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Top 7 Free Nautical Quilt Patterns To Try

Have you ever found yourself entranced by the magnificent serenity of the ocean, the majesty of a ship under full sail, or the call of the seagulls from the shore? Imagine encapsulating these awe-inspiring elements into a quilt pattern that warms not only your body but also your maritime spirit. The Nautical Quilt Pattern is a charming motif inspired by these aquatic wonders, intricately depicting elements that sing tales of voyages, harbors, lighthouses, and more. We handpicked these free nautical quilt patterns any quilter will love in the sea of quilt patterns.

It would be a thoughtful gift for sailors or family, friends, or acquaintances who love the water, marine life, and sailing adventures. So, are you ready to embark on your quilting voyage? It's time to unfurl your creativity, raise your sails, and navigate through the tranquil waters of nautical quilting. These free nautical quilt patterns are your compass guiding you to craft treasures.

Free Nautical Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Ships Go Sailing

Ships Go Sailing - Free Quilt Pattern
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Set sail on a quilting adventure with the Ships Go Sailing quilt pattern. Created by Riley Blake Designs, this free pattern showcases the exquisite Nautical Caskata Artisanal Home fabric collection. Measuring 76 inches x 79 ¼ inches, it's the perfect bed quilt for sailors or voyagers at heart. With the strip piecing technique, you'll see stunning nautical prints including sailboats, compasses, and aquatic animals. The quilt's charm is further enhanced by the addition of flying geese quilt blocks, adding a geometric touch. Dive into this maritime-inspired project and let your imagination soar as you create a quilt that embodies the spirit of the open seas.

2. Ahoy Sailor

Ahoy Sailor - Free Quilt Pattern
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Prepare to embark on a whimsical nautical adventure with the Ahoy Sailor Quilt. Designed by Suzy Williams, this captivating pattern captures the essence of the ocean with mermaids, sand dollars, and charming sea creatures brought to life by the Saltwater fabric by Emily Winfield Martin. With a finished size of 60″ x 60″, this quilt is perfect for snuggling on the couch or adding a whimsical touch to any space. Whether as a gift or a cozy addition to your home, the Ahoy Sailor Quilt embraces the spirit of adventure and invites dreamers of all ages to explore the wonders of the deep blue sea.

3. GO! Let’s GO Sailing

GO! Let’s GO Sailing - Free Quilt Pattern
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Ready your ships as we set sail on a captivating quilting adventure with the Go! Let's GO Sailing Quilt, a masterpiece designed for sea farers and lovers of the open water. Created by the talented Reed Johnson of Blue Bear Quilts for AccuQuilt, this free quilt pattern combines the beauty of quilting with the language of the sea. Each block showcases international maritime signal flags, allowing you to communicate short messages through vibrant colors and intricate designs! Imagine the joy of stitching together a quilt that not only brings warmth and comfort but also serves as an educational tool for sailors and their loved ones in size 50 inches x 50 inches. This amazing quilt symbolizes adventure, communication, and the bond between sea and shore. Embark on this quilting journey, and witness the joy and appreciation that this unique piece will bring!

4. Sail Away Quilt Block

Sail Away Quilt Block - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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Unleash your creativity with the captivating Sail Away Quilt Block. Designed by Glenda Wilder for Quilt Block Mania Summer Fun 2020, this block invites you to dive into the tranquility of the ocean waves. Piece together the Half Square Triangle Units, Sunshine Unit, and Four Patch Units to bring this stunning block to life. With a finished size of 12.5″ x 12.5″, it's perfect for creating a beautiful quilt or adding to your quilting repertoire. This free printable quilt pattern captures nautical bliss with its vibrant colors and skillfully appliqued sailboat. Whether for houseboats or nautical-themed homes, the Sail Away Quilt Block is a simple yet stunning masterpiece that celebrates the love for the sea.

5. Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away - Free Quilt Pattern
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Embark on a nautical adventure with the Come Sail Away Quilt pattern. Designed by the talented Ramona Burke for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, this free pattern showcases the delightful fabrics from the Don't be crabby collection by Laurie Wisbrun. Measuring 49″ x 49″, this wall hanging quilt features charming boat, snowball, and whale blocks arranged in a captivating manner. Let your creativity set sail as you piece together this whimsical quilt, bringing the spirit of the ocean into your home. Whether you're a sailing enthusiast or simply love the coastal vibe, the Come Sail Away Quilt is a delightful project that captures the joy of the sea.

6. Beach Baby

Beach Baby - Free Quilt Pattern
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Indulge in the nostalgic memories of carefree summer days by the shore with the Beach Baby Quilt. Designed by Toby Lischko, this delightful quilt pattern brings to life the playful charm of sailboats and buckets, beautifully showcasing the vibrant hues inspired by Retro Vintage's Beach Baby fabric collection. With its finished size of 50″ x 60″, this quilt is perfect for snuggling up or adding a touch of coastal elegance to any space. This pattern is designed to be accessible for advanced beginners, allowing you to embark on a beach-themed quilting adventure. Gift it to a fellow quilter or use it to adorn your own beach-inspired decor, the Beach Baby Quilt is sure to evoke fond memories of sun-soaked shores and create a joyful ambiance wherever it resides.

7. GO! Nautical Compass Pillow

GO! Nautical Compass Pillow - Free Quilt Pattern
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Add a touch of coastal charm to your home with the GO! Nautical Compass Pillow. Designed by Melanie Call, this free quilt pattern features a compass, sailboat, ship wheel, and anchor, capturing the essence of the sea. Measuring 22.5 inches x 22.5 inches, this oversized nautical throw pillow is a perfect addition to beach-worthy decor. Whether it's a housewarming gift, a present for travel enthusiasts, or a treat for yourself, this beginner-friendly project is made even more delightful with nautical-themed fabrics. Embrace the maritime spirit and create a chic beach vibe in your home.

The world of quilting is as expansive as the ocean itself, harboring an abundance of treasures for you to discover and recreate. So, hoist the anchor, man the helm, and set course for the uncharted waters of quilting expression!

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