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6 Best Bow Ties Quilt Pattern

We have gathered different tutorial versions of the Bow Ties Quilt Pattern for you to create.

1. Hugs and Kisses Quilt

The Hugs and Kisses Quilt is a cute version of the bow tie quilt block in an X's and O's design quilt. This is a free tutorial by Christa Watson of Christa Quilts featuring BasicGrey Kissing Booth and Kona Snow Jelly Rolls and other some of her scraps.

This stunning quilt project synchronized perfectly with the X’s and O’s quilt pattern.

A great year-round bed quilt that will be beautiful in any color. Make it a Valentine's Day gift, a Christmas present, or an autograph quilt for a wedding.

Finished Quilt Measures: 48 inches x 64 inches

2. Mr. Jack’s Bowtie Quilt Block

Mr. Jack’s Bowtie Quilt Block will add style to your Halloween decorations this holiday season. This is a 3D quilt block that will have an eye-popping effect that will surely make your festive DIY creation stand out.

The is a Mr. Jack’s Bowtie Quilt Block step by step quilt tutorial by Claudia Vess of Breezeway Quilts for Moda Fabrics

Finished Quilt Measures: 5 inches x 5 inches

3. Polka Tot Quilt

A colorful polka dot bowtie quilt blocks to display on your twin size bed or you can also make this quilt into a baby quilt with a size of 38 ½ inches x 38 ½ inches. This free downloadable Polka Tot Quilt PDF pattern is designed by Abigail Dolinger for Quilting Daily.

This bright quilt will cheer you up and lighten anyone’s mood. A great scrap-buster for your next quilt project.

Finished Quilt Measures:

  • Twin Size: 68 ½ inches x 93 ½ inches

4. Bow Tie Quilt Block

Kris Driessen of Scrapdash is sharing her method on how to do the Bow Tie quilt block in an easier way. At the end of her tutorial she shares some of the different layout possibilities to incorporate bow tie blocks into a quilt. So many unique versatile ways to arrange the blocks. A perfect quilt pattern to add to your bucket list.

5. Vintage Bow Tie Quilt

The Vintage Bow Tie Quilt Pattern is designed by Juliah of Easy Pieced Quilts LLC. This beautiful classic quilt pattern is available in lap or baby quilt and queen size quilt. A great quilt project to use some of your well kept stash.

This bow tie quilt is beginner friendly and would be loved by seasoned quilter. The tutorial has a step by step piecing guide with diagrams and picture for the visual learners. It also has a coloring diagrams so that you can get an idea and help you decide on your quilt design.

Finished Quilt Measures:

  • Lap/ Baby: 44 inches x 52 inches
  • Queen: 86 inches x104 inches

6. Dad's Bow Ties Quilt

Here is a cute and fun quilt pattern for your bow tie quilt blocks. The Dad's Bow Ties Quilt is designed by Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair featuring her fabric collection Derby Style. This bow tie block is fast and easy to piece together as it uses quarter and half-square triangles to mimic the look of a bow tie.

The bow ties on this quilt are all lined up in a row. Choose your favorite fabrics and customized this bow tie quilt for a boy or a girl.

Finished Quilt Measures:

  • Baby: 47 inches x 57 inches
  • Twin XL: 65 inches x 94 inches

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  1. Hmm.. is it okay if I want to let my cousin know about the details shown in this article so she could get her task completed as soon as possible? This is because she plans to giver her mother-in-law a special homemade quilt for her birthday next month. The fact that using bright-colored patterns for our quilt would make our sleeping space looks livelier sounds really interesting to me.

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