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The Best Rotary Cutter for Quilting

Rotary cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of choices on the market, especially if you’ve never purchased a rotary cutter before.

That’s why we decided to compile a list of five rotary cutters that we think are the best for quilting.

But before we get to review our choices, here are a few things to keep in mind before buying one of these cutting tools:


Any enthusiastic quilter or seamstress will tell you that buying a good-quality rotary cutter is an investment you won’t regret. Fortunately, several reputable brands sell reliable products at very reasonable prices.


Most rotary cutters are equipped with a safety lock. This is to ensure that the blade remains covered when the cutter is not in use.

This usually involves sliding a button or a latch into the appropriate position to expose the blade on straight-handled cutters. This isn’t such a problem in itself, but it does require a conscious effort on your part to remember to slide the protective cover back into place whenever you take a break from cutting.

Other cutters have a trigger on the handle that will only expose the blade while the trigger is being squeezed, which means that the blade will automatically retract once released.

If you have pets or small children, you’ll need to think about which option is best for you regarding safety (as far as safety and sharp objects go, that is).


Rotary cutters generally come in four sizes:

  • 18mm. The 18mm provides you with a wide range of manoeuvrability, making it an ideal size for doing more intricate work.
  • 28mm. This size is for slightly larger projects and allows you to cut curves with ease.
  • 45mm. The most versatile size. If you are only in the market for one rotary cutter, then a 45mm is your best option. The blade is big enough to cut through several layers of fabric, depending on the thickness of each layer. It’s also relatively easy to manoeuvre, although slightly less efficient at cutting curves than the smaller sizes.
  • 60mm. This size is designed for more heavy-duty fabrics and can cut through multiple layers like butter. This size is therefore excellent for cutting straight lines or squaring the edges of your quilts.

To help you determine which size best suits your needs, think about what you want to accomplish with your rotary cutter. A good rule of thumb is that the length of the blade should match the size of your project.


Most rotary cutters are designed with either a straight or curved handle.

While a curved handle is arguably more ergonomic, you should ultimately choose a design that is most comfortable for you. This means taking into account whether you suffer from any wrist or shoulder pain, as cutting with a blade that is uncomfortable to hold could aggravate this and lead to fatigue.

In addition, when choosing a cutter, be sure to check whether it is left- or right-handed, or if the design will allow you to change it from left- to a right-handed tool and vice versa.

Now that you have a few pointers to guide you, let’s jump right into reviewing our best rotary cutters for quilting.

Top Five Rotary Cutters for Quilting

1. Fiskars Titanium Rotary Cutter

Fiskars Titanium rotary cutter is an excellent choice for more extensive sewing or quilting projects.

It’s fitted with a durable 60mm blade that will allow you to cut through various thicker materials, such as batting and foam. Thanks to the blade’s titanium coating, it also makes cutting through multiple layers of fabric an almost effortless task.

Another outstanding feature of this cutter is that it can easily be adapted for use by left- and right-handed people. This can be done simply by changing the side on which the blade is assembled on the handle.

The handle also offers a comfortable grip since it is curved to fit the natural shape of the hand.

For added safety, the protective cover around the blade can be extended or retracted with the help of a sliding button on the handle.

All Fiskars’ rotary cutters are also sold with a lifetime warranty.

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2. W.A. Portman Rotary Cutter

W.A. Portman’s 45mm rotary cutter is another excellent option for individuals looking for an all-purpose cutting wheel that’s compact yet durable. It can be used for quilting and sewing, as well as scrapbooking and leatherwork.

Like the 45mm cutters offered by Olfa and Fiskars, this tool can cut through several layers of thinner fabric and paper at once.

Comfortable and lightweight, this cutter is also perfect for both left- and right-handed users since the blade can be placed on either side of the handle. Its ergonomic design includes a dual-action safety lock and a trigger that retracts the blade when the handle is no longer in your hand.

It comes with five replacement blades and can also be fitted with speciality blades for additional cutting options.

The only complaint that some users had about this particular cutter was that some of the screws came loose during shipment, so be sure to tighten them once you receive them.

This brand also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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3. Olfa 45mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter

Olfa’s 45mm rotary cutter combines comfort, convenience, and safety into one reliable tool.

When used for cutting thinner fabrics like cotton, the Tungsten steel blade can cut through up to six layers at once, and the dual-action safety lock is designed to prevent accidental injury.

The anti-slip rubber handle was also designed with both comfort and functionality in mind, as its ergonomic shape fits perfectly in hand and helps to reduce user fatigue. The trigger on the handle also acts as an additional safety measure by causing the blade to retract whenever the trigger is released automatically.

Another unique feature of the rotary cutters produced by this brand is that you can swop the standard cutting blade with speciality blades, including scallop/peak blades, pinking blades, and wave blades.

All in all, the Olfa 45mm Deluxe rotary cutter is one of the most efficient quilting tools that money can buy and is both easy and safe to use. It’s also available in a 60mm size.

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4. Fiskars 45mm Contour Rotary Cutter

If you’re looking for a rotary cutter that’s more compact but still durable, Fiskars also offers a 45mm cutting wheel that comes fitted with a stainless-steel blade.

As mentioned before, this size cutter is the most versatile and will work well for most of your sewing or quilting projects . You can use it to cut through thinner materials, such as felt and vinyl. It will also allow you to slice through paper with little to no effort, making it more efficient than scissors when cutting out patterns.

Like the 60mm, the blade on the Fiskars 45mm Contour Rotary Cutter can be assembled on either side of the handle, making it a multi-functional tool for both lefts- and right-handed users. The handle also sports the same ergonomic shape as the 60mm, making it comfortable to use.

In addition, it comes equipped with the standard sliding button for blade retraction and safe storage.

Overall, this rotary cutter from Fiskars is excellent for everyday use, especially if you don’t need it to cut through thicker materials.

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5. Hercules 3-Speed Electric Rotary Cutting Machine


Also known as the Hercules HRK-100 , this electric rotary cutter may not be the most affordable option on this list, but there are instances where it may be worth the money to invest in a machine like this.

For example, owners of small businesses could benefit from this type of cutter because of its capability to cut through multiple layers of material. This means that you’ll be able to cut through more fabric at a faster rate without suffering from wrist pain or fatigue.

Unlike the manual options that we’ve mentioned so far, this electric rotary cutter comes with three-speed options and a four-inch octagonal blade. It also has a built-in sharpening stone, which means that you’ll never have to replace a dull blade on this machine. A spring-loaded lower blade prevents the fabric from jamming.

While the Hercules HRK-100 will do most of the hard work for you, it should be noted that it isn’t an industrial-strength machine and is therefore only recommended for use with light to medium weight fabrics, woven and loose-knit fabrics.

Besides its hefty price tag, the only other drawback of this machine is that the cord it comes with is very short, so you’ll need an extension cord or an electrical outlet that’s nearby to where you want to use it.

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There are several things you need to think about when buying a rotary cutter. These include durability, safety, blade size, and ease of use or handle design.

Of course, the requirements for each of these aspects will be unique for every person, but you’re guaranteed to have plenty of options to choose from regardless of what you’re looking for.

Hopefully, our list of the five best rotary cutters for quilting will help you to narrow down your search.

Remember, smaller sizes perform better when cutting complicated shapes and curves, while bigger sizes are ideal for cutting multiple layers of fabric at once.

Of course, having more than one size rotary cutter at your disposal is ideal, but if your budget only allows you to buy one, then a cutter with a 45mm blade is your best option.

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