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I love Quilting Forever_Top 3 Free Jack's Chain Quilt Patterns

Top 3 Free Jack’s Chain Quilt Patterns

Below we gathered different tutorial versions of Jack's Chain Quilt Pattern.

1. Jack's Chain Block

photo source: Quilters Cache

Here is a tutorial of Jack’s Chain Block by Marcia from Quilters Cache .

2. Jack's Chain Tutorial

photo source: Carpe Lanam

Here is another guide of Jack’s Chain Quilt pattern by Kathy from Carpe Lanam .

Project Finish Size: 67 inches x 94 inches

3. Jack's Chain 4 Block Quilt

photo source: Debby Kratovil Quilts blogspot

Here is another tutorial guide by Debby from Debby Kratovil Quilts blogspot .

Project Finish Size: 64 inches x 94 inches

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