I love Quilting Forever Top 6 Free Double Wedding Ring Quilt Patterns

Top 10 Double Wedding Ring Quilt Patterns

The double wedding ring quilt pattern highlights interlocking rings that signify the union of two individuals at a wedding ceremony. Rooted in the tradition that interlocking rings represent love, this pattern is the best gift for weddings and anniversaries. It symbolizes the love and harmony shared by the couple receiving it. Whether you sew this quilt as a present or for your marriage, families will truly cherish it for decades. Choose from these modern and contemporary wedding ring quilt patterns:

Free Double Wedding Ring Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Vintage Double Wedding Ring Quilt

photo source: Quilting Daily

This beautiful Vintage Double Wedding Ring Quilt is owned by Nancy Ferguson.
Project Finish Size: 69.5 inches x 84¾ inches

Skill level: Advanced

2. Little House on the Prairie Double Wedding Ring Quilt


This quilt by Lucy A. Fazely measures 54 inches x 70 inches. This multicolored-hued quilt will match the radiance of two people in love with each other! The vibrant colors embody joyfulness which is one of the essential elements for a marriage to work.

If you’re giving this as a present, bid the couple your sweetest wishes that may their marriage be as colorful as this pattern. It is suited for intermediate and advanced quilters.

Learn more about Little House on the Prairie Double Wedding Ring Quilt here.

3. To Have and To Hold Quilt

photo source: Quilting Daily

Seal your promises to each other with this modern wedding ring quilt! This quilt by Kathryn Patterson is a couple’s perfect companion for those cuddly nights. Advanced quilters will enjoy duplicating this quilt pattern design. The finished size measures 102.5 inches x 114.5 inches.

Learn more about To Have and To Hold Quilt here.

4. Garden Rings


Flowers always represent a devoted and everlasting love. It is heavily inspired by infinity, which denotes marriage, while highlighting the flowers' daily allure. Knowledge and experience in quilting are needed. Advance quilters will surely be challenged and have fun recreating this pattern. The finished size measures 84 inches x 96 inches.

Learn more about Garden Rings Quilt pattern here.

5. Lovey Dovey


Feel free to visualize the picturesque view of the mountains and enjoy the field of blooming flowers along with your partner with this quilt! The colorful fabrics will spark joy in any couple. The finished size measures 52.5 inches x 52.5 inches.

Learn more about Lovey Dovey Quilt pattern here.

6. A Graceful Wedding


Looking for a straightforward and charming quilt as a wedding present? This easy double wedding ring quilt pattern is the best choice! It transports you to an ancient castle but also adds a bit of modernity flair. This can be used as a duvet or throw blanket. Quilters of all levels will have no trouble recreating this quilt. Shelly Pigliai crafted it. The finished size measures 70 inches x 83 inches.

Learn more about A Graceful Wedding Quilt pattern here.

7. Blue Jean Baby Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern - Blue Jean Baby Quilt by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Coming from one of Robert Kaufman Fabrics' appealing designs, this quilt proves that there’s elegance in simplicity. Newlyweds’ bedrooms or living rooms will be more luxurious with this single wedding ring quilt pattern. It is not ideal for beginners and the faint of heart. If you’re an advanced expert quilter, add this to your project list! The finished size measures 48 inches x 48 inches.

Printable Double Wedding Ring Quilt Patterns To Download From Online Shops (Paid)

1. Double Wedding Ring Lap Quilt Pattern

Double Wedding Ring Lap Quilt Pattern by Becky Cable - printable and downloadable

Who doesn’t love to just lay down on a bed of flowers? Flowers are used to openly express feelings of affection. This double wedding ring pattern will make you remember your joyous union with your significant other. Don’t be intimidated by the seeming complexity of the arches and curves of the rings. They are easy to recreate! Prior knowledge of quilting and piecing is required. It is crafted by Becky Cable. The finished size measures 39 inches x 50 inches.

2. Modern Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

Modern Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern by Debby Kratovil - printable and downloadable

This modern double wedding ring quilt pattern by Debby Kratovil is the perfect epitome of elegance! The choice of neutral colors brings out the calm and gentleness the quilt exudes. Feel free to use your preferred colors. Beginner and advanced quilters will have fun recreating this this instant download quilt pattern. The finished size measures 17 inches x 17 inches.

3. Golden Double Wedding Ring

Golden Double Wedding Ring Quilt by Past Pattern Palooza Co  - printable and downloadable

This vintage quilt pattern from Past Pattern Palooza Co represents a timeless love that stood the test of time! Your cheeks will hurt from smiling too much as you bask in the vibrancy of this quilt. The brightness of yellow emanates the warmth and sunshine your significant other brings to your life. You only need to apply the piecing technique to the stars within the rings. It is perfect for intermediate quilters. The finished size measures approximately 84 inches x 96.5 inches.

Spread the love and sew with all your heart in making these quilts. Even though it's a complex pattern, the quilt wedding ring pattern is a perfect project for quilters who aim to enhance their skills. 

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  1. 3. To Have and To Hold Quilt
    photo source: Quilting Daily
    A Double Wedding Ring Quilt for advanced quilt skill level.

    Project Finish Size: 10.5 inches x 114.5 inches

    ***Is there an error on finished size here? thought you might like to know?

    1. Hi Marg, We have updated the pattern finish size it should be 102½˝ x 114½˝. Thanks for letting us know.

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