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Top 9 Free Baby Clothes Quilt Patterns (+4 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Tired of looking at your child’s old clothes covered in the dust just waiting to be donated, but you simply can’t give them away because of their sentimental value, the vivid memories you and your growing toddler had: every smell, sight, touch, and dreams? Worry not, for we’ve got you covered! Baby Clothes Quilt is designed to upcycle your baby’s worn-out clothing into a functional quilt sewn with love and tender memories. It sure is hard to find the right fabric that will fit the entirety of the quilting mood you’re trying to create, but hey, there’s no harm in trying.

With that being said, here is the list of free and paid baby clothes quilt ideas we compiled specially for you!

Free Baby Clothes Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Simply Baby

Simply Baby - Free Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Janet Houts for Windham Fabrics

Watch your baby fall into laughter and comfort in this quilt! This pattern includes animal prints such as bears, giraffes, elephants, and cats adorned in powdery blue and yellow colors to match its simple aesthetics. With its cozy and playful yet simple design, this quilt is great for your baby’s throw blankets and bedsheets, and you can repurpose it for your baby’s clothing projects. Indeed, this piece by Janet Houts will surely woo the baby community! Finished Quilt Measures: 60 inches x 60 inches.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Sweetest Gifts for Baby

Sweetest Gifts for Baby - Free Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Janet Houts for Windham Fabrics

Looking for a quilt that is not only functional but eye-catching and mouth-watering as well? Then maybe, this quilt to sew is for you! This pattern by Janet Houts will surely be treasured by your newborn. The pink striped border, the green checkered block, and the arrangement of flowers scream elegance and femininity. With its green, white, yellow, and pink color theme sure looks like a sweet treat! Finished Quilt Measures: 40 inches x 40 inches.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Baby Bear Hugs

Baby Bear Hugs - Free Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Katherine Wagar Wright for Windham Fabrics

Having a hard time looking for a quilt that has options for different baby genders? Worry not, for this quilt by Katherine Wagar Wright with a size of 53” by 63” is for you! Imagine having your baby in the comforts of bear hugs. This pattern is adorned with bears in all shapes and sizes. Infused with its 2 sets of color palettes suitable for baby boys and girls, this quilt surely screams inclusivity, cuteness, and comfort!

4. Free Quilt Pattern: Cute Animal Quilt

Cute Animal Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth for Windham Fabrics

Warm up your kid’s love for our furry friends! Introducing these cute animal quilt specifically made for you and your upcoming baby by Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth! This pattern screams comfort in summer with its blue, yellow, and white color palette, complete with kittens, bears, elephants, and giraffes. Not only is this quilt pleasing to the eyes, but it is also highly interactive because of the individual squares that envelop the animals. Finished Quilt Measures: 60 inches x 60 inches.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Baby Clothes Blanket Quilt

Baby Clothes Blanket Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Quilt Keepsake

Do you want to remember every milestone your child has reached? Then perhaps this baby clothes quilt idea is made especially for you! This free baby clothes quilt pattern is designed to look like a patchwork of old baby clothes embellished with blue hues and stars of plain red and stripes. This memory quilt from baby clothing is ideal for both commemoration and personalization. This work of art is truly one-of-a-kind!

6. Free Quilt Pattern: Precious Baby Clothes

Precious Baby Clothes - Free Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Melissa Quaal of A Happy Stitch

It’s never easy to let go of some precious baby clothes your baby owned and outgrew, it evokes vivid memories. If you’re ever this type of sentimental parent, then this quilt out of baby clothes by Melissa of A Happy Stitch is definitely made for you! A patchwork made out of your baby’s growing progress lined with baby pink borders screams love and a sweet memory. Indeed, saving up and upcycling can also be beautiful and amazing!

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Amazing Baby Clothes Quilt

Amazing Baby Clothes Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Andrea Funk of Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

Having another baby girl in the family after having four girls is the main theme of this quilt by Andrea Funk of Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Commemorating the moments of her older girls to pass to her upcoming bundle of joy! This baby clothes quilt DIY pattern is a patchwork of girls’ clothes dominated by different pink hues divided by a pink border for each daughter as well. Surely this sewn quilt is filled with love and remembrance!

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Onesie Quilt

Onesie Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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This onesie quilt tutorial by Kacia is a collection of memories in a single quilt patchwork. In contrast with the previous quilts that use the entirety of the shirts, this quilt focuses on the logo of the onesies, the patterns and the texture of its fabric. The pattern can be described as sentimental and warm. This is a perfect representation of a kid’s growing journey full of different eccentric colors and changes throughout time.

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Baby Clothes Memory Quilt

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Olena of Golden Lucy Crafts

Are you fond of cute onesies and want to remember your baby’s journey in a single quilt? Then this baby clothes quilt DIY is definitely for you! Some patchwork quilts are made up of only a part of a worn out clothing, but this quilt took it to the next level by incorporating the entirety of the baby’s clothes and some crochet appliques in a blue background simulating the vast oceans of memory.

BONUS Baby Clothes Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Easy Street Baby Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Easy Street Baby Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Melanie of Quarks and Widgets

Finding a perfect quilt that will welcome your newborn baby? Maybe this pattern in size 40”x40” is for you! This quilt is infused with different shades of blue from turquoise to dark blue with birds, and interactive speech bubbles that are arranged in a puzzle-like manner will surely be an eye-catching piece. This quilt, with its simplicity and interactivity, is ideally suited for your upcoming baby clothing project and much more!

2. Window Of Memories Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Window Of Memories Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Sew Supreme Patterns

Looking to craft a true masterpiece and create your own keepsake quilt? This method is perfect for quilters wanting to transform outgrown baby clothes into a cherished memory quilt. Keepsake quilts have become powerful symbols of love and support, treasured whether given as gifts or made by a loved one’s hands.

3. Forest Friends Applique Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Forest Friends Applique Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Pamela McHenry of Pamalama Jo Designs

Celebrate the arrival of your little ones by having one of these Sleepy Bear Baby Set! This quilt is dominated with beige and powder blue colors that are calming and comforting that can surely make your baby yawn and wander into the dream land. Adorned with bears and stars in its pattern that simulates a sleeping baby bear, you can never go wrong with this quilt!

4. Whimsy Quilt (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Whimsy Quilt Pattern
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Designer: Kristin Blandford of K Blandford Fabrics

If you’re looking for a pattern that will balance out a lot of modern prints while using lots of scraps, this one’s great. It’s super easy to put together, and it goes really fast. You will get a comfy throw or a baby quilt for your home that uses a lot of the fabrics you already have. Jazz up your next quilt using this simple pattern.

Our group member tested out this Baby Clothes Quilt Patterns and here is her feedback:

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Patterns made by Leslie Wooten

” A couple memory quilts for a customer from baby clothes” – Leslie Wooten

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Pattern 1 made by Leslie Wooten FB group member post
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Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Pattern 2 made by Leslie Wooten FB group member post
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With these quilts at hand you will never ever feel the struggle to compile all of your growing baby’s memories in a single patchwork, lovingly and beautifully!

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