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Top 15 Free Boy Quilt Patterns (+10 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Searching for unique and creative gift ideas for young boys? Explore our diverse range of boy quilt patterns, designed to captivate and delight any young adventurer. These patterns offer a variety of themes and styles, perfect for personalizing quilts for your son, grandson, or nephew. From vibrant colors and dynamic patterns to themes that spark imagination, these quilt patterns are ideal for quilters of all skill levels. Create a special, handmade quilt that’s not only cozy but also full of character and charm—a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Free Boy Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Tractor Block

free quilt tutorial Tractor Quilt Block by by Karen of The Recipe Bunny Blogspot

Designer: Karen of The Recipe Bunny

Kids enjoy playing with all different kinds of toy trucks, and they will absolutely love the Tractor Block quilt pattern. The pattern highlights farm and construction appeal to children. Don’t be intimidated by the complicated look. It’s all about the perfect precision of squares and rectangles. The finished quilt measures 14.5 inches x 14.5 inches.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Little Sailor Quilt

Are you looking for a beach-themed bedroom for your boys? This Little Sailor quilt pattern will give you that sunkissed, windy atmosphere beach vibe. This scenic pattern will transport your kids to their favorite sailing moments. You only need 16 various colored fabrics cut in triangles and white strips to create this pattern! It is recommended for beginners and experienced quilters alike. The finished quilt measures 60 inches x 60 inches.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Under Construction Quilt

free quilt tutorial Under Construction Quilt by Ramona Rose for Robert Kaufman

Designer: Ramona Rose for Robert Kaufman

If your child is an aspiring engineer in an early age, this quilt pattern is the best gift! It is vivid and rich with bright colors that feature all kinds of construction vehicles. The pattern is designed by Ramona Rose for Robert Kaufman and the finished quilt measures 42 inches x 44 inches. Whether you’re a confident beginner, intermediate, or advanced quilter, this pattern is fun and easy to create.

4. Free Quilt Pattern: Road Runner Quilt

free quilt pattern - Road Runner Quilt by Craft Passion

Designer: Craft Passion

Who doesn’t love cars? Every boy will fascinate by this pattern that highlights various vehicles and road signs. It is perfect for your kids who love collecting car toys. The cars, roadblocks, and traffic light designs will make them feel it’s playtime all day, even in their bedroom. You only need applique patchworks and a base fabric to recreate this pattern. The pattern is suited for experienced quilters. Designed by Craft Passion, the finished quilt measures 64 inches x 86 inches.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: DIY Quilted Play Mat

DIY Quilted Play Mat - free quilt pattern

Designer: Suzy of Suzy Quilts

Embrace the imaginative world of toddlers with the DIY Quilted Play Mat, a free pattern by Suzy of Suzy Quilts. Perfect for those bustling with toy cars, this quilt transforms any space into a vibrant playground for creativity. It’s more than just a play mat; it’s a canvas where mundane surfaces become exciting roads, construction sites, and racetracks. Crafting this quilt adds a personal, homemade charm to your little one’s playtime, enhancing their joy and engagement. Watch with delight as your happy baby explores and plays on this thoughtfully designed, fun-filled quilt. A truly fabulous and creative idea for nurturing young imaginations.

6. Free Quilt Pattern: Nuts and Bolts

Delight your little one with the Nuts and Bolts Quilt Pattern from American Patchwork & Quilting, inspired by Ripple from designer Megan Pitz of Canoe Ridge Creations. This playful quilt, measuring 39 ⅝ inches × 45 ½ inches, features vibrant prints in primary colors set against a striking black background, creating an eye-catching effect. Ideal for kids, the fun robot-themed fabric from the iBOT collection by Red Rooster Fabrics, coupled with a dynamic zigzag design, makes it perfect as both a cozy cover and an engaging play mat. It’s a wonderful blend of visual appeal and practicality, ensuring hours of imaginative play and comfort.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Robot Love

Robot Love - free quilt pattern

Designer: Crystal Hendrix from Hendrixville for Moda Fabrics

Embark on a creative quilting journey with Robot Love, a captivating free quilt pattern designed by Crystal Hendrix from Hendrixville for Moda Fabrics. This delightful pattern allows you to play with a variety of colors to craft charming robot blocks, appealing to the imaginative minds of little ones. Measuring 65 × 73 inches, it’s the perfect size for cozy snuggles or playful adventures. The designer’s own little boy adores this quilt, and yours is sure to love it too! It’s an engaging project that combines the joy of quilting with the excitement of creating a unique, robot-themed masterpiece for your child.

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Trucks in the Daisy Patch

Trucks in the Daisy Patch - free quilt pattern

Designer: Connie Keller of APQS Texas

Trucks in the Daisy Patch is a delightful free quilt pattern by Connie Keller of APQS Texas, perfectly crafted for the little guy in your life. This charming design features nine blocks, artfully alternating between appliquéd trucks and stars. Each block is a canvas of creativity, allowing you to add a personal touch. The centerpiece of the quilt offers a unique opportunity: inscribe the baby boy’s name, making this quilt a treasured, personalized gift. The playful truck motifs coupled with the classic star patterns make this quilt both fun and visually appealing, ideal for nurturing a child’s imagination.

9. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Cowboy Growing Up Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - GO! Cowboy Growing Up Quilt by AccuQuilt

Designer: AccuQuilt

The GO! Cowboy Growing Up Quilt is an exceptional free pattern from AccuQuilt, perfect for celebrating the milestones of a new baby boy. This quilt is not just a cozy wrap; it’s a creative heirloom designed to capture the growth of your little cowboy month by month. Featuring a circle of horses and numbers at the top left, it doubles as a charming backdrop for monthly photographs. Post-photo session, this minimalist and modern quilt transforms into a stunning wall decoration for your son’s nursery. It’s a truly unique way to cherish and display those precious early moments, making it a wonderful keepsake for years to come. Project Finished Size: 36 inches x 40 inches.

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Up In The Air

Up In The Air - free quilt pattern

Designer: Wendy Sheppard for Windham Fabrics

Up In The Air by Wendy Sheppard for Windham Fabrics is a quilt pattern that beautifully captures a whimsical aerial scene. Using the charming Storybook Americana fabric collection, this design features enchanting hot air balloons soaring above a picturesque landscape of houses. It’s a delightful depiction of adventure and whimsy, perfect for sparking imagination in any child’s room. The quilt measures 46″ x 58″, making it an ideal size for a cozy throw or a decorative wall hanging. This pattern is sure to bring a sense of wonder and joy to any space it adorns.

11. Free Quilt Pattern: Houndstooth Truck

Houndstooth Truck - free quilt pattern

Designer: Ellen Maxwell for Michael Miller Fabrics

The Houndstooth Trucks quilt pattern by Ellen Maxwell is a charming choice for a baby boy’s nursery, measuring 42 1/2″ x 48 1/2″. This adorable design blends classic houndstooth patterns with playful truck appliqués, creating a unique and cozy addition to your baby’s space. With its delightful mix of traditional style and whimsical elements, this quilt pattern offers both stylish appeal and snug comfort, making it a perfect, cuddly fixture for your little one’s room.

12. Free Quilt Pattern: Get The Party Started

Get The Party Started-free quilt pattern

Designer: Casey York for Windham Fabrics

The Get The Party Started quilt pattern by Casey York, featuring Petit Collage’s Party Animals Collection, is a vibrant and festive choice for a baby boy’s nursery, measuring 51″ x 59.5″. This pattern features a lively display of friendly animal faces, including a tiger, fox, monkey, cat, and bear, accompanied by colorful bunting. It captures the essence of a joyful celebration, making bedtime fun and inviting. Ideal for wrapping your little one in warmth and cheer, this quilt pattern brings a playful spirit to any room.

13. Free Quilt Pattern: The Party Train

The Party Train - free quilt pattern

Designer: Bethany Fuller for Windham Fabrics

All aboard ‘The Party Train’ quilt pattern by Bethany Fuller for Windham Fabrics, sized at 58″ x 59″. This enchanting design features playful animals riding vibrant train carriages, chugging into a whimsical world. The cheerful and colorful theme is the perfect backdrop for dreamy nighttime journeys and lively daytime play. Ideal for any little conductor’s room, this quilt promises to add fun and fantasy to their dreamland adventures, making it a delightful addition to nursery decor.

14. Free Quilt Pattern: Dino Friends

Dino Friends - free quilt pattern

Designer: Lynne Goldsworthy for Makower UK

The Dino Friends Quilt Pattern by Lynne Goldsworthy for Makower UK is a fun and educational choice for any child’s room, measuring 58″ square. This delightful design features favorite dinosaurs like the triceratops, stegosaurus, and brontosaurus, brought to life in vibrant colors and engaging patterns. It’s perfect for sparking imaginations and creating a prehistoric playground in quilt form. Whether for playtime or bedtime, this quilt is sure to be a hit with young dinosaur enthusiasts and will add a touch of adventure to any space.

15. Free Quilt Pattern: Provence

Provence- free quilt pattern

Designer: Cathy Nordström for Andover Fabrics

Set sail into serene slumbers with the Provence quilt pattern by Cathy Nordström for Andover Fabrics, finishing at 60″ x 80″. This pattern combines nautical charm with the elegance of the French countryside, featuring gentle hues and playful sailboat motifs that create a tranquil seascape. Perfect for a baby boy’s nursery, this quilt promises a picturesque voyage into dreams each night, offering comfort and a stylish decor element. It is ideal for anyone looking to craft a peaceful and inviting atmosphere for their little one.

BONUS Boy Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Monster Truck Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Monster Truck Quilt by Lisa Muilenberg

Designer: Lisa Muilenburg of Counted Quilts

This Monster Truck Quilt Pattern will enthrall your little boy. After all, little boys do love trucks. Delight your boys who love trucks with this pattern! It may look intimidating but is actually beginner-friendly. Intermediate and experienced quilters will also enjoy bringing out their creativity with this pattern. The simple pieced pattern only integrates half-square triangles to form the monster truck design. Lisa Muilenberg designs this. A wide range of sizes is available so you can make one for your little boy or the big brother.

Three sizing options:

  • 36 inches x 42 inches
  • 24 inches x 28 inches
  • 48 inches x 56 inches

2. Ready, Set, Soar! Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Ready, Set, Soar! Quilt by Amanda

Designer: Amanda of Honey Bunny and Doll

It is commonly known that kids are fascinated with airplanes. Does your little boy love airplanes? You can customize this pattern with his name. It highlights an aircraft flying a name banner. It is a perfect for gender reveal. This design from Amanda uses the applique technique.

The finished quilt approximately measures 38 inches x 45 inches.

3. Good Nite Train Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Good Nite Train Quilt by Janel Metsker

Designer: Janel Metsker of Nite Owl Quilting

Boys are inherently drawn to fast-moving, wheeled objects like trains. If your child likes “choo-choo”, this pattern is a perfect addition to his bedroom. It features a moving train. The inviting ambiance of the train will lull your little boys to sleep. It was designed by Janel Metsker. It is best for beginners and experts alike. The design belonged to Janel Metsker.

The finished quilt measures 62 inches x 86 inches.

4. I Love Dirt Quilt Pattern (Physical Pattern For Sale)

I Love Dirt Quilt by Karen Bennett

Designer: Karen Bennett of Nellie’s Needle Quilt Patterns

Diggers, bulldozers and cranes stimulate your boy’s imagination. This pattern is the appropriate quilt for a baby’s construction-themed bedroom. Don’t worry if you’re just starting your quilting journey, it is designed for quilters of all levels. Karen Bennett crafted it, and the final measurements are 47.5 inches x 55.5 inches.

5. Up, Up & Away Airplane Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Soar to cozy heights with the Up, Up & Away Airplane Quilt Pattern by Christine J Designs, suitable for intermediate skill levels. This charming baby blanket finishes at approximately 41 x 45 inches and features fluffy clouds and colorful airplanes against a sky-blue backdrop. The design captures the spirit of adventure and comfort, making it an ideal addition to any little aviator’s crib. It’s perfect for wrapping your child in warmth while inspiring dreams of flight in a whimsically styled nursery.

6. Dump Truck Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Dump Truck Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Lisa Muilenburg of Counted Quilts

The Dump Truck quilt pattern by Lisa Muilenburg of Counted Quilts is perfect for beginners and comes with instructions for multiple sizes: Crib (36″x42″), smaller (24″x28″), and larger (48″x56″). This bright and fun pattern features a lively dump truck design, making it an excellent choice for babies or young boys, especially those with a construction-themed room. The vibrant and playful design adds a touch of whimsy and creates a warm, inviting piece that’s perfect for cuddling or decorating a child’s space.

7. Coopers Cars Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Coopers Cars Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Jenny of Sweet Ruby Designs

The Coopers Cars Quilt Pattern by Jenny of Sweet Ruby Designs is a delightful choice for any little boy or new baby. This fun and cute car-themed quilt pattern is perfectly sized at 42″ x 52″ when finished. It features charming and colorful cars that will capture the imagination of young ones and add a playful element to any child’s room. The design is straightforward, making it accessible for quilters of various skill levels who want to create a memorable and cozy gift.

8. Small Steps Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Small Steps Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Rugile Stanyte for Magic Little Dreams

The Small Steps quilt pattern by Rugile Stanyte for Magic Little Dreams is a playful baby quilt that measures 43″ x 43″. This fat quarter-friendly design features a unique patchwork of triple irregular square-in-a-square blocks, enhanced with human footstep appliqués. The concept of the quilt symbolizes a newborn’s journey into our vibrant, chaotic world. Its creative layout and meaningful theme make it an ideal gift for new parents, capturing the essence of new beginnings and the adventures ahead.

9. Timber Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Timber Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Rebecca Linstrom of Rachel Rossi Designs

The Timber baby boy quilt pattern by Rebecca Linstrom of Rachel Rossi Designs creates a serene woodland retreat for snuggling. Featuring friendly cubs and chirping birds, this quilt invites your little one to explore the great outdoors from the comfort of their crib. Crafted in soft grays and whites with splashes of red, the design brings a peaceful forest scene to life, making it a perfect sanctuary for sweet slumber. This charming quilt pattern offers a snug and visually appealing environment for any child’s room.

10. Train Quilt Pattern (Digital Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Train Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Lisa Muilenburg of Counted Quilts

The Train Quilt Pattern by Lisa Muilenburg of Counted Quilts is an ideal project for beginning quilters. It features a twin-size dimension of 66 inches by 86 inches. This design centers around a large, eye-catching train, with smaller trains running along the top and bottom borders, creating a dynamic and playful theme. Perfect for train enthusiasts or as a delightful addition to a child’s room, this quilt pattern is fun and visually appealing, ensuring it will be a cherished item for many years.

Here Are More Boy Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from Gingers Quilts

Photo Source: Gingers Quilts

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from Ginger Snap Quilting

Photo Source: Ginger Snap Quilting

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from Ohio Thoughts

Photo Source: Ohio Thoughts

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from So She Sewed

Photo Source: So She Sewed

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from Rainy Day Quilter

Photo Source: Rainy Day Quilter

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from MaryGin Rettman

Photo Source: MaryGin Rettman

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from Heather Peterson

Photo Source: Heather Peterson

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from Inquiry and Beyond

Photo Source: Inquiry and Beyond

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from Quilt Read Repeat

Photo Source: Quilt Read Repeat

Boy Quilt Pattern Idea from Very Blessed mama

Photo Source: Very Blessed Mama

These astonishing quilting patterns will undeniably delight your little boys! Whether your kids love trucks, trains, or cars, these designs are all you need to achieve your desired bedroom theme for your kids.

If you are looking for quilt patterns with neutral designs then you might want to check our Top Quilt Patterns For Baby Boys and Girls. These patterns have gorgeous designs that you can use to create beautiful quilts for your little boy or girl.

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Julie Barnard

Sunday 21st of January 2024

Absolutely love the patterns

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