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Top 10 Free King Size Quilt Patterns For You To Make (+10 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Want to elevate your plain and boring room? If you have a king-size mattress, then you’re in for a treat! Add style to your bedroom with these 108 inches x 110 inches or 95 inches x 108 inches King-sized quilts. Grab your quilting materials and enjoy choosing a quilt that would best describe your personality and style.

Free King Size Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast - Free King Size Quilt Pattern by Toby Lischko_

Designer: Toby Lischko for McCall’s Quilting

If you feel like sleeping in a bed like royalty, then Toby Lischko’s Bed and Breakfast King Size Quilt Bed in Blue and White color variation might just be for your liking! This quilt’s size is at 108 ½ inches x 108 ½ inches and the skill level that it requires is a confident beginner. The Bermuda Blues fabric collection by Timeless Treasures is what makes this quilt special. It consists of the dominant color blue paired with a slightly darker shade of white. It is designed with two types of rhombus, one with a checkered pattern, and one with flowers.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean - Free King Size Quilt Pattern by Michele Scott and Tom McColligan

Designer: Michele Scott and Tom McColligan for McCall’s Quilting

The Vanilla Bean quilt by Michele Scott and Tom McColligan is suited for your warm and cozy fireplace, especially during this winter season. It is mainly composed of three large squares in the middle, colored with different shades of brown. With its size at 93″ x 113″ this quilt makes a great bed sheet because of the vibe it gives off, it has relaxing colors, thanks to the neutral colors from Island Paradise – Cayuga fabric collection for Northcott, and it will surely grant you a comfortable sleeping experience!

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Starling Quilt

Starling Quilt - King Size Mega Quilt Block

Designer: Stephanie Forsyth for McCall’s Quilting

If you are a fan of the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, then this bizarre-looking quilt will suit you best! Designed by Stephanie Forsyth, this Starling King Size Mega-Block Quilt Pattern is composed of a combination of the colors blue, pink, and green triangle patterns that are so diverse and creative. With the skill level of a confident beginner, this king size quilt pattern will surely be a fun experience to recreate!

4. Free Quilt Pattern: Tumble

Tumble- free quilt pattern

Designer: Fat Quarter Shop

King size quilt patterns are great for beginners, but this Tumble quilt pattern is very clever and unique. You’ll love the way it looks when it is done! The blocks are easy piecing, so it’s an enjoyable quilt to make. However, make sure you line up the squares like in the picture shown, this will make your block placement easier and reduce confusion when working on this king size layer cake quilt pattern.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Moonstones

Moonstones - Free King Size Quilt Pattern

Designer: Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting Melissa

If you are someone who wants their quilt to be symmetrical, then the Moonstone quilt is the one for you! The Moonstones quilt may look simple, but it is pleasing to look at because of how the stars are equally placed inside the quilt. Its main element is a circle surrounded by four half-ribbon shapes positioned equally. Each of these stars is designed differently, adding flavor to its simple concept.

6. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Qube 6″ Diamond Star

Free Quilt Pattern - GO! Qube 6" Diamond Star Throw Quilt Pattern by AccuQuilt

Designer: AccuQuilt

The GO! Qube 6″ Diamond Star is an excellent foundation for your creative expression. You can choose from three different sizes, throw, full size, or king size. It is perfect for decorating your sheets or for keeping warm at night, the free pattern comes with fabric requirements and instructions for completing it.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Gobble Chain

Gobble Chain - free quilt tutorial_

Designer: Natalia Bonner, Kathleen Whiting & Whitnee North for Piece N Quilt

Let autumn’s beauty shine in your home with the Gobble Chain quilt pattern, a masterpiece by Natalia Bonner, Kathleen Whiting & Whitnee North for Piece N Quilt. Spanning a generous 100 inches x 120 inches, this quilt evokes a sense of comfort and festivity. Tailored for jelly rolls, its 9-patch blocks intricately weave into a captivating chain illusion. The quilt’s beauty is further elevated by delicate appliqué flowers, forming a stunning focal point that celebrates the season’s splendor.

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Banded Checkerboards

Banded Checkerboard - free quilt tutorial_

Designer: Becky Tillman Petersen and Rachael Woodard of Quilted Twins

Banded Checkerboards is a gorgeous quilt pattern by Becky Tillman Petersen and Rachael Woodard, designed for intermediate quilters. With dimensions of 97 inches x 109 inches, it’s a masterpiece fit for a king-size bed. The tutorial features step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos so you can easily follow along. Enjoy the process of creating a stunning checkerboard design that’s both functional and visually captivating.

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Banded Checkerboards

So Many Squares - free quilt pattern

Designer: Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth for American Patchwork & Quilting

So Many Squares is a captivating free quilt pattern designed by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth for American Patchwork & Quilting. This design cleverly uses a multitude of squares to create a larger, intricate Square-in-a-Square pattern. The quilt beautifully showcases a rich collection of 1800s reproduction prints, blending them together in a harmonious, king-size masterpiece. Measuring a generous 110 3⁄4″ square, this quilt is perfect for those who love traditional designs with a twist. The pattern includes a Quilt Assembly Diagram for color placement, ensuring a visually stunning and well-organized finished product. This quilt is ideal for quilters who enjoy working on large-scale projects that make a statement.

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower - free quilt pattern

Designer: Toby Lischko for McCall’s Quilting

Cactus Flower by Toby Lischko for McCall’s Quilting is an exquisite quilt pattern that resembles a blossoming garden, adding beauty and delight to any space. This pattern, finishing at a grand size of 108 1/2” x 108 1/2”, is a variation of the classic Log Cabin block. Despite its complex appearance, it is surprisingly straightforward and simple to create. Composed of just one block design in two different colorways, it offers ease in piecing and can be completed swiftly. This quilt is perfect for quilters who appreciate the beauty of traditional patterns with a unique twist, providing a satisfying project that quickly comes to life.

BONUS King Size Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Disappearing Nine Patch (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

Designer: Debbie Lee of Cute Quilts

This Disappearing nine-patch quilt offers a striking contrast between the black, white and red patches.

A stunning quilt that offers a perfectly modern take on a classic pattern, with straight lines and crisp corners that make it ideal for placing in your king-size bed.

Give your bedroom a fresh look while paying homage to this traditional king-size quilt pattern.

2. Afternoon Delight Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Afternoon Delight Quilt Pattern - pdf download_

Designer: Ann Lauer

The Afternoon Delight Quilt Pattern lives up to its name as it will put you in a relaxed mood with its color scheme, mainly composed of black, brown, purple, and pink. This quilt will surely be a delightful quilt for a quick afternoon nap. This quilt is patterned with flying geese and squares of many colors.

3. Simply Serene Pleasant Valley (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Simply Serene Pleasant Valley-king size quilt pattern- pdf download

Designer: Diana Beaubien of Pleasant Valley Creations

The Simply Serene Pleasant Valley by Myquiltroom is a quilt that suits a person with a taste for darker shades and monochromatic patterns. This quilt has a border of thick black with a thin line of milky white. Inside, is a crisscross pattern made up of squares with various colors. This is an easy king size quilt pattern, so it will just be a piece of cake for anyone to recreate this on their own.

4. Lovers Knot King Size Quilt Pattern (Electronic Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Lovers Knot King Size Quilt Pattern-electronic download

Designer: Amy Mansell of Mommas Quilt Shop

If you are looking forward to surprising your lover with a quilt, then the Lovers Knot King Size quilt by Mommas Quilt Shop is your best choice! Reject the traditional pink and red color scheme for your love-themed quilts because the Lovers Knot quilt is composed of purple, gray, white, and green. It may look like something straight from Minecraft, but the details of this quilt certainly resemble an image of a love knot.

5. Simply Elegant Quilt Pattern (Digital Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Simply Elegant quilt pattern - pdf download

Designer: Diana Beaubien of Pleasant Valley Creations

If you are looking for a quilt that will satisfy your thirst for elegance, then the Simply Elegant Quilt Pattern by Diana Beaubien is the quilt to go! With its silver background topped with gold and black stars, this quilt will surely add that sparkly element to your bedroom. It also has smaller squares to fill the area, so it will not only have the stars as a pattern.

6. Field Full of Dreams Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Field Full of Dreams Quilt Pattern

Designer: Diana Beaubien of Pleasant Valley Creations

The Field Full of Dreams Quilt Pattern is a compilation of different blocks of patterns surrounded by thick dark borders. This quilt is mainly composed of unique designs but with a color palette that compliments each other. The blocks are alternatively distributed into horizontal and vertical positions, and each of these blocks is also divided into two different patterns making this quilt fabulously pleasing to the eyes.

7. Lucky Stars Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Lucky Stars Quilt Pattern

Designer: Diana Beaubien of Pleasant Valley Creations

Do you want your quilt to have a clean look? Worry not. The Lucky Stars Quilt Pattern is the perfect quilt for you! With a clean white background, this quilt is decorated with colorful stars of different shapes and sizes. It is wrapped with irish chains that goes all across its surface. Its border is a red and black triangle with pixel-style art.

8. Ferris Wheel Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Ferris Wheel PDF Quilt Pattern

Designer: Karen of The Fabric Addict

The Ferris Wheel Quilt Pattern is like a combination of a star and a snowflake. It has a light blue border with a dark blue background. Inside the giant snowflake is a smaller one surrounded by multiple stars with blue, gray, and black color schemes. This quilt will look great whether you want to recreate it on your sheets or simply decorate it on your walls.

9. Carpenter Star King Size Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Carpenter Star King Size Quilt Pattern

Designer: Karla Hardaway of Quiltwoman Designs

The season of giving is just around the corner. If you want to feel the spirit of Christmas, then the Carpenter Star King-Size Quilt is just the right choice for you! With bright colors of white, green and orange, this quilt will make your winter warm and cozy.

10. Interwoven Quilt Pattern (Physical Pattern For Sale)

Interwoven Quilt Pattern_

Designer: Brittany of Lo & Behold Stitchery

Step into the world of quilting mastery with the Interwoven Quilt Pattern by Lo & Behold Stitchery. Sized at 113 inches x 113 inches, this king size pattern is tailored for intermediate quilters seeking a challenge. With detailed diagrams, comprehensive instructions, alternate color-way suggestions, and a coloring page for planning, it’s a complete package for your quilting journey. Let your creativity weave its magic as you create a masterpiece that’s both intricate and breathtaking.

Here Are More King-Size Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

King Size Quilt Pattern Idea from The Curly Quilter

Photo Source: The Curly Quilter

King Size Quilt Pattern Idea from jvmakes

Photo Source: jvmakes

King Size Quilt Pattern Idea from Krista Schneider

Photo Source: Krista Schneider

King Size Quilt Pattern Idea from Carolyn McKibbin

Photo Source: Carolyn McKibbin

King Size Quilt Pattern Idea from Tish Leupen

Photo Source: Tish Leupen

King Size Quilt Pattern Idea from Kim Diehl Quilts

Photo Source: Kim Diehl Quilts

King Size Quilt Pattern Idea from Sewing Scientist

Photo Source: Sewing Scientist

So many king-sized quilt pattern choices, choose a style that you want for your bedroom for a sounder sleep and cozier feeling. Happy Quilting!

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