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10 Best Oil for Sewing Machine | Reviews & Common FAQs of 2023

Sewing types of equipment are essential items for every home; they may needs at any time, so you want to ensure that you are providing proper maintenance regularly. For proper cleaning and care, you need specific tools to clean tiny parts. After cleaning, you need the best oil for the sewing machine to keep your sewing machine parts frictionless and rustproof.

Most sewers don’t even realize that they need to care for moving parts to ensure that it doesn’t become weak and fragile over time. A good sewing machine oil helps reduce friction, minimize noise level, and long last your machine for years. One of the most critical factors is seasonal changes; at that time, a complete overhauling and oiling strongly recommend gradually.

To help you pick your perfect sewing machine oil, we’ve compiled a list of Top Sewing Machine oils. This list is made after analyzing, testing, and reading customer’s reviews on different forums.

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List of Top 10 Best Oil for Sewing Machine 2023

  1. Editor’s Choice : ZOOM-SPOUT 
  2. Best All Purpose Oil : SINGER 2131E 
  3. Best Pick : Zipperstop Sewing Machine Oil
  4. Best for Beginners : Liberty Oil 
  5. Budget Pick : Stainless Sewing Machine Oil
  6. Best for Electric Appliances : 3-in-One Motor Oil
  7. Best Industrial Grade : ATZ Industries Oil
  8. Premium Pick : Pro-Shot Needle Oiler
  9. Low Viscosity : Supco CE441 Oil
  10. Long-Distance Applicator : Triple Elite Liberty Oil

As we know that every moving or connecting part of a sewing machine is required lubrication. Each connecting point, even if not indicated in the user manual, is needed to lubricate. A single drop of good quality oil is enough for 4-8 hrs of working. Each sewing machine’s essential points must be oiled frequently and thoroughly, like bobbin case, hook race, adjustments, and needle bar.

Now, without further delay, let’s dig deep into the review of the top 10 oil brands.

1 – ZOOM-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil – Lilly white oil (Non-detergent)

Suppose you are looking for mineral oil for your sewing machine then Lilly, while oil is the best choice. Specially formulated refined oil for sewing machines provides you a stain-free sewing experience, even if it may contact fabric.

This non-detergent mineral oil with low viscosity provides you a protective shield to every connecting part. According to unique features, zoom spout sewing machine oil is best for both home and industrial sewing machines.

According to its dramatic lubricating capability, you only need a few drops for long-time lubrication. Its injector may be required to improve, however it is simple and easy to use. Especially its extended spout enables the hard point’s lubrication easily.

Unique Features

  • High grade refined mineral oil
  • Non, detergent
  • Crystal clear/lily white color
  • Perfect viscosity for sewing machine parts
Keep your machine maintenance-free
Additional 7 inches bendable and extendable spout
Pure and crystal clear
Highly refined mineral oil
Boost productivity
Bottle leakage complaints
Be careful to avoided dripping

Product Information

Type of oil Mineral
Product dimension 5.6 x 4.3 x 2 inches
Product weight 1.76 ounces
Manufacturer AlbaChem

2 – SINGER 2131E all-purpose machine oil – Friction eliminator

Do you want a smooth sewing operation? Do you want to keep your machine frictionless, or you want to keep your device long last? Then you should need to lubricate each moving and matching part of your sewing machine.

If you are related to any kind of sewing, you should listen to SINGER’s name. It provides quality sewing products for decades. Do you expect low-quality or cheap products from the singer? No! Not at all, you can purchase SINGER products blindly.

SINGER sewing machine oil 2131E is a great product to keep your sewing machine abrasion, friction, and rust-free. A few drops of oil disappeared from the noise of the sewing machine and provided you a smooth operation.

Furthermore, the sheerness of the bottle makes it easy to use. It is lightweight and quality packing makes it more valuable. In this price range, this type of all-purpose machine oil becomes an attractive choice for every sewist. You cannot only use this all-purpose oil for sewing machines, but you can also use it to lubricate other household items like bicycle gears, computer cooling fans, and vacuum cleaners.

Unique Features

  • Protect metal parts from friction and rust
  • Reduce the noise level instantly
  • Long expiry date
  • Specially formulated for small appliances
All-purpose suitable for other household items
Extend the usable life of the sewing machine
Enhance smooth sewing operation
The nozzle is not long enough
The container needs to modify

Product Information

Type of oil All-purpose (Petrochemical oil)
Product dimension 1.75 x 1.75 x 5.5 inches
Product weight 4.2 ounces
Manufacturer Dyno Merchandise

3 – Zipperstop Sewing Machine Oil – Lilly white

Zipperstop is one of the best sewing machine oils suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial textile machines. You can get a sufficient quantity of lubricants that will be ideal for sewing machines and usable for other home appliances at a very reasonable price.

Highly refined mineral oil with low viscosity provides you complete protection against rust and friction and gives you a smooth and fluent sewing experience.

The transparent, odorless, and stainless qualities of this fantastic oil make it a practical choice for every home. Sometimes, when you are oiling, your machine fabric can contact oil, but you don’t worry about any stain or grease mark on the fabric.

Overall features of this product are excellent; high ratings at different online shopping platforms and happy customer reviews make this oil the first choice of every sewist. Zipperstop is the best lubricating oil for your sewing machine parts.

Unique Features

  • Low viscosity is ideal for textile machinery
  • Transparent no effect of textile
  • Suitable for other home appliances
  • Best results against rust and rubbing
  • Odorless and stainless
Quantity is outstanding – 1 US Gallon
A good replacement of expensive oils
Good quality at a low price
Some complaints of container leakage
An extra applicator required for oiling

Product Information

Type of oil Mineral oil
Product dimension 11.7 x 5.9 x 5.1 inches
Product weight 7.3 pounds
Manufacturer Zipperstop

4 – Liberty Oil – Lilly white oil (Non-detergent)

Liberty oil is the best alternative to mineral oil and ideal lubricant for sewing machines; this fantastic synthetic oil is the same for metal, plastic, or painted surfaces. The container material and its medical-grade 1.5 inches stainless steel needle provide you easy access to hard oiling points.

As compared to other brands, the quantity of oil is a little bit low; however, the container’s quality is outstanding and long last. A new type of plastic material LDPE use in the vessel that is very soft. The injector easily squeezes and injects oil forcefully on jammed moving parts and rusted metal places.

With the best liberty oil here, you can get a medical-grade 18-gauge stainless steel needle with a patented Luer lock cap that keeps your container leakage-proof.

Unique Features

  • Stainless steel needle tip dispenser
  • “LDPE” easy squeeze medical-grade plastic
  • Finest high viscosity refined synthetic oil
  • Leakage proof bottle and cap
Adjustable applicator
Leakage proof container
30-day no question returns policy
Safe for plastic and painted surfaces
Some complaint of expired oil (discolored)
Might not be 100% synthetic

Product Information

Type of oil Synthetic oil
Product dimension 6.8 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
Product weight 2.39 ounces
Manufacturer Liberty oil

5 – Stainless Sewing Machine Oil – Custom formulated

Every sewing machine operator wants optimal performance and long-lasting protection for his machine. If you want to keep your device maintenance-free, then you should try stainless sewing machine oil. Specially formulated oil that provides you a smooth sewing experience and minimizes work loss.

Specially formulated oil for sewing machines and other textile equipment improves performance and extends the sewing machine life. Moreover, compatible with popular sewing machine brands like Singer, Bernina, and Kenmore. Also work great with embroidery, quilting, and serger machines.

In this price range, you cannot get this type of quality and quantity of oil. This product is the best value for the money. No harmful or toxic ingredients use and contain only safe chemicals and substances. So don’t worry about any side effects.

Unique Features

  • Non-toxic
  • Compatible with different brands
  • Sufficient quantity of oil
  • Custom formulated for sewing machines
The container will last a long time
Work well with a small amount of oil
Best value for money
Extra care to handle due to its large size bottle
It is tricky to oiling into tight places

Product Information

Type of oil Synthetic oil
Product dimension 7.2 x 2.63 x 2.08 inches
Product weight 8 Ounces
Manufacturer Uni products LLC

6 – 3-in-One Motor Oil – (Best for electric appliances)

Now a day’s mostly sewing machine is operated by electric motors. Electric motors also needed lubrication to minimize wear and tear. To extend the life of electric motors and other sewing machine parts, 3-in-One motor oil is an exact choice. Since 1894 3-in-One motor oil is a trusted brand for trade professionals.

Special additives add to this high-grade oil to increase its viscosity. This SAE 20 motor oil specially designs for ¼ hp or large electric motors. Its high density provides you an extended lubricating layer to minimize friction.

It’s an easy-squeeze bottle, and Marksman spout provides you easy access to hard lubricating points. 3-in-One motor oil is a multipurpose oil use for lubricating pivot points, moving parts, bearings, fans, trimmers, and other small appliances.

Unique Features

  • Reduce friction
  • Improve electric motors performance
  • Easy squeeze and bottle and Marksman spout
  • Long-lasting lubrication
Minimize wear and tear by reducing friction
Cheap in price
Great for electric appliances
Unpleasant plastic smell
Hard to clean if you come in contact

Product Information

Type of oil Petrochemical oil
Product dimension 5.5 x 2.25 x 2 inches
Product weight 2.4 ounces
Manufacturer 3-IN-ONE

7 –ATZ Industries Sewing Machine Oil – Best Oil for Industrial Sewing Machine

When it comes to keeping your sewing machine smooth and well maintained, Lilly white oil is one of the few that is best at doing its job correctly. Formulated mineral oil keeps moving and matching parts of the sewing machine frictionless and enhances non-stop sewing.

The best part about this amazing oil is its viscosity that perfectly matches the sewing machine parts requirement. Whether you have an industrial-level sewing machine or domestic, ensure its lubrication before starting.

Lilly white sewing machine oil comes in a fantastic quantity of 1 gallon that is enough for long lubrication. Its colorless property keeps your textile neat and clean, even if contact. We call it the best oil for the industrial sewing machines.

The ATZ Lilly white oil comes in competition with Zipperstop Sewing Machine Oil, and it is safe to say that it provides the user with optimal performance. The main thing that impressed the buyer most is its low price.

The overall packing of this product is good. One thing that we need to mention here is you cannot apply oiling with this container. You need an additional application with a long spout to lubricate the machine thoroughly.

Unique Features

  • Highly refined formulated mineral oil
  • Ideal for both domestic and industrial sewing machines
  • Standard low viscosity for fast-moving parts
  • Colorless and odorless
Perfect oil for sewing machines
Enough quantity for a lifetime
It is reasonably priced
No stains behind even contact with fabric
It offers excellent lubrication with a small amount
Awful shipping packaging
Leakage complaints during shipping

Product Information

Type of oil Mineral oil
Product dimension 12 x 6 x 6 inches
Product weight 6.93 pounds
Manufacturer ATZ industries

8 – Pro-Shot Zero Friction Needle Oiler – 1 Ounce

You are looking for a super oil that will compete with high-speed moving parts of the sewing machine. If so, then pro-shot synthetic oil is all you are looking for in the best oil for sewing machines.

Without any clutter, it provides you with pinpoint lubrication for unreachable areas. The best applicator with a needle pin allows you one drop exactly where you want. Its ultra-high-tech formula minimizes the friction at zero levels and maintains superior lubrication between metal parts. It is a non-gumming treatment for metal surfaces and delivers a smooth and flawless operation.

The best feature of this synthetic oil is its extreme pressure additives. Severe weather and temperature resistance from -75 degrees F to 450 F make it a more practical choice.

Another thing that we would like to highlight about this oil is its unique combination of additives. There are anti-rust and antioxidant additives to protect your metal parts from rust and corrosion.

Unique Features

  • Pinpoint lubrication with needle
  • Zero friction with ultra high tech formulation
  • Anti-wear and antioxidant additives
  • Corrosion and rust prevention additives
  • Extreme temperature resistance
Suitable applicator (zero waste)
Soft plastic to squeeze easily
Metal cap and needle suitable for hard spots
Quality product at the best price
Metal cap on plastic cause leakage sometimes

Product Information

Type of oil Synthetic base
Product dimension 5.5 x 1.5 x 2 inches
Product weight 0.8 ounces
Manufacturer Pro-Shot

9 – Supco CE441– Zoom Spout Oiler

The Supco CE441 is another best oil for a sewing machine that feels on to our bench while searching the top-rated oils for sewing machines.

The Supco zoom spout oiler is priced at below $10, making it highly competitive against other expensive brands. When Supco launches the CE441, it chooses a tough market to experiment with its low cost. But since we have always noticed how price can never determine performance.

When we talked about Supco CE441 features, we would say that its non-gumming, anti-rust, and anti-pressure qualities make it a valuable product. Its low viscosity enables you to creep the oil on tight surfaces and provides you a frictionless movement.

So if you are looking for an affordable oil, it provides you with an enigmatic sewing experience and is highly considered for buying.

When we talk about

Unique Features

  • Non-gumming high-quality oil
  • Flexible extended spout
  • Maintain properties at high temperature
  • Low viscosity 92-99 @ 140oF
All-purpose low viscosity oil
A large telescopic spout enables easy access to hard spots
Suitable for other household appliances
Quality product at affordable price
Container Leakage complains
Oil turns color after some time

Product Information

Type of oil Petrochemical oil
Product dimension 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
Product weight 4.9 ounces
Manufacturer Supco

10 – Triple Elite Liberty Oil – The Best Oil for Sewing Machine

For any of you using Liberty oil, you know what they have been up to and how they have upgraded the quality in sewing machine oils.

That product we have recommended for you triple elite liberty oil is the best for all moving parts for sewing machines. This superb oil formulates to penetrate tight areas and lubricate them internally. Ordinary cleaners are clean the surface; they cannot provide a protective lubrication shield to matching covers.

Improper oil and dust reduce the life of the equipment and increase your maintenance cost. Simultaneously, triple elite oil provides you a three-layer protective shield against friction, rust, and oxidation.

Some cheap oils evaporate rapidly, and you need oiling frequently, while the triple elite is oil-based, so its evaporation process is three times longer than ordinary oils. A little amount is enough for a long time.

Unique Features

  • Quality container with no mess
  • Long-distance applicator
  • Medical grade needle injector
  • Does not evaporate easily
Easy to use
A little amount goes a long way
Impressive performance under extreme weather conditions
Highly affordable
It should be colorless or clear

Product Information

Type of oil Petrochemical oil
Product dimension 6.8 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
Product weight 4 ounces
Manufacturer Liberty oil

Essential characteristics of the best sewing machine oil

Appearance or color

Colorless, odorless, nondetergent and BHT-free are the main properties of good quality oil. Specially formulated oil with active agents provides you a high oxidation resistance, aging stability, and stain-free formation.


The density of oil is another essential property of sewing machine oil, the thickness of the oil base on viscosity, ingredients, and quality. As the temperature increases, the density of oil decreases and loses its properties.

Maintaining density at high temperatures is the symbol of good quality oil. Usually, the best sewing machine oil’s viscosity may be between 0.8230 to 0.8384 g/ml at a temperature of 29.5 oC.


The viscosity of sewing machine oil is low compared to other lubricating oil due to its small and fast-moving parts. High viscous oil needs time to penetrate the moving groves while, in the meantime, gear completes its rotation without lubrication.

That’s why here in sewing machines, the viscosity of the oil is low. The average viscosity of good sewing machine oil is between 9 CST to 23 CST at 40 oC.

Pour or flashpoint

As we know, the boiling or flash point of water is 100 oC, and the freezing or pour point is 0 oC. But oils are formulated to resist more hot and cold temperatures. Moving parts creates friction that produces heat. That’s why we need oiling to minimize friction and control heat.

Usually pour point of sewing machine oil is -3 oC, and the flashpoint is 150 oC to 190 oC.


Typically lubricating oils are low volatile because lubricating oils use on moving parts, where heat produces. So if we use a high volatile oil, it may be converting into fire.

So, for the lubrication process, it is recommended to use low volatile grade oil.

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Common FAQ’S about oiling a sewing machine

What kind of oil do you use on a sewing machine?

There are three main types of sewing machine oils Synthetic, petrochemical, and natural are available in the market. Each class is good but synthetic, and petrochemical is more effective than raw oil.

A low viscosity, colorless, and odorless oil specially designed for sewing machines are suitable to use. According to thread magazine, multipurpose, 3 in 1 oil, automotive oil, coconut oil, cooking oil, and olive oils not recommends for lubrication of sewing machine parts.

Sewing machines have small moving parts and gears, so we cannot use high viscosity oil. High viscosity oil can clog the bags and cause wear and tear.

Do modern sewing machines need oiling?

No! The latest sewing machines have a self-oiling capability; you don’t need to oil every point. But cleaning is required to keep your machine maintenance-free. Self-oiling is a fantastic feature of modern sewing machines; it only supplies a recommended quantity of oil to each part. Excessive oiling may cause dust and debris catching.

Can I use wd40 instead of sewing machine oil?

WD40 is not a lubricant, nor it’s an alternative to sewing machine oil. WD40 is a cleaner or detergent to clean the lousy lubrication from moving parts. For complete cleaning of the sewing machine, inject WD40 in all oiling points, clean each piece thoroughly, and clean each element with a soft clean cloth. After that, pour the best oil for the sewing machine at every oiling point.

How often should I oil my sewing machine?

It depends on the usage of a sewing machine. Moreover, if you are a professional, your sewing machine’s noise tells you which part needs lubrication.

Most new sewing machines are pre-lubricated, so you don’t need to oil a brand new sewing machine. The working principle of all sewing machines is the same. Therefore all moving parts so needed to lubricate periodically.

The user manual of each sewing machine provides a useful guide for why, when, and where to lubricate. Most professionals recommend oiling each point after 8 hours of working.

Before starting a new job, clean and oil your machine correctly. N0 doubt, if your device stands off for months, you should need the oil before starting. Once a year, complete overhauling is recommended for a smooth and long-life sewing experience.

Bottom Line

So, here we discussed the top 10 brands of the best oil for sewing machines available. Here we choose the best products, so; it is hard to say which one product is better than the other.

Each oil formulates to work on sewing machine models and brands. With these sewing machine oils, you can get a tranquil and maintenance-free sewing experience.

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