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Singer Stylist 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine | Review & Specs 2023

Singer stylist 7258 computerized sewing machine is the most desired model and top-rated sewing machine. It is a smart but powerful sewing machine perfectly designed to improve your sewing experience. This superb sewing machine has all the necessary features for dressmaking, home furnishings, freehand embroidery, and quilting.

When we talk about the singer company, the singer is not only one of the world’s top sellers of sewing machines, but also it is one of the best and well-known brands. The singer was founded in 1851 and had a long history of innovation and performance. The first computer-controlled sewing machine (The Touchtronic 2001) in 1978 was introduced by the singer.

Singer Stylist 7258 computerized sewing machine Features

Before going in-depth review of Singer 7258 computerized sewing machine, its importance looks at the technical specification and features of this extraordinary sewing machine. It is a fully computerized machine with 100 built-in stitches, easy threading, a speed control system, and a handful of accessories. The singer 7258 sewing machine can satisfy both beginners and intermediate seamstresses by its performance for sewing, crafting, and quilting.

Singer stylist 7258 sewing machine is a feature-rich machine that can handle all kinds of typical sewing jobs. And more complex projects with their decorative stitches and study under the hood technology. Singer 7258 is an ideal choice for experienced sewers but also excellent for beginners.

Sewing Speed

The maximum sewing speed of the Singer 7258 computerized sewing machine is 750 SPM. This sewing speed is quite useful for intermediate sewist to complete their projects quickly. But if you are a beginner in sewing, then You can also slow down the sewing speed. Slide the little handle either to the left for a slower rate or right for faster speed. Of course, singer 7258 is great for teaching a beginner to learn to sew at a slow pace.


Built-in Stitches

Singer stylist 7258 computerized sewing machine loaded with a wide variety of stitches with 100 stitch options. This large variety of stitch options can help you in many ways; these stitches include nine basic, 76 decoratives, eight stretch, and seven built-in buttonholes. You can perform many jobs with this single sewing machine like garment sewing, sewing crafts, fashion sewing, and quilting.

The best part of this fantastic sewing machine is that you can choose the stitches by the LCD, which install on the machine’s side and simple to use. These stitches explain a diagram on the device’s right side and the graph design down the LCD. Thus, you can easily manage to choose the straight stitch according to the needs of your project.

Automatic needle threader

Threading the sewing machine is not an easy task, especially if you are a beginner. This sewing machine comes with an automatic needle threader. You can incorporate the entire device in just a few seconds, from spool to the needle’s eye. This function is a real time-saver for tailors, threading instruction print on the sewing machine.

Top drop-in bobbin

Another attractive feature in this Singer stylist 7258 sewing machine is it’s easy to load the bobbin system. The front-loading bobbin system is an old technique and a bit difficult to load the bobbin. In this machine, the bobbin loads from the top.

Moreover, it has a clear bobbin cover that makes it convenient to keep an eye on your stitches and monitor the bobbin thread supply. You don’t have to worry about the bobbin’s overfilling because it will stop itself when filled.

LCD Display

The Singer 7258 machine comes with an LCD, which is one of the best functions in this model.  Although it’s a small and straightforward LCD, it tells everything you need to know during your project.  This display shows your current stitch, its length, and width. You can also adjust these settings by just pressing the buttons that provide for this purpose.

Programmable needle start/stop

It comes with a programmable needle system; it means you can control the needle position according to your project demand. This feature makes the sewing machine easy for both beginners and experts.

Sometimes you will want the needle to be in the up position when you’re sewing. Suppose you are working on quilting tasks, pivoting fabric, or appliquéing. In that case, it is useful to stop the needle in the down position.

Free arm

The free component is a little bonus of the singer 7258 stylist sewing machine. The free arm feature lets you sew complicated stuff like sleeve cuffs and trouser hems with ease. Just Slide the removable storage compartment to get access to the free arm.

This storage compartment is also great for storing sewing accessories like bobbins, needles, and others. This little feature helps you to enhance its overall usability and versatility.

Singer stylist 7258 tension

Singer 7258 computerized sewing machine saves your time with its automatic tension adjustment feature. Just select your desired stitch by the dial’s turn, and it will adjust the tension automatically according to the stitch.


Want to sew on dark fabric or don’t have enough light in the sewing space? You don’t have to worry because; its built-in LED light will help you to sew accurately. Its LED light illuminates the sewing area. This LED bulb is long-lasting, and it stays cool no matter how long the machine is running.

Audible tone

You will hear an audible sound when you’ve selected your pattern and function. This tone is an excellent idea for confirmation of your desired position is selected.


  • All-purpose foot
  • Pack of Needles
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Lint Brush or Seam Ripper
  • Darning Plate
  • 2 Spool Pin Felt Discs
  • 4 Class 15J Bobbins
  • 3 Thread Spool Caps
  • Soft-sided Dust Cover
  • Screwdriver for Needle plate
  • Power Cord
  • Foot Pedal
  • 1 Introduction DVD
  • Instruction Manual in English, French, and Spanish

Video Guide of Singer stylist 7258 computerized sewing machine

SINGER Stylist 7258 Owner's Class - Play All

Product Information

Model 7258
Size14.5 x 12 x 7.5 Inches
Weight14.6 pounds
Sewing speed750 SPM
Warranty 25 Years Limited

Singer stylist 7258 manual

To download the complete user guide manual of Singer stylist 7258, click here

More than enough stitch options
Highly affordable machine
Contains twin needles
Multifunctional machine
Lots of include accessories
An instructional manual and DVD
It could be a little noisy
No carrying case is including
Unadjustable pressure of presser foot

Common FAQs of Singer Stylist 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine

How appropriate is the singer stylist 7258 computerized sewing machine for a beginner?

Yes, it’s one of the perfect sewing machines for beginners. Even kids over eight years of age can operate this machine efficiently. Kids can make doll blankets and other toys with the singer 7258 sewing machine. YouTube videos are beneficial to learn this machine and start sewing.

Can Singer stylist 7258 Sew Denim?

According to the manual, yes, you can sew denim with a singer 7258 machine. You have to use the appropriate needles for this purpose. You have to use rigid needles used for heavy-duty sewings like 16/100 or 18/110.

Is This Singer stylist 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine Good For Quilting?

It depends on your quilting projects. Suppose you have to use this machine for occasional quilting. In that case, this machine is suitable for quilting. Still, if you have to do a lot of quilting, you should purchase another machine specially designed for quilting. Many users are satisfied with their quilting results with the Singer 7258.

Bottom Line

What more can we say about the singer Stylist 7258 computerized sewing machine? It’s a versatile and robust machine that will conquer almost any sewing project. It’s not a bad option for beginners to intermediate users for this price range.

So, if you need a computerized sewing machine on a reasonable budget, then give a chance to the singer stylist 7258 sewing machine. It will never disappoint you.