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21 Top Charm Pack Quilt Patterns

A charm quilt is a one-patch design that uses a single shape to produce an overall pattern on the quilt top. Many quilters appreciate and rely on pre-cuts. One of the most sought pre-cut fabrics is Charm packs. It is a collection of fabric cut into 5-inch squares used in quilts. It is a scrap quilt in which no two pieces of fabric are duplicated. Many quilters find pre-cuts to be extremely convenient and highly valued. It is easier to quilt with these bundles of cloth since they have been machine-cut and bundled together. Do you have any charm packs lying around that you haven't put to use? Choose from these charm quilt patterns suited for quilters of all skill levels.

Free Charm Pack Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Starry Charms Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Starry Charms Quilt

Match your child’s cozy quilt with his or her favorite lullaby! Designed by Fat Quarter Shop, this adorable pattern has 9 white starry blocks that seem to twinkle from afar and an abstract pastel background that makes the quilt look cool and pleasant.

It’s simple, sweet, and versatile enough to become a crib quilt (48.5 inches x 48.5 inches), a toddler quilt (48.5 inches x 60.5 inches), or a lap quilt (60.5 inches x 72.5 inches). Get yourself a few charm packs of Little Ducklings by Paper + Cloth Moda Fabrics and make something special for your kid.

2. Sunny Day Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Sunny Day Quilt by Jen Kingwell Designs

A quilt as cheerful as a bright, sunny day will never fail to make you smile! This Moda Charm pack quilt pattern is designed by Jen Kingwell. The Sunny Day Quilt highlights the colors of summer popping through the space of its geometric mosaic look. From floral accents, light shades, muted colors, and fun patterns, it features the warm happiness this season brings. This quilt measures 71 ¼ inches x 71 ¼ inches. Have fun quilting this as a beginner!

3. Chandelier Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Chandelier Diamond Quilt by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique

Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. never fails us with her charmingly beautiful patterns like the Chandelier Quilt. Boarded with blooming roses, this design arranges 9 strings of diamond cuts with floral prints, bold hues, and assorted patterns on a cream background. The best part of this 60 inches x 60 inches quilt happens when you turn the blocks on at one point—the shapes welcome the light and let its dance through them magically. If you are a visual quilter, don’t fuss, there is a video tutorial and is available on YouTube.

Learn more about Chandelier Diamond Quilt pattern here.

4. Stiletto Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Stiletto Quilt by by BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics

Who says grey doesn’t look good as a heart? It certainly does in the Stiletto Quilt! This charm pack heart quilt pattern measures 17 inches x 14.5 inches is made of 9-patch which forms a mini heart. It is chic, modern, and edgy— definitely a fun way to be fancy!

5. Botanical Bliss Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Botanical Bliss Quilt by Janice Ryan for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Blue is such a blissful hue that having this botanical-inspired quilt would be a dream come true! Designed by Janice Ryan for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, this quilt amuses confident beginner quilters with dusty blue floral-printed blocks that form flower-shaped spaces when sewn together. It has a generous measurement of 60 ½ inches x 72 ½ inches, and a thickness that makes your bed warm and cozy.

6. Charm Pack Cherry Shortcut Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Charm Pack Cherry Quilt

Here’s another nine-patch masterpiece that you would definitely love to recreate! It’s a simple mosaic design with an interesting bright color combination made it modern, charming, and trendy. The sizes of the tiles may differ from each other, but they do make a catchy look together! Though this 52 ½ inches x 54 ½ inches quilt is named Cherry Quiet, I bet you’ll hear a little commotion for the project!

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7. Stars on Parade Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern -Stars on Parade Quilt by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

If you’re looking for a festive and starry design, look no further! The Stars on Parade pattern will march its way to your heart. This spring-inspired quilt features a light yet bright fabrics from Superluxe Poplin. Each star block shines on its own, and together, they make a lively and cheerful look that will not fail to make you smile. This quilt from Robert Kaufman Fabrics measures 64 ½ inches x 83 inches. If you want to try it out as a beginner, go for it!

8. Charm Pack Shortbread Shortcut Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Charm Pack Shortbread Shortcut Quilt by Fat Quarter Shop

Here’s another head-turner pattern that you shouldn’t miss having fun with! The Shortbread Shortcut Quilt has a crisscross design. It is made of squares arranged together in diagonal lines in which bright colors pop lively on a crisp, white background. Designed by Fat Quarter Shop, this pattern comes in four sizes: crib (40.5 inches x 40.5 inches), lap (40.5 inches x 56.5 inches), twin (64.5 inches x 80.5 inches), and queen (80.5 inches x 80.5 inches). It’s fun and trendy. Most of all, it would make your room look pretty!

9. Sweet Charlotte Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Sweet Charlotte Quilt by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Who could resist the beauty of Sweet Charlotte? This rosy quilt pattern features charming floral-printed fabrics from the Sweet Charlotte fabric collection by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman Fabrics that will make your heart flutter with their graceful bloom. Its color palette will make you crave strawberries and chocolate while you have fun quilting, and I guess that’s the sweetest thing about it. This beginner-friendly quilt measures 24 inches x 27 ½ inches. If I were you, I would recreate it!

10. Charming Pachyderms Quilt

free quilt pattern - Charming Pachyderms Quilt by Letty of Happy Dance Quilting

If you’re looking for a charm pack baby quilt pattern that will amuse your kid, the Charming Pachyderms Quilt is the one you need! It has cute features that will leave you in awe: pastel and bright-colored trapezoid cut-outs, fun patterns, swinging children, and three happy elephants that will make you giggle. Hang it on the wall, or cuddle your baby with it. Either way, this adorable free charm pack quilt pattern by Letty of Happy Dance Quilting is great to sew!

11. Layers of Charm Shortcut Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Layers of Charm Shortcut Quilt by fat quarter shop

This cute and easy pattern is a must-try if you’re running out of time. Since no pre-cutting is necessary, you can complete this quilt in a single sitting. The block arrangement forms a diamond design. Kimberly of the Fat Quarter Shop also shares a free video step-by-step guide.

12. Lemonade Quilt

free quilt pattern - Layer Cake Lemonade Quilt by Fat Quarter Shop

Are you looking for a quilt pattern that you can use different sizes of pre-cut fabrics, then consider making this Lemonade Quilt. This free printable and downloadable quilt pattern has different pre-cut size tutorials. You can make this quilt pattern using layer cake and charm pack. There is also a tutorial on the mini charm pack quilt pattern version. With different variations, you'll enjoy working on this one charm pack quilt pattern.

Learn more about Lemonade Quilt pattern here.

Printable Charm Pack Quilt Patterns To Download From Online Shops (Paid)

1. Stars and Stripes Celebration Quilt

Stars and Stripes Celebration Quilt - printable and downloadable

Having the Patriotic Star Quilt may be the most American thing about you! With its striking way of recreating the concept of the American flag, you’ll find yourself dedicating your time stitching the stars together in a diamond medallion and surrounding them with beautifully accented striped borders on a crisp, white background. This patriotic and modern charm pack quilt pattern is perfect for beginners. Depending on what you want to do, the finished quilt will have the following measurements: 48 inches x 48 inches (Table Runner), 56 inches x 56 inches (Small Throw), 64 inches x 64 inches (Large Throw), and 64 inches x 80 inches (If you want something bigger!). Grab your red, blue, and white fabrics and start expressing your love for your country!

2. Charm Pack Quilt for Beginners Pinwheel

Pinwheel Delight Quilt Pattern - printable and downloadable

If you’re looking for a pattern that will brighten your day, quilting the Pinwheel Delight is the best way! It uses fabrics that remind you of spring: blooming flowers, pastel patterns, and bold colors that complete the fun look of spinning wheels. The soft, white background makes it more pleasant to the eyes. Whether you’ll make it for your baby or yourself, it will be a marvelous addition to your home! This charm pack friendly quilt pattern comes in five measurements: 44 inches x 54 inches (Crib), 54 inches x 64 inches (Throw), 64 inches x 64 inches (Twin), 84 inches x 84 inches (Queen), and 94 inches x 94 inches (King).

3. Building Blocks Quilt Pattern

Building Blocks Quilt Pattern - PDF instant download

Build the warmth in your home with the charming Building Blocks Quilt! The alignment doesn’t have to be perfect! Simply stack the square cutouts of your chosen fabrics and pour your love into the quilt. It may look difficult at first, but once you get into it, you’ll realize it’s fast and easy to make. This beginner-friendly project can be made as a Baby Quilt (36.5 inches x 45 inches) and Lap Quilt (53.5 inches x 63 inches).

4. Sunflowers Quilt Pattern

Sunflowers Quilt Pattern - Electronic Download

Scrappy doesn’t look crappy at all with Jen Daly’s stunning Sunflower Quilt pattern! It showcases the beauty of sunflowers on a teal, blue, and green background, making it a gorgeous addition to your home for summer. If you’re a quilter who loves sunflowers, this easy charm pack quilt pattern is for you. Select from a variety of sizes: 22 ½ inches x 52 ½ inches (table runner), 63 inches x 63 inches (lap quilt), 63 inches x 78 inches (long lap quilt), 78 inches x 93 inches (full quilt), and 93 inches x 93 inches (queen quilt).

5. Stepping Stones Quilt Pattern

Stepping Stones Quilt Pattern - electronic download

If you’re fond of neutral and earth tones, the Stepping Stones Quilt will make you want to have fun with your precuts and leftover scraps. While it looks complicated initially, you’ll surely enjoy it as a novice quilter! This 46 inches x 60 inches pattern puts squares and rectangles together to form a captivating abstract design.

6. Mayberry Quilt Pattern

Mayberry Quilt Pattern - printable and downloadable pattern

Here’s another beginner-friendly and simple charm pack quilt pattern that will make an adorable decor for your home! The Mayberry Quilt Pattern uses spring-themed fabrics to create 9 charming floral-like blocks. Designed by Lindsey Weight of Primrose Cottage, this pattern lets you use charm packs and layer cakes for an easier quilting experience. May you berry yourself in the coziness of this quilt! It comes in three sizes: 20 inches x 20 inches (table topper), 53 inches x 53 inches (small throw), and 75 inches x 75 inches (large throw).

Ready to Ship Charm Pack Quilt Patterns (Paid)

1. Shuffle Quilt Pattern

Shuffle Quilt Pattern - ready to ship

Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique presents you with an adorable quilt design that will keep you shuffling through your fabrics. She put together triangle cut-outs of floral and pattern fabric in an 11 inches x 11 inches block. From afar, this 66 inches x 77 inches quilt looks like a row of pinwheels spinning freely in the warmth of spring. It’s a beginner-friendly project. However, intermediate and experienced quilters will surely enjoy this 2 (two) charm pack quilt pattern.

2. Village – Jumble: A Charm Pack Mash-up

Village Quilt Pattern - ready to ship

Just like what they always say, “nothing feels like home”. Rosie’s Quilt Co.’ Village – Jumble: A Charm Pack Mash-Up is designed with 11 rows of colorful houses that are unique and beautiful on their own.

Fun fact: It was named after the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” because it took 16 people to create it. Amazing, right? This 69 inches x 75 ½ inches quilt needs at least 297 – 5” charm squares or a minimum of 8 charm packs. It does sound tedious to make but if you have enough patience, you would have fun recreating it! It is suited for intermediate and experienced quilters.

3. Lattice Work Table Topper Quilt Pattern

Lattice Work Table Topper Quilt Pattern - ready to ship

If you’re looking for a table runner that will bring warmth to your home during winter, Patricia Hellenbrand’s Lattice Work Table Topper Quilt will do wonders for you. Its Christmas-themed design features a border of mistletoe vines and Poinsettia slicing through a board of marble squares in a criss-cross manner. This beginner-friendly project comes in four sizes: 16 inches x 48 inches, 16 inches x 52 inches, 20 inches x 4 inches, and 28 inches x 28 inches. Whether you want a placemat or a table runner, this one charm pack quilt pattern has something to offer!

Charm quilts can take your scraps to a whole new level! It's time to save time cutting fabrics together. No need to stress out in matching the patterns as charm packs have coordinated designs.

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  1. Where to begin …love all of these quilts and want to try making them all! Since I am now 86 years old I doubt I will manage them all before I head to the Netherland. That said, I think I can manage at least 4 of my favorites and perhaps a few others in crib size to donate to my local hospitals infant ward. Gotta use up all the stash I’ve built over the years and what better way?
    Thank you so much for the free patterns.

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