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Best Electric Fabric Cutter for Quilting & Sewing

Anyone who sews knows the importance of having the right tools for the job, especially when it comes to the tools you use to cut your fabric. Having the right cutting equipment means that you’ll be able to cut clean lines, avoiding ripping and fraying the fabric as you cut.

What type of electric cutter you purchase depends on the projects you primarily work on. Some electric fabric cutters are best suited for quilters who are cutting out specific shapes and possibly cutting more than one piece of fabric at a time. Other electric fabric cutters work better for those who are sewing garments or upholstery.

The two main types of electric fabric cutters for domestic use are electric scissors and electric rotary cutters. Each type has pros and cons, and what you decide to purchase depends entirely on your preference.

Electric Scissors for Fabric

Electric scissors are best suited for anyone cutting out pieces of fabric for garments and upholstery projects. Some electric scissors can work through thicker fabrics than traditional rotary cutters or fabric scissors. They also help speed up the cutting process and save your hands from repetitive movements, making them an excellent option for anyone with difficulties using regular fabric scissors.

The scissor shape makes cutting around curves and pattern pieces easier, so they’re best for garment and home décor projects. They’re not well-suited for quilting, as they can be difficult to use alongside rulers unless the operator is practiced in their cutting technique, but it’s not recommended.

Different sewists favor different electric scissors depending on their needs. Let’s take a look at a couple of options and compare:

1. Pink Power Electric Scissors

Pink Power Electric Scissors ‎HG2043 Automatic Cordless

These electric fabric scissors are a favorite of many sewists because they are well-priced and come with extra blades, a battery that lasts up to 2 hours of continuous use, and a charger. They’re wireless, so that you can use them anywhere! These electric scissors are great for any kind of fabric, from the most delicate of organza to thick leather, so not only are they powerful, but they’re versatile for any sewing project.

2. JOAVANI Cordless Scissors

JOAVANI Cordless Scissors Electric

If you’re looking for excellent battery life, you’ll want to consider the JOAVANI Cordless Scissors. Why is that? Because this set of electric fabric scissors comes with an extra rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you no downtime. You can easily switch between the two batteries when one needs to be charged with a quick battery replacement! These cordless electric scissors also come with an extra set of blades and a quiet motor.

3. FUJIWARA Electric Scissors

FUJIWARA Electric Scissors Cordless, Rechargeable

This pair of electric scissors are some of the best rated for use with fabric. It has very sharp blades, making it perfect for all fabric types. From lace and silk chiffon to heavy canvas and thick leather, the FUJIWARA Electric scissors can cut through any type of fabric without snagging it. This pair is also lightweight, making it easy to handle. It comes with a second set of blades and a charging cable. The only downside is that the battery is not removable, so when the battery is too low, you’ll need to pause your cutting.

Electric Rotary Cutters for Fabric

Rotary cutters are usually the choice cutting tool of quilters and sometimes garment sewists depending on their preference. A rotary fabric cutter is best used together with a ruler to easily cut out straight edges, curves, and odd shapes. Electric rotary cutters are able to do the same things even faster!

1. 1500FR 4” Octa Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

1500FR 4” Octa Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

This is the best electric rotary fabric cutter on the market! It’s great for small cuts of fabric and can cut through up to an inch of material! You’ll be able to cut out a quilt or a fabric bundle in no time at all simply by layering fabrics. It also comes with a built-in automatic sharpener that keeps your blade in tip-top shape even as you work. You can also cut safely as two knife guards on the machine ensure safe operation every time you use this electric rotary cutter for fabric.

The most significant downside to this electric rotary cutter machine is that it is not wireless, so you’re stuck using it in certain places, and it’s on the expensive side.

2. Blue Ridge Tools Rechargeable Rotary Cutter

Blue Ridge Tools Rechargeable Rotary Cutter

Both a lightweight and budget-friendly option, the Blue Ridge Electric Rotary fabric cutter looks very similar to a traditional rotary cutter. It’s also wireless, so easily transportable. This electric rotary cutter can cut through materials thick and thin, from paper to carpet, so you know it can handle a plethora of fabric types. It can cut up to ¼” thick, so don’t be afraid to stack fabric layers! It also has a soft cushion handle and comes with an extra blade and a charger.

Industrial Fabric Cutter

1. 5000FS 5″ Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

5000FS 5" Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

Meant for those who manufacture a lot of projects all at once, especially upholstery and other home décor projects, this straight knife cloth cutting machine can cut through thick layers and thick fabrics with ease. It’s designed to cut both straight lines and curved cuts and is meant to cut larger pieces of fabric. It comes with a large 5” blade and has a built-in automatic blade sharpener.

The greatest downside to this electric fabric cutter machine is that it’s 20lbs. That’s a heavy piece of machinery, even if it has a decent handle, so it’s not the best option for anyone who has difficulty using heavy tools.

Electric Cutting Machine For Fabric

1. AccuQuilt Electric Fabric Cutting Machines

GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set

AccuQuilt electric fabric cutting machines are made with quilters in mind, though other crafters can certainly use them too. They are meant to cut out quilt pieces that are oddly shaped that can be difficult to cut out on your own, as well as help the quilter to cut out as many pieces as quickly as possible without hurting their hands. You can stack a few different layers of fabric and cut out the same shapes all at once.

AccuQuilt fabric cutters are very easy to use for most quilters. They’re an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other health issues that can keep you from enjoying your sewing and quilting hobbies.

One potential downside to an AccuQuilt automatic cutting machine is that you may need to purchase and replace more dies (cutting shapes) and corresponding mats. Still, most Accuquilt dies and mats last for many uses before needing to be replaced.


What are the differences between a manual rotary cutter and an electric rotary cutter?

The main difference between a manual and an electric rotary cutter is that an electric rotary cutter takes less effort to use than a manual rotary cutter. There’s no need to press down onto the cutting mat in order to get a clean cut for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t need a mat to use this kind of rotary cutter! Electric rotary cutters come with a built-in guard on the bottom of the blade that prevents you from cutting anything that you don’t purposefully put between the blade and the guard. Second, since it’s electric, there’s no need to use pressure in order to get the blades moving as you would on a manual rotary cutter. So, that means it’s much easier on your arms and hands to use than a manual rotary cutter!

How do you use electric rotary cutters on fabric?

Electric rotary cutters are very easy to use. You simply need to line up the fabric into the bottom guard, and then you’re ready to cut! Some will have extra safety features that require you to press two buttons in order to turn the blade on, so you’ll want to read the manual that comes with your rotary cutter before using it.

When to use electric rotary cutters vs electric fabric scissors?

Electric fabric scissors and electric rotary cutters can easily be used for the same projects, so it really depends upon your preferences. However, if you’re working with a ruler, a rotary cutter is always the best option, as it is much less likely to cut the ruler itself. Cutting along a paper pattern for projects like garments or bags, many people will still prefer scissors as they can be easier to maneuver around curves.

The greatest difference between the two styles of fabric cutter is the safety of the machine itself. Electric scissors aren’t as safe as electric rotary cutters as they don’t have a guard around the blade. It can be easier to make cutting mistakes that way. So, if you’re working around small children or pets, you might want to consider an electric rotary cutter instead of scissors.

Which electric fabric cutter cuts the thickest material?

When it comes to cutting thick fabrics, you’ll want a cutter with very sharp blades and a strong motor. That’s why we recommend the Pink Power Scissors for the thickest leather, denim, and canvas cutting jobs in your home.

If you’re working in a warehouse or a commercial setting and can afford it, the 5000FS 5″ Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine is a great option for cutting through the thickest materials. They make quick work out of cutting through thick fabrics and allow you to cut out very large pieces for projects such as upholstery projects- couches, chairs, ottomans, etc.

Which electric fabric cutter is the best price for a decent quality?

When it comes to price and quality, the electric fabric cutter that we recommend for anyone wanting to save some money but also get a decent quality item, you’ll want to look at the JOAVANI Cordless Scissors. While a comparable price to the other scissors listed in this post, the fact that it comes with two separate batteries and has a quiet motor makes it a great choice for any kind of maker! You won’t have to stop cutting if your battery runs out of juice- just switch it for the fully-charged battery and get back to your project!

Which electric fabric cutter is best for quilting?

We have to say that AccuQuilt is the best electric fabric cutting machine . Why? It’s always accurate, it cuts through many different layers of fabric at once, and you can easily cut out some odd shapes such as tumblers, hexies, and all the curved pieces you can imagine. Not only is it easy on your hands but also saves you time by punching out many pieces at once! AccuQuilt machines are truly built with quilters in mind!

Let’s Get Cutting!

We hope this post has helped you figure out what kind of electric fabric cutter you want and need as well as given you a few great options to consider. With many different styles and models of electric fabric cutters available, there is no one-size-fits-all option, but many great tools out there to consider.

From electric scissors to electric rotary cutters and more, there’s an electric fabric cutter out there for everyone.

If you have a favorite electric cutter for fabric that you use regularly, let us know about it and the types of projects you use it for! We would love to hear about it!