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Top 26 Free Patriotic Quilt Patterns To Show Your Love For The Country (+10 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Quilting has been practiced in the United States since its earliest days. So it seems fitting to honor the history of our craft with red, white, and blue color palette quilts. A great way to show your nationalistic pride on Independence Day, Memorial Day, and other national holidays is to make patriotic crafts. There’s no better way to add quilt home decor if you’re hosting the 4th of July celebration. We gathered our top patriotic quilts favorites to help you achieve a colonial or primitive look for your quilts. Land of the free because of the brave showcased in quilts!

Free Patriotic Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Patriotic String Star Quilt

free quilt pattern - Patriotic string Star by Mary Quilts

Designer: Mary Johnson of Mary Quilts

Feel the tingling sparks and explosives of fireworks in your skin as you wrap this quilt around you! You will not only feel protected from chilly nights, but you will also feel the goosebumps rising around you. It was originally designed by Mary Johnson. Quilters of all levels will have no trouble replicating this free patriotic quilt pattern. The finished size measures 54 inches x 72 inches.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Star Spangled Pineapple Quilt

free quilt pattern - Star Spangled Pineapple Quilt by Jedi Craft Girl and Gigi's Thimble

Designer: Amanda of Jedi Craft Girl

Why don’t you match your Fourth of July outfit ensemble with this remarkable beginner-friendly quilt design by Amanda? The unique pineapple design is already an exclusive top-off for creativity. Customize it to a DIY American flag as you celebrate the Fourth of July. If you are a beginner quilter, this free printable patriotic quilt pattern is an ideal first quilting project. The finished size measures 40 inches x 48 inches.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Patriotic Rail Fence

free quilt pattern - Patriotic Rail Fence Quilt by Mary Quilts

Designer: Mary Johnson of Mary Quilts

Let freedom ring with this quilt showing patriotism! Crafted by Mary Johnson, this quilt showcases the same stripe pattern that represents the original 13 Colonies of America. The symbolism of red, white, and blue colors is also evident. Use this as a table topper or picnic blanket on national holidays. Quilters of all levels will have fun reduplicating this quilt design. The finished size measures 61 inches and 74 inches.

4. Free Quilt Pattern: US Flag Quilt

free quilt pattern - US Flag Quilt by Amy Smart

Designer: Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter

Proudly represent your American heritage with this patchwork quilt by Amy Smart! The use of alternating colors of the American flag creates a distinct semblance from it. This is perfect for all quilters of all levels, from beginner to advanced!

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Framed Four Patches

free quilt pattern - Framed Four Patches Quilt by Mary Quilts quilted by Tanya

Designer: Mary Johnson of Mary Quilts

Play with your unique creativity with this beginner-friendly quilt designed by Mary! While playing with your artistry, you are already unconsciously showing off a grand illustration of a high-quality put-together of mini squares. The color choice of this patriotic quilt pattern makes it eccentric-looking. The finished size measures 56 inches x 72 inches.

6. Free Quilt Pattern: Fourth Of July

free quilt pattern - Fourth Of July Quilt by Quiltville

Designer: Bonnie K. Hunter of Quiltville

Embodying the spirit and the colors of the Fourth of July, you can use this to decorate your walls or even use it as a picnic blanket to watch the ceremonial parade for war veterans. If you’re hosting the fourth of July celebration, this patriotic quilt pattern by Bonnie K. Hunter of Quiltville is a great way to catch the hearts and attention of your visitors. It is easy to recreate, which is perfect for all beginner quilters. The finished size measures 60 inches x 72 inches.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Stars and Stripes Table Runner

free quilt pattern - Stars and Stripes Table Runner by A Bright Corner

Designer: Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner

Don’t you just love it when you have a table runner to beautify your table or desk for Fourth of July celebration? Well, why don’t you make a quilt that symbolizes patriotism? This beginner-friendly quilt by Andy Knowlton is the perfect patriotic table runner quilt pattern. You will only need to cut your fabrics into stars and strips to recreate this quilt easily. The finished size measures 12 inches x 36 inches.

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Stars of Valor Quilt

free quilt pattern - Stars of Valor by Linda Ludovico in support of Quilts of Valor Foundation

Designer: Patti Carey for Northcott

Cover the veterans touched by war with a comforting and healing patriotic quilt. This alluring quilt brought to life by Patti Carey will be the perfect medium to remind them of their time and efforts when they were still in the military. Linda designed this quilt pattern in support of the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Stars of Valor is suited for advanced beginner quilters. The finished size measures 57 inches x 65 inches.

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Firecracker

Are you up for giving donations to a military charity shop? This lovely quilt can be anyone’s own source of warmth, comfort, safety, or even nostalgia. The colors alone induce peacefulness that is calming for the mind and the soul. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or expert quilter, you will surely enjoy recreating this easy patriotic quilt pattern!

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Anthem Quilt

free quilt pattern - Anthem Quilt Denise Russell for Blank Quilting

Designer: Denise Russell for Blank Quilting

Embody your inner patriotic self with this luscious quilt by Denise Russell for Blank Quilting! It is versatile, and you can put it up as your wall-hanging design, a couch blanket, or bedcovers. You can even give this as a gift to your military friend, if you have one, or to your family and friends. This is perfect for all advanced beginner quilters out there. The finished size measures 69 inches x 57 inches.

11. Free Quilt Pattern: Patriotic Mini Quilt

Patriotic Mini Quilt looks American flag

Designer: Jenifer Gaston for of Primitive Quilts & Projects

Sew the Spirit of Freedom with this Patriotic Mini Quilt. The quilt’s centerpiece is a striking star block, surrounded by alternating red and cream strips, reminiscent of our beloved American flag. This pattern is a delightful challenge, perfect for those at an intermediate level of quilting. If you’ve been searching for a quilt that pays homage to the colors and design of the US flag, look no further. The Patriotic Mini Quilt is the pattern you’ve been waiting for. The completed pattern is an ideal size for a vibrant wall hanging.

12. Free Quilt Pattern: Scrappy Patriotic Quilt

Scrappy Patriotic Quilt - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Courtney McNamara

Stitch Your Pride with the Scrappy Patriotic Quilt Pattern! Imagine the satisfaction of transforming your red, white, and blue scraps into a stunning quilt that’s a celebration of patriotism and creativity. It was crafted by Courtney McNamara. This pattern is a scrap buster’s dream, perfect for those leftover bits of fabric in shades of red and blue. The design is a vibrant mix of geometric shapes, creating a visual spectacle that’s as captivating as a Fourth of July fireworks display. The finished size is 90″x90 which is perfect for queen-sized beds. Scrappy Patriotic Quilt Patterns is perfect for beginner and experienced quilters alike.

13. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Flag and Heart

Flag and Heart_free quilt block pattern

Designer: Marcia Hohn of Quilterscache

Piece together your love for the Country with the Flag and Heart quilt block pattern! Designed by Marcia Hohn, this 8-inch square block pattern is for advanced quilters with knowledge in paper piecing. Feel the surge of patriotism with the heart as a beacon of love, surrounded by vibrant American flags. Symbolizing valor, purity, and justice, this versatile block is perfect for gifts and can be used to create various projects like pillow covers, table runners, or quilts. Let your creativity soar and showcase your quilting skills with this captivating and patriotic design.

14. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Americana Table Topper

GO! Americana Table Topper - free quilt patern

Designer: AccuQuilt

Make a statement with the vibrant GO! Americana Table Topper Quilt, a free quilt pattern courtesy of Accuquilt with fabrics from RJR Fabrics. Measuring 26 inches, this eye-catching table topper is perfect for showcasing your patriotic spirit during Fourth of July festivities and other special occasions. Turn your fabric scraps into a stylish centerpiece by simply rearranging the red, blue, and white elements. This project is the ultimate scrap buster, designed to blend practicality and love for your country into an unforgettable dining experience.

15. Free Quilt Pattern: Patriotic Star and Ribbons Table Runner


Designer: Rob Appell for Michael Miller Fabrics

The Patriotic Star and Ribbons Table Runner, designed by Rob Appell for Michael Miller Fabrics, is an eye-catching quilt pattern measuring 43.5″ x 18.5″. This table runner elegantly represents the American flag’s colors through its clever use of squares and half-square triangle units, making it a stunning addition to any patriotic decor. This pattern combines simplicity with symbolic beauty, perfect for enhancing your table setting and ideal for quilters who appreciate both aesthetic appeal and meaningful design.

16. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Stripes Around the Stars Throw Quilt

GO! Stripes Around the Stars Throw Quilt

Designer: Mary Anne Fontana for AccuQuilt

Create a patriotic masterpiece with the free GO! Stripes Around the Stars Throw Quilt pattern by Mary Anne Fontana for AccuQuilt. This 40-inch square quilt combines vibrant red, white, blue, and gold fabrics in a striking display of eight-pointed stars, flying geese, and square and stripe blocks. It’s a perfect project for all skill levels and an excellent way to honor Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day. This throw quilt, blending modern and traditional styles, will become a cherished heirloom and a proud representation of Americana in your home.

17. Free Quilt Pattern: Yankee Doodle Quilt Projects

Yankee Doodle Quilt Projects - free quilt pattern

Designer: Wilmington Prints

Explore the Yankee Doodle Projects, featuring four free quilt patterns using the Yankee Doodle strip pack Essential Gems fabric collection by Wilmington Prints. This collection includes two table quilts and two wall hangings, each celebrating patriotic themes. The Flag Gems quilt is one of the wall hangings, measuring 40 inches by 26 inches and featuring straight strips. The Zigzag Flag quilt, measuring 45 ¼ inches by 45 ¼ inches, is designed to look like a waving flag and is also a part of the wall hangings. For table decor, there is the Yankee Doodle topper, which is 40 inches by 40 inches and perfect for parties, and a long Yankee Doodle runner measuring 80 inches by 20 inches. These projects are ideal for celebrating patriotic holidays and adding a touch of Americana to your home.

18. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Union

GO Union quilt pattern

Designer: AccuQuilt

The GO! Union quilt is a captivating free pattern from AccuQuilt, inspired by historical quilts dating from 1850 to 1910. This unique wall-hanging quilt features four majestic eagles, each holding twigs and cherries (or possibly olive branches) in their beaks, symbolizing a strong political statement. Quilt historian Ruth Finley named this pattern “Union” in her book published in 1929. This design is a blend of history and artistry. It’s perfect for adding a touch of patriotism and historical significance to any space. The finished quilt is 48 inches by 48 inches, making it ideal for display and admiration.

19. Free Quilt Pattern: Captain America Inspired Quilt

Captain America Inspired Quilt pattern

Designer: Amanda of Jedi Craft Girl

Amanda, also known as Jedi Craft Girl, has shared a pattern for the Captain America Inspired Quilt that would be a great fit for fans of the Avengers, particularly those who admire Captain America. This quilt is crafted in patriotic red, white, and blue hues, featuring the Midsummer Picnic Fabric Collection from Fat Quarter Shop. It’s an excellent project for a patriotic display or a casual summer picnic blanket. This design is a great way to utilize leftover fabric pieces and can also serve as a chance to experiment with new fat quarters. The finished quilt, measuring 54 inches by 72 inches, is a fun and versatile addition to any collection.

20. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Friendship Prairie Star Table Runner

Go! Friendship Prairie Star Table Runner

Designer: AccuQuilt

The GO! Friendship Prairie Star Table Runner, available as a free downloadable pattern from AccuQuilt, is the perfect patriotic addition to your quilting projects. This pattern showcases a lively red, white, and blue color scheme and combines two traditional quilt blocks: Friendship Square and Prairie Star. It is perfect for Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July festivities. You can use red, blue, and white fabric scraps to create this design. Whether used as a table decoration or a festive accent for summer outdoor activities, this table runner, measuring 14 inches by 70 inches, is a beautiful way to showcase your quilting skills and patriotic spirit.

21. Free Quilt Pattern: Firework Flag

Firework Flag Quilt Pattern

Designer: GiGi Khalsa for Quilters Newsletter

The Firework Flag quilt pattern, designed by GiGi Khalsa for Quilters Newsletter and featuring the Artisan Batiks fabric collection by Robert Kaufman Fabrics, is a fantastic free project for patriotic occasions. This quilt is perfect for enhancing your home decor for the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or Memorial Day. Its vibrant design also makes a wonderful wall hanging or a thoughtful gift for veterans. Additionally, the pattern can be adapted to create a unique pillow. Measuring 18 inches by 18 inches when finished, this pattern offers a great way to express patriotism through quilting.

22. Free Quilt Pattern: Great American Summer

Great American Summer - free quilt pattern

Designer: Heidi Pridemore for Henry Glass & Co.

The Great American Summer quilt pattern, designed by Heidi Pridemore for Henry Glass & Co., is perfect for advanced beginner quilters. This patriotic-themed quilt, with a finished size of 49″ x 61″, features a lively panel that reads “eat, drink, and be patriotic,” making it an ideal addition to summer picnics and celebrations. Its size and spirited design capture the essence of American summer festivities, blending quilting craft with national pride in a fun, approachable project.

23. Free Quilt Pattern: Old Glory Flying Free

Old Glory Flying Free - free quilt pattern

Designer: Laurie Simpson for American Patchwork & Quilting

The Old Glory Flying Free Quilt Pattern by Laurie Simpson of Minick and Simpson for American Patchwork & Quilting is a folk art-style wall hanging that pays tribute to Old Glory with spirited flags waving in the breeze. The finished quilt measures 38 1⁄2″ × 46 1⁄2″. This design features appliquéd flags and decorative elements, framed by a border of half-square triangles, creating a vibrant and patriotic display perfect for celebrating American heritage. The combination of traditional and whimsical elements makes this quilt a standout piece for any home.

24. Free Quilt Pattern: Red, White, and Blue Bricks

The Red, White, and Blue Bricks Quilt Pattern from American Patchwork & Quilting is perfect for a quick-to-assemble patriotic picnic throw or a cozy twin-size bed quilt. It features an assortment of scrappy red, white, and blue prints in a brick-like pattern, creating a vibrant, festive look. The finished quilt measures 68″ × 92-1⁄2″ with a generous 14″ drop for twin-size beds. This pattern is ideal for using fabric scraps and adding a touch of Americana to any space.

25. Free Quilt Pattern: Blue Constellations

Blue Constellations - free quilt pattern

Designer: Osie Lebowitz for Timeless Treasures

The Blue Constellations Quilt Pattern by Osie Lebowitz for Timeless Treasures features the Tonga Honor fabric collection. This striking quilt design showcases bold red stars set against a backdrop of varying shades of blue, arranged in a diagonal stripe pattern that creates a dynamic and eye-catching effect. The finished quilt measures 56 ½” x 64 ½”, making it a perfect throw size. Rich, batik-style fabrics add depth and texture to this patriotic-themed quilt, making it a beautiful addition to any home.

26. Free Quilt Pattern: Bursting with Courage

Bursting with Courage - free quilt pattern

Designer: Denise Russell for Timeless Treasures

The Bursting with Courage quilt pattern by Denise Russell for Timeless Treasures is a stunning design featuring intricate red, white, and blue star blocks. The quilt measures 74 ½” x 87 ½”, making it an ideal size for a bed cover. The pattern combines pinwheel and star blocks, creating a dynamic and patriotic look. The outer border showcases a complementary star-themed fabric, enhancing the overall design. This pattern offers visual impact and intricate detail, perfect for quilters looking to create a beautiful and meaningful quilt.

BONUS Patriotic Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Land That I Love Quilt Pattern (Print to Order Pattern For Sale)

Land That I Love Quilt Pattern

Designer: Julie Weaver

Are you tired of having the same decorations for celebrating the Fourth of July? This beginner-friendly quilt by Julie Weaver will give your home a more sophisticated and nationalistic look. You can hang this outside your porch, make it a picnic blanket, or a flag! You can be creative with however you use it! The finished size measures 53 inches x 64 inches.

2. Stars and Stripes Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern (Physical Pattern For Sale)

Stars and Stripes Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Sharon Martin McCurdy of Pure Joy Patterns

The Stars and Stripes Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern, created by Sharon Martin McCurdy of Pure Joy Patterns, is a wonderful project for those with some quilting experience. Utilizing a Jelly Roll, this pattern combines straightforward piecing and appliqué, allowing you to finish it quickly. There are two layout options available in the design: a twin-size quilt with dimensions of 62″ x 86″ and a square layout measuring 75″ x 75″. This versatile pattern is also suitable for Quilts of Valor, fitting well within their size guidelines. It’s an excellent choice for creating a patriotic-themed quilt.

3. Stars a Waving Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Stars a Waving Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Alycia Carmin of Quiltygirl

The Stars a Waving Quilt Pattern, designed by Alycia Carmin of Quiltygirl, is a fabulous patriotic quilt suitable for personal use and as a Quilt of Valor. Tailored for beginners, it provides various methods to create the blocks, supported by numerous photos for clarity. This pattern was initially crafted as a mystery quilt, maintaining that element of surprise in each step of cutting and sewing. When completed, the quilt measures 60 inches by 78 inches. It’s an exciting and rewarding project for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a patriotic-themed quilting experience.

4. American Dream Quilt Pattern (Digital Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

If you are new to quilting and looking for a project that is both simple and impressive, the American Dream Quilt Pattern by Angela Pingel Designs is a great option. It features a single 12-inch block that repeats throughout, allowing you to adjust the size to your preference easily. This pattern is perfect for using up your fabric stash, as it is scrap-friendly. Its design, inspired by the American flag, makes it a great choice for a patriotic quilt. This contemporary quilt design provides an enjoyable and imaginative activity for both novice and seasoned quilters.

5. Flying Free Quilt Pattern (Physical Pattern For Sale)

Flying Free Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Patricia Pepe of Quilt Queen Designs

The Flying Free Quilt Pattern, crafted by Patricia Pepe of Quilt Queen Designs, is a versatile project perfect for expressing patriotic pride. This pattern provides comprehensive instructions for creating a quilt and wall hanging. The wall hanging dimensions are 34 inches by 46 inches, making it an ideal decorative piece, while the quilt measures 42 inches by 58 inches, offering a cozy size for warmth and comfort. Whether you choose to create a quilt or a wall hanging, this pattern is an excellent way to showcase your crafting skills and patriotic spirit.

6. Fanfare Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Fanfare Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Denise Russell of Pieced Brain

The Fanfare Quilt Pattern, crafted by Denise Russell of Pieced Brain, is a dynamic project perfect for Fourth of July celebrations. This quilt, measuring 50 inches by 62 inches, features blocks in two sizes: 12 inches and 6 inches. Ideal for advanced beginners, the pattern allows quilters to experiment with their favorite fabrics and color schemes. Whether you’re aiming to create a patriotic theme or a personal design, this pattern guides you in assembling a visually striking quilt that can become a staple during festive occasions or as a stylish everyday display in your home.

7. Oh My Stars Quilt Block Pattern (PDF Download Pattern For Sale)

Oh My Stars Quilt Block Pattern - etsy

Designer: Suzy Myers of The Sitcom Store

The Oh My Stars Quilt Block Pattern by Suzy Myers of The Sitcom Store features a versatile design that can be adapted to any color scheme, though it shines in a patriotic red, white, and blue palette. The pattern includes templates and instructions for four different projects, making it an excellent choice for quilters looking to add a touch of star-spangled charm to their creations. This block pattern is perfect for adding a bold, graphic element to your quilts, and it is easy to follow and highly customizable.

8. Freedom Trail Quilt Pattern (PDF Pattern Instant Download For Sale)

Freedom Trail Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Pamela Quilts

The Freedom Trail Quilt Pattern from Pamela Quilts features a striking design with Split Star blocks in two colors, creating a dynamic starburst effect. The finished quilt measures 81″ x 81″ and can be easily expanded to king or queen size by adding larger or extra borders. This pattern is perfect for making a bold statement and showcasing your quilting skills with its vibrant and eye-catching design.

9. Braveheart Picnic Quilt Pattern and Table Runner (Download Pattern For Sale)

Braveheart Picnic Quilt Pattern and Table Runner - etsy

Designer: Emily Bailey for Aunt Em’s Quilts

The Braveheart Picnic Quilt Pattern and Table Runner by Emily Bailey for Aunt Em’s Quilts features patchwork stars made up of hearts, creating a fun, patriotic design. The quilt measures 52″ x 61″, and the table runner measures 14″ x 45″. Adding stripes to the stars creates a festive table runner, perfect for summer BBQs. Depending on the fabric choice, this pattern also makes a charming baby quilt customized for a boy or girl.

10. Fireworks Quilt Pattern (PDF Pattern Instant Download For Sale)

Fireworks Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Susan Arnold of QuiltFabrication

The Fireworks Quilt Pattern by Susan Arnold of QuiltFabrication is perfect for celebrating America’s birthday this 4th of July. This striking wall hanging, measuring 36 1/2″ x 42 1/2″, features vibrant red, white, and blue fireworks bursting against a light blue background. The design includes three large fireworks and scattered stars, all bordered by a navy blue frame with white polka dots and a red and white striped inner border. This pattern captures the festive spirit of Independence Day and adds a patriotic touch to your home decor.

Our group member tested out this Patriotic Quilt Pattern and here is her feedback:

Liberty Star Table Runner made by June Quilter

“Happy memorial day weekend. Thnx for adding me. I made this set and wall hanging for my table in honor of my dad. It has his medals from Vietnam and Korea service The wall hanging is free pattern on Henry Glass site by Kim Deihl Placemats were a panel.” – June Quilter

Liberty Star Banner Quilt made by June Quilter - ILQF FB group member

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Here Are More Patriotic Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Glendale Quilt Guild

Photo Source: Glendale Quilt Guild

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Raquel Ramos

Photo Source: Raquel Ramos

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Wendy Sheppard

Photo Source: Wendy Sheppard

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Wendy Sheppard photo 2

Photo Source: Wendy Sheppard

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Charisma Horton

Photo Source: Charisma Horton

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Farrah Briggs IG.

Photo Source: Farrah Briggs

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Becky Sue

Photo Source: Becky Sue

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Sewstaceysew

Photo Source: Sewstaceysew

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Wendy Sheppard photo 3

Photo Source: Wendy Sheppard

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Idea from Wendy Sheppard photo 4

Photo Source: Wendy Sheppard

After deciding on the 4th of July recipes, desserts, and activities, the next stop is the party decor. These nationalistic quilts are more unique than store-bought decorations. Make these quilts perfect for Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day!

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