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Top 20 Free Thanksgiving Quilt Patterns For Your Home Celebration (+8 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Celebrate the harvest and blessings of the past year by making a thanksgiving quilt! Our selection of turkey and fall quilts will allow you to create the perfect Thanksgiving home decor for the whole family. We gathered festive home decor fall quilts to impress your visitors on Turkey Day. If you’re hosting this year’s Thanksgiving, make sure to adorn your walls and halls with Thanksgiving quilts that can stay all season long.

Free Thanksgiving Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: He Leads Me

He Leads Me Quilt - free religious quilt pattern

Designer: Blank Quilting

Let His glory lead your hand as you sew this blooming floral piece! He Leads Me quilt will remind you how blessed you are in life. Every fabric used is graced with symbols of faith, eliciting a simple yet solemn beauty to admire. You will find Christian blocks randomly arranged with cross blocks in the middle. Surrounding them are layers of plain and printed border strips. This is for you if you’re an advanced beginner looking for a graceful quilt!

Finished Quilt Measures: 60 inches x 60 inches

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Maple Leaves Falling on the Table

Maple Leaves Falling on the Table - free quilt pattern

Designer: BOM Quilts

When you make the free fall-themed quilt project, Maple Leaves Falling on the Table, you’ll be able to say that there’s nothing more ‘autumn’ than it! This piece beautifully plays with the colors of this season as it puts leaf blocks together to form a star-like figure. The slightly embossed effect of the fabric added to its coziness, making it an ideal quilt to spread on the tabletop for the holidays. Whichever skill set you have, you’ll enjoy recreating it with its easy-to-follow instructional materials.

Finished Table Topper Quilt Measures: 24 inches x 24 inches

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Welcome Harvest Quilt

Celebrate the abundance in your life with this cheerful quilt that will surely make you smile. This piece is an intermediate project that will bring you back to the golden days of the harvest season. With the starry blocks’ movement, this thanksgiving star quilt pattern seems alive as they follow a diagonal arrangement across the quilt. The presence of sunflowers in the middle of each block made them look better as they brightened the space. Feel free to challenge yourself with this striking piece!

Finished Quilt Measures: 53 inches x 69 inches

4. Free Quilt Pattern: Thanksgiving Placemats

thanksgiving placemat - free printable quilt pattern by Heather of Books and Giggles

Designer: Heather of Books and Giggles

If you’re looking for a memorable way to spend time with your friends, these Thanksgiving placemats are for you! This piece offers a fun way to unleash your creative spirit. It’s a blank canvas with empty patterns waiting for you to bring out their true colors. Some boxes are filled with letters that you can find in the quote, “Give Thanks”. The laughter and conversations you have over this quilt will make you more grateful in life. Isn’t it perfect? This free printable thanksgiving placemat quilt pattern is designed by Heather of Books and Giggles.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Fall Leaves Mini Quilt

Fall leaves mini quilt - free autumn quilt pattern

Designer: Carla Helton

Spell out the beauty of the autumn season with the Fall Leaves Mini Quilt! Designed by Carla Helton, this piece lets you enjoy cutting out adorable leaves without tracing from vibrant autumn-hued fabrics. These leaves are then arranged carefully to spell the word “Fall” on a crisp, white background. If you are looking for eye-catching wall decor to bring warmth to your home or a heartwarming present to sew for your loved ones, don’t miss out on recreating this piece!

6. Free Quilt Pattern: Harvest Blessings Table Runner

Harvest Blessings table runner - free thanksgiving quilt pattern

Designer: Fat Quarter Shop

The best quilt doesn’t have to cost you much. Look around your home and just use anything you have to recreate this simple thanksgiving thankful runner! This piece takes pride in its adorable design, making it look classic yet stylish on top of a table. It’s easier than you think. Just follow the steps on the free printable quilt pattern tutorial and you’ll have your holiday decor done in no time.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Maple Leaf Mini

Maple Leaf Mini Classic & Vintage Quilt Pattern - free pdf quilt pattern

Designer: Fat Quarter Shop

If you are fond of anything classic, you’ll be thrilled to recreate the vintage beauty of this Maple Leaf Quilt pattern. The most autumnal thing about this piece is the colorway: it is reminiscent of the hue of pumpkins during the harvest season. It looks best when sewn together with other maple leaves on a pure, white background. How they transition from the greenest leaf to the reddest one will make you fall in love with the fall season more.

Finished quilt measures 23.5 inches x 23.5 inches.

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Thankful Table Runner

Thankful Table Runner - free quilt pattern

Designer: Gray Barn Designs

Watch more blessings fall on your table with this adorable Thanksgiving Table Runner! This pattern features letter cuts out that spell the word, “Thankful”. Fabrics that fall within the autumn colorway were stitched together to create this beauty. With its generous size, it can cover a table with a chair for every person you treasure. Can you imagine how many memories you make with them that this quilt can witness? Indeed, this piece is something to be thankful for!

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Harvest Quilt

Celebrate the bounty of life by dedicating a quilt to the fall season! Harvest quilt features a panel that shows the golden scene you witness when crops are at their ripest: Scarecrows stand smiling, guarding the baskets of orange pumpkins. Leaves fall as the wind blows to bring them back to life. A barn and a house sit nearby, snuggling cozily on small hills. Blocks of patterned maple leaves alternated with plain brown borders and cream, leaf-printed borders to complete this look.

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Sienna Quilt

Sienna Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Lisa DeBee Schiller for Windham Fabrics

If you’re about to quilt a seasonal piece for the coming holidays, have the best of both worlds when you recreate the classic beauty, Sienna. Designed by Lisa DeBee Schiller, this piece uses fabrics that fit the Fall colorway. Blocks of leaves and acorns gather in the center of the quilt, with each of them having a special way of being stitched. It’s quite challenging to recreate for beginners, but if puzzle-like patterns thrill you, this piece is for you!

11. Free Quilt Pattern: A Splash of Color Table Runner

Splash of Color runner - free quilt table runner pattern

Designer: Edyta Sitar for Andover Fabrics

This simple yet charming table runner is a catch! Charm Leaf Runner highlights the beauty of six life-like autumn leaves sitting on top of a textured, white background. The key point in stitching the leaves to make them look real is to fabrics that have different shapes and prints. Adding to its appeal is the slightly embossed effect that elevated its look. Finish the quilt with a pretty flange and you’ll have your hands on the quilt of the season!

12. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Thomas the Farmer Turkey

thomas the farmer turkey - free thanksgiving quilt pattern

Designer: Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day

Celebrate Thanksgiving with charming turkey decorations! The Thomas the Farmer Turkey quilt block, designed by Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day, adds a fun appliqué touch to your holiday projects. Create a festive pillow, a seasonal table runner, or even a cozy quilt with this delightful 12″ finished block. Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving with Thomas the Farmer Turkey and add a touch of handmade warmth to your holiday decor.

13. Free Quilt Pattern: Turkey Trot Table Runner

Free Quilt Pattern- Turkey Trot by Country Junktion

Designer: Country Junktion

Elevate your Thanksgiving table with the Turkey Trot Table Runner by Country Junktion. This festive runner, measuring 12 inches by 38 inches, features a charming turkey head created using squares, half-square triangles, and appliqué. Perfect for both beginners and experienced quilters, it adds a burst of seasonal color to your holiday decor. Prepare for your holiday gatherings by crafting one or two of these delightful table runners, showcasing your quilting skills and infusing your Thanksgiving celebrations with handmade charm.

14. Free Quilt Pattern: Give Thanks Table Set

Give Thanks Table Set - Free Quilt Pattern by Shelly Comiskey for Henry Glass Fabrics

Designer: Shelly Comiskey for Henry Glass Fabrics

Enhance your Thanksgiving decor with the Give Thanks Table Set by Shelly Comiskey for Henry Glass Fabrics. This versatile pattern includes placemats and a table runner, adding a touch of handmade warmth to your holiday table. Designed for advanced beginners, it’s perfect for personal use or gifting to loved ones. These quilts not only serve as beautiful placemats and table runners but also offer practicality. The table runner measures 49 inches by 26 inches, and the placemats are 20 inches by 14 inches, making them ideal for festive gatherings.

15. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Be Thankful Table Topper

Free Quilt Pattern - GO! Be Thankful Table Topper Quilt

Designer: AccuQuilt

A perfect table topper for Thanksgiving, the GO! Be Thankful Table Topper is a beginner-friendly quilt pattern by AccuQuilt. This free pattern features square and half-square triangle (HST) blocks, capturing the warm autumn colors in shades of orange and green. You can also add a “Thankful” text in the center to express gratitude for your blessings. With a finished size of 40 inches by 30 inches, this table topper is an excellent addition to your Thanksgiving table, combining simplicity and charm for a cozy holiday atmosphere.

16. Free Quilt Pattern: Table Top Turkey Trot

Quilt Table Top Turkey Trot

Designer: Em Komiskey for Moda Bakeshop

Create a vibrant and festive tabletop for your Thanksgiving celebrations with the Table Top Turkey Trot pattern, crafted by Em Komiskey for Moda Bakeshop. This delightful design adds a touch of seasonal charm to your home decor. With a finished size of 18 inches by 45 inches, it’s perfect for your dining table or sideboard. The moderate difficulty level ensures that even intermediate quilters can enjoy crafting this project. Transform your space into a warm and inviting setting for the holiday season, and let the Table Top Turkey Trot pattern be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving festivities.

17. Free Quilt Pattern: Bountiful Gift Table Runner


Designer: Heidi Pridemore for P&B Textiles

Get your Thanksgiving table ready with the charming Bountiful Gift Table Runner Quilt. Designed by Heidi Pridemore and featuring Assorted Basics Collections from P&B Textiles, this free pattern measures 57 inches by 23 inches. With templates for pumpkins, acorns, and leaves, you’ll capture the essence of autumn in your holiday decor. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or a novice, this project adds warmth and style to your Thanksgiving table setting. Create a bountiful and beautiful display with this lovely quilted table runner.

18. Free Quilt Pattern: Acorn Crisp

Free Quilt Pattern - Acorn Crisp Quilt by Kari of New Leaf Stitches

Designer: Kari of New Leaf Stitches

The cooler weather is coming, and autumn quilting is a perfect opportunity to use the rich colors of the season. The Acorn Crisp Quilt pattern by Kari of New Leaf Stitches features flying geese and applique acorns and leaves, making it a quick and easy project. Measuring 19 ½ inches by 19 ½ inches, this table topper quilt is delightful to make and perfect for gifts. Enjoy creating multiple pieces for your Thanksgiving decor with this beautiful and simple quilt pattern.

19. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Talking Turkey Block

Talking Turkey Block - free quilt pattern

Designer: Villa Rosa Quilts

The Talking Turkey Quilt Block finishes 16 inches high by 22 inches wide and is perfect for a scrap-friendly project. Made with nine-patch and half-square triangles, this plump and charming turkey block is a delight to create. Follow the step-by-step guide with photos to complete the turkey’s body and head.

20. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Growing Season

Growing Season - free quilt pattern

Designer: AGF Studio

The Growing Season Quilt Pattern by AGF Studio, featuring Alexandra Bordallo’s Grow and Harvest fabric collection, measures 54 inches by 72 inches. This stunning quilt uses the Split Quarter Square Triangles technique, combined with flying geese and squares, to create a vibrant and dynamic design. Perfect for showcasing autumn colors and themes, this quilt is a wonderful addition to any home. Whether you’re an experienced quilter or a beginner, this pattern offers a rewarding project that highlights the beauty of the season.

BONUS Thanksgiving Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Thanksgiving Mini Wall Hanging (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Thanksgiving Mini Wall Hanging Downloadable Quilt Pattern

Designer: Amy Bradley of Amy Bradley Designs

This Thanksgiving Mini Wall hanging Quilt will make you crave more happy memories with your friends and family! Designed by Amy Bradley herself, this cute decor features two smiling couples holding a spoon and a fork. Their adorable cartoon image will not only make your kids giggle but will also bring out the inner child in you. Behind them is a royal blue background with embossed waves free motion quilting designs to make them look more interesting. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this piece!

2. Quilts for Autumn E-book (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Designer: Annie’s Craft

Quilts for Autumn is an inspiring compilation of 11 creative projects that will tease your creative spirit with images you want to recreate this Fall season. Every page is a new and exciting experience of finding your way through the threads and needles as you quilt traditional and contemporary designs for the coming holidays. Whether you want a table runner to make your Thanksgiving dinner special or a stylish wall decor to make your place cozier, you’ll find everything here!

3. Tom Turkey Applique Quilt Block Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Tom Turkey Applique Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World

Add a touch of woodland charm to your quilting projects with the Tom Turkey Applique Quilt Block Pattern, thoughtfully designed by Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World. Perfect for a forest-themed room, a cozy cabin, or festive Thanksgiving decorations, this applique block is not only adorable but also beginner-friendly. With detailed instructions and step-by-step photos, you’ll breeze through the creation process without any doubts. This delightful block finishes at a versatile 10″ square, making it an ideal addition to various quilting projects, ensuring that your creations are as delightful as they are effortless.

4. Twister Harvest Quilt Pattern (Physical Pattern For Sale)

Twister Harvest Wreath Quilt Pattern

Designer: Becky Cogan

Becky Cogan never disappoints us with her creativity as she presents her masterpiece “Twister Harvest”. Twister Harvest features a classic Christmas ornament. It is made of small pinwheels that are arranged in a puzzle-like manner to give it a modern look on top of a traditional style. It’s muted colorway will remind your of heaps of leaves that made streets look golden during the fall season. Sealing its beauty on a dark brown background are orange flanges, making it prettier. This Thanksgiving wreath quilt pattern is sure to impress your family, friends and neighbors.

5. Thankful Wall-hanging Quilt Pattern (PDF Download Pattern For Sale)

The Thankful Wall-hanging Quilt Pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles is perfect for your Thanksgiving celebration. This detailed pattern allows you to create a beautiful table runner or wall hanging measuring 58 inches long and 20 inches wide. Designed for intermediate quilters, it features the word “Thankful” in the center with a border of maple leaves in autumn colors. This versatile piece adds a warm, festive touch to your holiday decor.

6. Dapper Turkey Quilt Block Pattern (PDF Pattern Instant Download For Sale)

Dapper Turkey Quilt Block Pattern - etsy

Designer: Trellis and Thyme

The Dapper Turkey Quilt Block Pattern by Trellis & Thyme comes in 6-inch and 12-inch block sizes, making it versatile for various quilting projects. This charming Thanksgiving turkey block is perfect for adding a festive touch to your autumn and harvest quilts. Traditionally pieced with no paper piecing required, it’s an accessible project for quilters of all levels. Whether making a quilt for your home or a gift for a loved one, this pattern will bring warmth and cheer to your seasonal creations.

7. Tom Turkey, Cornucopia and Pumpkin Pie Quilt Block Pattern (Download Pattern For Sale)

The Tom Turkey, Cornucopia, and Pumpkin Pie Quilt Block Patterns by Burlap and Blossom Patterns are perfect for November and fall quilting. This set includes three charming autumn-themed patterns, each available in 6-inch and 12-inch block sizes. These patterns add a festive touch to your seasonal quilts, making them ideal for Thanksgiving projects.

8. Thanksgiving Dinner Quilt Block Pattern (PDF Download Pattern For Sale)

The Thanksgiving Dinner Quilt Block Pattern by Burlap and Blossom Patterns features roast turkey and apple pie designs, perfect for adding a festive touch to your seasonal quilts. This set includes two patterns available in 6-inch and 12-inch block sizes, making it versatile for various projects. These charming quilt blocks are ideal for Thanksgiving and autumn-themed quilts.

Our group members tested out this Thanksgiving Quilt Patterns and here is their feedback:

Harvest Blessings Table Runner made by Karen Hay

”Finished product… I did stitch in the ditch because I didn’t want to take away from the panel sections, and tbh I can’t FMQ.” – Kathy Wills

Maple Leaf made by Faith Ann Fuhs

”Happy Autumn!I love the cool weather and beautiful colors of Fall” – Faith Ann Fuhs

Maple Leaf made by Faith Ann Fuhs - fb group member

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Here Are More Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern Idea from Colette L'Heureux

Photo Source: Colette L’Heureux

Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern Idea from Luna Quilts

Photo Source: Luna Quilts

Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern Idea from Lori Holt

Photo Source: Lori Holt

Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern Idea from The Sewing Loft

Photo Source: The Sewing Loft

Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern Idea from AccuQuilt

Photo Source: AccuQuilt

Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern Idea from Mod Cottons

Photo Source: Mod Cottons

Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern Idea from Inspired by Mizzbee

Photo Source: Inspired by Mizzbee

Thanksgiving Quilt Pattern Idea from Spindles Designs

Photo Source: Spindles Designs

Embrace the cozy vibes of autumn and let your creativity shine as you embark on your Thanksgiving quilting project. As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, there’s no better time to infuse your home with the warmth of handmade quilts. Whether you’re crafting table runners, placemats, or decorative quilt blocks, the rich colors and festive designs will elevate your Thanksgiving decor. So, grab your fabric and sewing machine, and let’s get ready to pumpkin spice up your home with the heartwarming touch of handcrafted quilts that will make this Thanksgiving truly special!

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