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How to Choose a Sewing Machine for Beginners | Step by Step Guide 2023

How to choose a sewing machine for beginners is a difficult task. From where to start? What does it cost? Which kind of features are initially required in a sewing machine? These are some common questions when you are looking for the best sewing machine.

Sewing is the most pleasing way to express your creativity. In a short time, you can establish your home-based small business with a small investment.

If you are a beginner or you want to upgrade your sewing business to the next level. Here in this article, you can get fruitful information to choose the best sewing machine.

We briefly describe small technical issues and discuss all the essential features of the best sewing machine. Read this article carefully, and you will be able to choose the best sewing machine from anywhere.

Factors to be considered Before choosing a Sewing Machine for beginners in 2023

After many years of sewing experience and reading customer reviews, we’ve compiled a list of points that are necessary to be considered before purchasing a sewing machine for beginners in 2023. So, let’s start this buying guide;

1. Why do you need a sewing machine?

It is important to understand why you need a sewing machine. Sewing is your hobby, or you want to start a small home business. What do you want to sew? Soft fabrics, denim, leather, plush or heavy fabrics.

The latest sewing machines have fast speed and advanced features. So you can complete your projects in a short time with the best accuracy.

2. Cost of sewing machine

Normally the cost of the best sewing machine is 400$ to 7000$. It’s your choice of how much budget you have? If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with a small mechanical sewing machine. After that, upgrade to automatic and computerized sewing machines.

Moreover, mechanical sewing machines are low in price. Mostly cheap sewing machines have a short life and more service claims. Think broadly and invest in long-life products.

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3. Operation (Mechanical or computerized)

Initially, mechanical sewing machines are suitable for beginners to understand how to sew? After that, automatic or computerized machines are best. In computerized machines, you have advanced features and the best accuracy.

Computerized machine speed (stitches per minute) is very high as compared to mechanical sewing machines. Computerized sewing machines have a built-in variety of designs and stitches. While in the mechanical sewing machines, you need to do all the work manually, which is a waste of time.

4. Bobbin loading (Top loading or Front loading)

Top loading bobbin is a new invention and used in the latest machines. The front-loading bobbin system was in use before this in the sewing machines.

Front-loading bobbins are suitable but create some problems for beginners. For example, it is complicated to replace, and sometimes tension adjustment makes issues.

If you want to buy the best sewing machine in 2023, we recommend going with the top-loading bobbin sewing machine. It is less complicated and improves your productivity.

5. Free arm capability

It is another fantastic feature of sewing machines that makes your work much more comfortable. Mostly Free arm capability is found in cabinet-free machines.

If you are a professional, you can understand its importance. The free arm feature helps work on curved pieces, sleeves, collars, cuffs, and other rounds to shape small items.

If you want to sew along and a straight piece of fabric, you don’t need free arm capability. If you are interested in sewing, then we ever recommend free-arm capability sewing machines.

6. Variable speed control

It is also called adjustable speed control. A handy and brilliant feature for a newbie. Before this, sewing machines were equipped with a foot pedal. When you press the pedal, it’s the indication to “go.”

As much you press the pedal, the sewing speed increases. It isn’t easy to maintain a constant required speed with the foot pedal.

In new sewing machines, foot pedal features replace with variable speed control systems. In variable speed control sewing machines, you can choose the speed from 50 to 1000 stitches per minute through a slider. If you want to buy the best sewing machine in 2023, variable speed control is an essential feature.

7. Built-in needle threader

An automatic built-in needle threader is an excellent addition to new sewing machines. It makes your work easier and faster. As a beginner, when you want to buy a sewing machine, the “automatic needle threader” feature keeps in mind.

8. Automatic thread cutter

An automatic thread cutter is a small feature now installed in new sewing machines. It’s the alternate scissor or any other cutting tool used to cut the thread when completing a job section. An automatic thread cutter saves your time and minimizes clutter.

9. Automatic buttonhole

A few years ago, to make a buttonhole on stiff fabrics like cuffs and collars, separate special machines are used. That is an extra burden and wastage of time.

Now the latest sewing machines are equipped with an automatic buttonhole feature. Before buying a sewing machine for beginners, keep in mind this bonus feature.

10. Needle Position (up or down)

Another great feature of the latest sewing machines. Mostly this feature is found in computerized sewing machines. It allows you to set the position of the needle up or down when you stop sewing—permanent up or down position of hand irritating sometimes.

In the latest sewing machines, a built-in button allows you to set your desired position. Also, check this feature when you are looking at how to choose a sewing machine.

11. Noise level

Noise at maximum running speed is another essential thing to check. Typically below 55 dB noise level is not harmful to human health. Exposure to more than 65 dB noise levels can be the cause of fatigue, headache, and stress.

Always choose standard products that have a low noise level. Maintaining your machine oiling regularly is helpful to minimize the noise level. Furthermore, always use the recommended oil for the sewing machines to reduce noise levels and increase the lifespan.

12. Features

The latest sewing machines make sewing very easy. They have multiple advanced features like built-in stitches, built-in designs, speed controller, thread tension.

All these features make your life very easy. And you can become an expert in a very short time. Before buying sewing machines, carefully check their features, and then choose the best one.

13. Speed or performance

The speed of a sewing machine is calculated in stitches per minute (spm). As spm increases the performance of a sewing machine increase. The cost of a sewing machine is directly proportional to its spm. Usually, the sewing machine speed has 50 spm to 1000 spm.

14. Maximum stitch width

3mm, 6mm, or 9mm, what is the maximum stitch width size. For delicate fabrics, we use now 2mm stitch width. As the material becomes, the more massive size of the stitch width increases. So the maximum stitch width allows you heavy fabrics to sew. If you are a beginner, initially above 500 spm sewing machine is right for you.

15. Accessories

The only sewing machine is not enough to start sewing. Some other essential accessories are required, like a table with adjustable height, cabinet, scissors, chalk, pins, quilting feet, lamp with a magnifying glass, etc. Before buying the best sewing machine, check its additional accessories.

16. Size and weight

Once there was a time when size and weight is the sign of durability. But modern technology defeats this myth. Now smart and lightweight products are more valuable. Heavy products are difficult to move and large machines required more space. Before choosing the best sewing machine calculate how much size you have available.

17. User manual

The user manual is essential to understand how to set up a new machine and how it works. Most manufacturers provide an online user guide. If you are a beginner, it’s more challenging to start a sewing machine without the user’s manual.

Before choosing a sewing machine, check it’s a user guide available or not? If the user manual is confusing or not well defined, then don’t buy this product.

18. Warranty

The right products always come with a considerable warranty. A sewing machine has at least 05 years warranty. Some cheap products are available with a 01 or 02 years warranty. Initially, that is good, but after some time, their maintenance cost can disturb your budget.

Reliable products may be a little bit expensive. But we recommend always going with the right product that has an extended warranty.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article covered everything regarding the question of how to choose a sewing machine for beginners in 2023. It will clarify all confusing doubts before purchasing the best sewing machine. We tried to explain all essential factors and questions that might become to your mind regarding sewing machines.

Before choosing your product, ensure features good enough to meet your demand. Now, you can purchase an ideal sewing machine for yourself by considering the above factors. Contact Us for any queries. Your feedback is important for us.