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Free Quilt Pattern: Hidden Garden Quilt

A simple but classy lap quilt perfect for those big lovely prints that you have been hiding for quite some time.

The Hidden Garden Quilt will help you bring out summer into your home. This is a free quilt pattern designed by Suzy of Suzy Quilts featuring the Hidden Garden fabric collection by Miriam Bos for Birch Fabrics. Suzy made this beautiful quilt in just two days by using the raw edge appliqué​ technique.

The printable pattern includes a simple leaf motif template. Stack the leaves alternately to look like vines climbing the garden wall or falling petals effect, whichever way you see it. Customize by using your favorite prints and create a stunning quilt that used a mix of applique and traditional quilting.

Project Finished Size: 50 inches x 60 inches

free quilt pattern - Hidden Garden Quilt by Suzie of Suzy Quilts

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