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Top 13 Free Flannel Quilt Patterns (+5 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Making a cozy flannel quilt is the perfect fall pastime. These cuddly patchwork blankets are perfect for snuggling up with a loved one or as a decorative accent in a family photo. With the onset of cooler weather and dwindling foliage, it’s high time to whip up another warm flannel plaid patchwork quilt.

Running out of flannel quilt pattern ideas? We rounded up the best patterns for you!

Free Flannel Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Home Sweet Home Flannel Quilt

Home Sweet Home Flannel Quilt Pattern

Designer: Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studio

A fusion of vivid colors is what makes the autumn season stand out. Various shades of oranges, yellows, purples, greens, and reds make them so much more noticeable because of their distinctive quality, the same way this Home Sweet Home Flannel Quilt looks like. The piece features a beginner-friendly pattern that consists of repetitive mini triangles that create a square shape in the middle. Perfect for a wall-hanging design or a couch blanket, the piece finishes at 58 inches x 58 inches size. It was designed by Bonnie Sullivan.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Algonquin Flannel Rag Quilt

Algonquin Flannel Rag Quilt Pattern

Designer: Northcott Studio

A forest-themed quilt is all you need when you are achieving that rustic yet cutting-edge look for your home. This Algonquin Quilt pattern features an illusion of a realistic flower garden, with what the fabrics look like soil and grass. To make this pattern, you will only need a series of blocks to arrange in this piece and let all the fabrics do their magic. If you want to establish an inviting welcome quest, this quilt can serve as your rag. The finished size measures 55 inches x 73 inches.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Corazon Flannels Quilt

Corazon Flannels Quilt Pattern

Designer: Erin Michael for Moda Fabrics

From the creative mind of Erin Michael, this Corazon Flannel Quilt pattern was brought to life. The piece features the use of layer cakes and uses it to make the blocks and the rectangles to put this pattern together in a fashionable manner. The piece also showcases its cute, printed fabrics and the choice of colors tells us that it is perfect to be used as a crib blanket for your little baby. If you are a beginner quilter, then you can easily recreate this pattern. The finished size measures 55 inches x 65 inches.

4. Free Quilt Pattern: Rainbow Mammoth Flannel Quilt

Rainbow Mammoth Flannel Quilt Pattern

Designer: Elise Lea for Rober Kaufman Fabrics

Looking up at a rainbow after the rain graced us with its unexpected return, you will be greeted with such vibrance from its colors you can’t help but think it is beautiful. The Rainbow Mammoth Flannel quilt commemorates the magnificence of a rainbow, exhibiting the beautiful eight colors it proudly boasts about. The fabrics by Robert Kaufman offer a unique design that gives you an illusion of a pixelated mosaic. It is perfect for all beginner quilters and the finished size measures 54 inches x 67 ½ inches. The pattern was designed by Elise Lea.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Heritage Quilt

Heritage Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studio

Feeling like your home needs another accessory? How about a two-way purpose quilt designed by Bonnie Sullivan? This Heritage Woolies Flannel Quilt pattern displays an assortment of awe-inspiring earth colors, its different hues blending well together. Each fabric used consists of tiny details, making them look satisfactorily pleasing to the eyes. The pattern has a simple design of rectangles and squares. If you are a confident beginner, then you found your match. The finished size measures 68 inches x 78 inches.

6. Free Quilt Pattern: Flannel Fans

A fat-quarter friendly is all you need for the perfect autumn gift! From one of the lovely designs of Riley Blake, the Flannel Fans quilt pattern flaunts the aesthetic use of autumn colors, creating a parallel semblance to the vibe of the season. The pattern comprises blocks and triangles that finish off a unique repetitive design. With its simplicity, beginner quilters can easily recreate this one. The finished size measures 69 inches x 69 inches.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Woolies Flannel Quilt

Woolies Flannel Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studio

If you have a cabin in the woods, this Color Wash Woolies Flannel quilt pattern will easily compete with its cozy quality. Designed by Bonnie Sullivan, the piece follows the pattern of a flannel, making it accessible for all beginner quilters. The choice of colors also complemented the other very well. The quilt can serve as your blanket or just another decor for your cabin in the woods. The finished size measures 67 inches x 79 inches.

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Folk Art Flannel 2 Quilt

Folk Art Flannel 2 Quilt - free quilt patttern

Designer: Heidi Pridemore for Henry Glass and Co.

Another way to make your table not look bland is to adorn it with an exceptional table topper. This quilted table topper designed by Janet Rae Nesbitt displays notable creativity of, flair and style. The pattern shows the assembled mini squares topped off with blocks and diamonds that paraded the florals. The border also displays the extravagance of leaves dancing on the exterior. The finished size measures 51 inches x 51 inches.

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Wintergreen

Wintergreen Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Sinclair Snyder for American Patchwork and Quilting

Welcome the invigorating essence of winter with Wintergreen, a captivating free quilt pattern by Sheila Sinclair Snyder for American Patchwork and Quilting. The mesmerizing 88-1⁄2″ × 96-1⁄2″ quilt weaves wintry magic into your home, offering a refreshing ambiance. With the convenience of a coloring diagram, customizing your vision is a breeze. Inspired by nature’s peaceful charm, this quilt is perfect for anyone seeking a harmonious balance between craftsmanship and soothing tranquility in their decor.

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Flannel Stars and Trees

Flannel Stars and Trees - free quilt pattern

Designer: Peggy Kotek for American Patchwork and Quilting

The Flannel Stars and Trees Quilt Pattern, designed by Peggy Kotek for American Patchwork & Quilting, offers a cozy and generous-sized throw perfect for cool fall days. This quilt combines the warmth of flannel with the charm of 25 pieced blocks, including trees, stars, and bow ties, set among assorted squares. Measuring 54 ½ inches × 72 ½ inches, it’s ideal for outdoor events or snuggling by the fireplace. This pattern provides a delightful project for those looking to create a quilt that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

11. Free Quilt Pattern: Comfy Cozy Flannel Quilt

Comfy Cozy Flannel Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Quilting Daily

The Comfy Cozy Flannel Quilt Pattern, available from Quilting Daily, is designed for ease and comfort. It comes in two sizes: a throw measuring 59 1/2″ x 68″ and a full size at 76 1/2″ x 85″, suitable for various uses, from snuggling on the couch to dressing a bed. This pattern is rated easy, making it accessible for quilters of all skill levels. Follow the straightforward diagram to piece together this warm and inviting quilt, perfect for chilly evenings or as a cozy home accent.

12. Free Quilt Pattern: Outer Space Quilt

Outer Space Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Connecting Threads

The Outer Space Quilt Pattern, offered by Connecting Threads, showcases the vibrant Blast Off! Flannel collection designed by Winthur Sempliner. This quilt, when finished, measures approximately 58 ½ inches x 73 ½ inches, offering a generous size for cozying up. The pattern is structured for clarity, beginning with block assembly, followed by the quilt body assembly, and concluding with the addition of borders to frame the design beautifully. It’s a straightforward project that promises a fun and engaging quilting experience, perfect for adding a cosmic touch to any room.

13. Free Quilt Pattern: Bonnie’s Butterflies Flannel Quilt

Bonnie's Butterflies Flannel Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studio

The Bonnie’s Butterflies Flannel Quilt, featuring the Bonnie’s Butterflies Flannel collection by Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studio, is a captivating project that measures 32″ x 48″. At the heart of this quilt is a beautifully designed panel that showcases an exquisite butterfly, making it a standout piece. This free pattern is straightforward, making it suitable for quilters of various skill levels who want to create a unique piece that highlights the beauty of nature through fabric. It’s an ideal project for anyone looking to add a touch of charm to their quilting collection.

BONUS Flannel Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Ragged Flashback Quilt (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Ragged Flashback Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Dora Cary of Orange Dot Quilts

If you are a lover of vintage designs, this Ragged Flash quilt pattern designed by Dora Cary is right up your alley! The quilt is easy and simple to make with its weaving pattern that can effortlessly be used as a wall-hanging design or a couch blanket. The vibe it exudes is definitely vintage but let’s add in a touch of modernity, making it versatile with whatever and whichever you want it to use on. To make this quilt, you will only need two layer cakes. It is perfect for all beginner quilters.

2. Yipes! Stripes! Quilt (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Yipes! Stripes! Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Carolyn Pratt of Sew Youniquely Yours

Creating a quilted bed cover or blanket for your children is also a way to show your love and affection for them. Using a stripes pattern design, the piece offers radiance that will immediately light up your children’s bedroom with a blooming positivity. The design belonged to Carolyn Pratt. The finished size measures 42 inches x 49 inches (if without borders) and 46 inches x 53 inches (if with borders).

3. Fall Awakening Quilt (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Fall Awakening Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Ginny Sword of Country Cottage Fabrics

Transitioning from summer to winter, this Fall Awakening quilt is a perfect way to greet the arrival of the autumn season. Ideal as a lap quilt, this The piece screams coziness and tranquility. It was designed by Ginny Sword. The finished size measures 58 inches x 74 inches.

4. The Mountains Are Calling Quilt (Physical Pattern For Sale)

The Mountains Are Calling Quilt Pattern -  etsy

Designer: Ginny Sword of Country Cottage Fabrics

Decorating your home for the winter season is a great way to make it look as heavenly and spectacular as winter. Starting off with this quilt, The Mountains Are Calling features a picturesque view of snow-capped mountains with a night backdrop. As perfect as it is to be used as a wall-hanging design, you can use this on anything you want. Be it a bed cover, blanket, or a couch blanket. The piece is merrily vibing with the season and makes your home look inviting. The piece was designed by Janet Rae Nesbitt. The finished size measures 51 inches x 60 inches.

5. Over & Down Under Quilt Pattern (Physical Pattern For Sale)

Over & Down Under Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Bonnie Sullivan

The Over & Down Under Quilt Pattern, designed by Bonnie Sullivan, offers a vibrant and warm design that finishes at a cozy 56″ square. Crafted to work beautifully with Woolies Flannel, this pattern also adapts well to quilting cotton, allowing quilters to choose their preferred fabric. Its cheerful and inviting appearance makes it a perfect addition to any home. Whether you’re snuggling up on the couch or looking for a decorative touch, this quilt’s blend of colors and textures will bring comfort and style to your living space.

Here Are More Flannel Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Flannel Quilt Pattern Idea from Grace and Peace Quilting

Photo Source: Grace and Peace Quilting

Flannel Quilt Pattern Idea from Then Came June

Photo Source: Then Came June

Flannel Quilt Pattern Idea from To Dye House

Photo Source: To Dye House

Flannel Quilt Pattern Idea from Raquel Riche

Photo Source: Raquel Riche

Flannel Quilt Pattern Idea from Jan and Jill

Photo Source: Jan and Jill

Flannel Quilt Pattern Idea from Charisma Horton

Photo Source: Charisma Horton

Flannel Quilt Pattern Idea from Kelsey Evans

Photo Source: Kelsey Evans

Flannel Quilt Pattern Idea from Crimson Tate

Photo Source: Crimson Tate

Flannel Quilt Pattern Idea from JK Quilts

Photo Source: JK Quilts

Let’s be honest, what could be cozier than a flannel quilt draped over every chair? Grab your sewing kit and commence your quilting journey!

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