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Best Quilting Rulers

Rulers are one of the most essential tools when it comes to quilting. They are there to help you to cut out your fabric to piece accurately in multiple ways. That way, you’re sure to follow quilting patterns so that the design comes together perfectly.

Precise Cutting

First, rulers work in tandem with cutting mats to help you measure the correct amount of fabric to cut out for the pattern you’re working on. They’re covered in measurements, usually both metric and imperial. They’re clear, too, so you can see the measurements on the cutting mat to ensure you’re able to match up the lines to get the right cut.

Sturdy Straight Edge

Secondly,rulers for quilting provide a sturdy edge that is usually straight, making it possible for you to cut out shapes to piece in the quilting process. They work best with rotary cutters but can be used along with electronic rotary cutters, electric scissors, and other cutting machines.

Square it up!

Third, and finally, quilting rulers are great for squaring your quilt up. Squaring your quilt after each step will help you assure that your seams and points match up. It also guarantees, that your top can fit on a longarm quilting machine properly and your binding goes on the quilt straight.

Quick Summary Of Our Recommendations:

What to Consider When Choosing a Quilting Ruler to Purchase

The type of quilting ruler you decide to purchase and use will depend on the type of projects you’re working on. Some are basic, others are specialized for a specific type of project. Here are things to consider when choosing a quilting ruler that is tailored to your needs:

Shape and Size

Rulers come in various shapes and sizes. Some are large enough that they span a large cutting mat. Others are only a couple of inches wide. Most are rectangular, but you’ll certainly find other shapes such as triangles and curves for a more specialized cutting experience.


As with most quilting tools and accessories, there are a few brands that are highly popular among the quilting and crafting communities. Brands such as Omnigrid sell all kinds of high quality accessories so you can do all your shopping in one place and make sure that your tools are 100% compatible with one another. Cutting tools are usually interchangeable, so if you prefer an Omnigrid cutting mat, a Fiskars rotary cutter, and a Creative Grids ruler, you’re still in great condition to quilt to your heart’s delight!

Added or Special Features

If you want to make sure your ruler doesn’t slip while you’re using it, or you’re prone to work with more slippery fabrics like cotton lawn, you can purchase rulers that have friction patches on them or referred to as non slip quilting rulers. It is also adviced to get a ruler that comes with (or purchase one separately) a handle. The handle can be great for those who suffer from arthritis as it helps to keep pressure from the wrist and other tender joints.

Some quilt rulers come with special instructions in order to make a specific block. These can be an easier way to create challenging blocks or be instructions that streamline the process of creating traditional blocks. Others might have ridges that help you with certain techniques, such as foundation paper piecing.

Best Large Straight Edge Quilting Rulers

Large straight edges can also be used to cut out larger pieces, such as quilt backings. Medium to large rectangular rulers are some of the most versatile and widely used while cutting out fabric, especially if you’re working on a simple pattern of straight lines.

1. Omnigrip Non-Slip Ruler 6″ x 12″

Omnigrip Non-Slip Ruler 6 inches x 12 inches RN12

Omnigrid is one of the most popular brands of quilting rulers. They’re widely available online and in big box stores. And this size of ruler is extremely versatile! It’s big enough to use on large cutting mats and be able to use the entire thing. It’s also small enough that you can cut out smaller pieces, but might be slightly too large to work on teeny tiny pieces.

Able to be used on large mats
No-slip friction patches
The size is easy to store
Not quite small enough to travel with
Too small to work on extra-large cuts
Too big to work on tiny cuts

2. Omnigrid Non-Slip Quilter’s Ruler 6″ x 24″

Omnigrid Non-Slip Quilter's Ruler 6 inches x 24 inches 611644

Twice the length of the previous ruler, this Omnigrid works best with extra large cutting mats. It’s great for cutting out backing fabric to piece into the right shape and size. It’s also perfect for cutting out medium-sized quilt pieces. You can use it with small pieces, too, but it’s not always the most convenient.

Great for Extra Large Cutting Mats
Versatile for many different sized quilt pieces
Can help you cut out backings and home décor projects accurately
 Not the best for cutting out small and tiny pieces
Might be difficult to store in small spaces

3. Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 6-1/2 in x 18-1/2 in

Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 6-1/2 in x 18-1/2 in CGR18

Another great brand of quilting rulers is Creative Grids. They have high-quality rulers that are clear and come with non-slip patches that help to keep your ruler in place as you cut.

Great non-slip patches that keep it in place
High-quality acrylic
Could be difficult to store in a smaller workspace

Best Small Straight Edge Quilting Rulers

Small straight-edge rulers are nifty little tools to have on hand. They’re great to have, especially when you’re working on small piecing or when you’re traveling. These small rulers can fit into any travel bag and are easy to grab when you need to trim something really quick while you’re sewing or are working on tiny projects and don’t want a huge ruler getting in the way.

1. Omnigrid 1” x 6” Clear Ruler

Omnigrid 1 inch  x 6 inches Clear Ruler ‎R1

This little ruler is as cute as it is useful! You can keep this one next to your machine whenever you need to trim a little bit before sewing your next seam, or you can use it to create very detailed, tiny blocks. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to create art quilts, as you’ll be able to cut out smaller pieces to fit together.

Travel sized
Easy to store
Great to always have on hand
Very limited in the size of pieces you can cut

Best Square Quilting Rulers

Square rulers are less popular, but very useful. They’re most useful for measuring out squares for half-square triangles and for squaring up blocks before assembling your quilt top. They work just as well as all straight edge rulers to cut or trim straight lines.

1. Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 6-1/2 in Square

Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 6-1/2 in Square - CGR6

One of the most widely used sizes for quilt blocks is 6-1/2 by 6-1/2 inches. That’s where this square ruler for quilting can really come in handy! It will help you determine if your block is square, what you need to trim in order to make it square, and use it to cut out every piece you’ll be sewing into that particular quilt to begin with!

Square up your blocks with ease
Can be used to create a 6-1/2 square block from start to finish
Travel sized
Can only help you cut up to 6-1/2 inches

2. Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 2-1/2in Square

Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 2-1/2in Square - CGR2

This square quilting ruler is just too cute for words. This ruler is great for anyone looking to fussy cut small squares or to square up English Paper Piecing blocks.

Great for fussy cutting
Great for tiny work
Might be easily lost
Very limited in what you can cut with it

Best Specialized Quilting Rulers

What are specialized quilting rulers? They’re rulers that are made to assist you in cutting out odd shapes or make piecing specific quilt blocks much easier.

1. Creative Grids Turbo 4-Patch Template Quilt Ruler

Creative Grids Turbo 4-Patch Template Quilt Ruler CGRDH3

While creating a 4-patch block might seem like one of the easiest techniques out there, this little square ruler is a great guide for any beginner.

Saves fabric
Provides multiple sizes for 4-patch blocks
Use as a ruler, a straight edge, and a template!
Only comes in one size lost
Instructions are only available online

2. Creative Grids Ultimate Flying Geese Tool

Creative Grids Ultimate Flying Geese Tool - CGRDH4

Another great ruler for anyone looking to make a specific quilt block.

Use as a ruler, a template, and a straight edge
Saves fabric
Allows you to cut out multiple sizes of the flying geese block
Only comes in one size
Instructions are only available online

3. Omnigrid Folding Ruler 4 inch x 36 Inch

Omnigrid Folding Ruler 4 inch x 36 Inch - R436F

Are you looking for a large ruler that still easily fits in a travel bag? This Omnigrid ruler will be your best friend!

A large ruler
Folds into a smaller size to fit into travel bags easier
Hinge might be weak and break easily
Might still be too large for a traveling workspace

4. CM Designs Add-A-Quarter 6 Inch

CM Designs Add-A-Quarter 6 Inch 6CMD

If you’re looking for a ruler that will make foundation paper piecing so much easier, then you want to pay attention to this special quilting ruler! This ruler is meant to add a quarter-inch seam allowance as you’re cutting away excess fabric in your foundation paper piecing projects. This assures you that you’ll have enough fabric to work with without worrying that you’ll pop a seam or leave too much fabric.

Makes Foundation Paper Piecing a breeze
Works great as a straight edge
Limited uses
The lip might get in your way if you’re using it for something other than foundation paper piecing

Best Curved Quilting Rulers

Sometimes you need a curved ruler for that special quilt project.

1. OmniArc 8-Inch-by-8-Inch Non-Slip Circle Cutter

OmniArc 8-Inch-by-8-Inch Non-Slip Circle Cutter, R4C12

Don’t be intimidated by curves when it comes to quilting! Sure, it can take a little practice to get the hang of cutting and sewing curves, but this next ruler wil make cutting curves much easier than you ever thought! This ruler was designed to give you multiple sizes of circles that you can cut out. It also provides normal measurements along the sides as well as degree markings so that you can be sure that you’re cutting out your curves perfectly!

Multiple sizes of circles are available
Generic measurements so you can use it as a regular straight edge
No measurement grid

2. Creative Grids Curved Corner Cutter Quilt Ruler

Creative Grids Curved Corner Cutter Quilt Ruler - CGRCCC

If you’re not wanting to cut out perfect circles, you might be more interested in this Creative Grids ruler! This nifty ruler has curved corners so that you can easily round off any corners on your fabric pieces.

Has measurement grids
Sized so that you can virtually trim off any size corner 
Instructions are only available online

Best Quilting Ruler Accessories

When it comes to holding onto your ruler, some people might find it difficult to hold onto them, even if they have non-slip grips. Whether you have chronic pain, or you just like holding the ruler differently so that your hands don’t feel fatigued after working on your quilt for many hours, you may want to consider any of the following accessories.

1. Dritz Omnigrid Double Suction Cup Ruler Grip

Quilting ruler accessory - Dritz Omnigrid Double Suction Cup Ruler Grip, 2229

If you want to really have a good hold on your ruler, this grip is one of the most popular out there. It suctions on to any large quilting ruler and allows you to put some weight behind both the ruler and your rotary cutter!

Comfortable grip
Only useful for large rulers
Suction cups might pop off from time to time

2. Ruler Knob

Quilting ruler accessory - Ruler Knob - Suction Cup - Ruler Grip

When you have a smaller ruler or template, a whole handle won’t fit on it. Instead, you might consider these smaller suction cup knobs that allow you to get a similar amount of leverage behind the ruler.

Great for any size quilting ruler
Suction cups might lose suction over time

3. Dritz Quilter’s Slip ‘N Grips

Quilting ruler accessory - Dritz Quilter's Slip 'N Grips, 3141

Not every ruler comes with non-slip grips already attached. Some rulers wear out over time. That’s when these stick-on grips come into play. They work well as replacements and additional grips to be certain that your ruler doesn’t move while you cut.

Easily attached
Replace old grips or just add new ones
Might come off and lose their sticky backings

Our Verdict

If you’re looking to purchase a versatile ruler, we recommend the Omnigrip Non-Slip Ruler 6″ x 12″. The size is perfect for most cutting mats and isn’t too big that you can’t cut out smaller pieces of fabric for those more intricately pieced quilts.

Our second favorite quilting ruler is the Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 6-1/2in Square. This ruler is sized well for detailed cutting and helps you ensure that your blocks are perfectly squared for assembly!

Finally, a third favorite option for any avid quilter to have on hand is the Omnigrid 1” x 6” Clear Ruler. This ruler may be tiny, but it is fantastic to have for anyone who travels with their sewing (including those who hand piece or English Paper Piece!), and it’s great to have on hand beside any sewing machine in order to trim corners and threads quickly and efficiently.