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3 Ways to Baste a Quilt

Basting is the process when you create a quilt sandwich with your Quilt Top, Batting, and Backing, to prepare for the Quilting step. There are many different basting techniques, and it takes trial and error to find the method you really prefer.

Pin Basting

This method uses basting pins, which are like safety pins all over the entire quilt. Some basting pins have a bend in their center, making it easier to bring the pin back up through the three quilt layers as you baste. Machine quilters generally pin-baste because it is easier to remove pins than basting threads.

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Spray Basting

Basting sprays work well for small projects; quilters even use them for large. The most common basting spray is 505 Adhesive Spray. This is the method I most often use. It can be a little messy, but it is the fastest method. Be careful not to overspray, which can lead to a gummy buildup over your work surface and quilting needle.

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Hand Thread Basting

Hand basting is most common when Hand Quilting because there are no pins in the way of your hoop. It can be used for machine quilting as well.

Hand thread basting is the simplest method among the three because, in this method, all you need is a thread and needle.

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