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Bias Binding Foot Instructions

Written Instructions With Photos.

use binding foot

You can use your binding foot to attach bias tape and quilt binding*.

It lines up the needle to get a straight, perfect stitch.

Even better, you don’t have to pin the binding all the way around whatever you’re sewing before you attach it.

You just feed your binding into the binding foot as you feed in the fabric. It’s Sew Easy!

feed in the fabric

*Note: This binding foot works best for sewing projects with 1-2 layers of lightweight or medium-weight cotton fabric.

It can be used for binding thin quilts with low-loft battings which are flatter and thinner (and NOT with battings with high loft, which are thick and fluffy). Because you DO need to feed the whole quilt sandwich into the slot of your binding foot. See photo.

binding foot guide

First adjust the rotary wheel inside the plastic part of the binding foot to set your desired bias tape size from 5mm up to 20mm.

  • 1/4inch is ~6mm
  • 1/2inch is ~12mm
  • 3/4inch is ~18mm
  • 1inch is ~24mm
two small plastic tabs to hold the binding tape edges

It is usually easier to insert everything when the foot is not attached to the machine yet.

Feed your bias tape into the binding foot. There are two small plastic tabs, noted above, to hold the binding tape edges.

slip fabric in between

The two plastic pieces are pliable, so you can slip your fabric in between them. That will make a bias tape sandwich, with fabric in the middle.

attach binding foot to machine

Attach the binding foot to your machine.

Adjust the thumb screw near the metal part of the binding foot to set the side-to-side positioning of the binding relative to your needle.

Align the needle where you want. You can place the needle close to the edge of the binding foot or inwards a little bit.

start sewing

Now you can start sewing. As you sew, you’ll just keep feeding the fabric into the bias tape as you go along. The presser foot will make sure it stays in place as you sew.

Look closely and you can see how nice and even it stitches. The binding foot does all the work for you.

nice and even stitches