattern
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If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to unleash your creativity, try out the free quilt pattern, GO! Owl-rageous. This adorable owl baby quilt pattern allows you to create charming owls with unique personalities by adjusting their eye and arm placement. With a finished size of 48 inches x 48 inches, this pattern is perfect for a captivating wall hanging.

Your quilting journey awaits you. Stitch these owl-inspired designs into works of art and let your imagination soar.

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