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Juki Serger MO 1000 | Thread Portable Serger Machine Reviews of 2023

Juki serger MO-1000 is one of this company’s most popular brands due to its durability and user-friendly qualities. These days the majority of the sewing market is indeed captured by two jumbo brands, Brother and Singer. But some people don’t like to buy these big giants’ products and want to try something different.

In this article, we will introduce you to a 3rd big brand in the sewing industry, named Juki. Juki is dealing with the production of sewing machines for both home and industrial since 1947. Juki machines are famous due to their ideal price and quality. So is Juki MO 1000 serger sewing machine

Juki MO-1000 Serger Machine Features 2023

There are many features to love about this serger, but jet-air threading and the automatic needle threader are top the list. The fast stitching speed (1500 SPM)of the Juki MO 1000 serger makes it a more prominent machine. Let’s dig deep into this machine and take a look at its amazing features.

Juki Serger MO 1000

Structure and Design

Juki serger MO 1000 is a compact machine with dimensions of 15.4 x 15.2 x 16.3 inches. It is also pretty much light with a weight of 22 pounds. Its color is mostly white, and the outlook is like other serger machines in the market.

When we talk about its design, There is nothing fancy in it. But it is a durable machine, and that’s exactly what you want in the best serger sewing machine.

This Juki serger has a sound-reducing design, and it helps in minimizing operating noise. Moreover, it sews with less vibration. Juki always takes care of its customer, and the Juki serger MO-1000 is a nice example of this.

High Sewing Speed

Stitching speed is very important in serger machines. Juki MO-1000 is a fast sewing serger machine. Its sewing speed is 1500 stitches per minute. It means you can complete your projects very fast without compromising on quality.

Stitch Option

The Juki MO 1000 Serger can produce seven different stitches. These stitch options include 2, 3, or 4 thread overlocks, 3 thread narrow overlocks, 3 thread rolled hem, 3 thread flatlock, Frilled 3 thread rolled hem. You can create your designs with these stitches.No matters which stitch option you choose; every stitch is perfectly formed, secured, and tight.

Moreover, the stitch width is adjustable. This adjustable width is important while working on different projects. Both needles have the adjustment. The right needle width can be adjusted between 3 mm to 7 mm. The left needle’s width adjustment is between 5mm to 9mm. Also, stitch length is adjustable between 1 mm to 4 mm.

Jet Air Looper Threading

Juki serger machine comes with the most advanced feature for threading the Jet Air looper system. No longer is threading the loopers a difficult task, as Juki MO-1000 threads itself with the push of a button only using a burst of air sent from the electric motor.

Threading becomes easier with a color-coded guide. Now, threading mistakes, difficulties with the threading guide, and poor stitch quality are things of the past with this machine.

Upper Looper Converter

This machine is equipped with an upper looper converter. Just Switch to 2-thread sewing by pushing the 2-/3-thread changeover attachment to the left, making this operation even easier.

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Adjustable Differential Feed

You can deal with any type of fabric conveniently with this serger as it comes with an adjustable differential feed. The adjustable differential feed dials let you adjust the feed speed to fit the fabric type, so whether your fabric is stretchy or crinkly, you can create a finished seam that lays flat with no puckering. Its Differential feed is 0.7-2.0 ratio.

Easy to Reach Controls

The differential feed control and stitch length control are simple and easy to reach. These controls are located on the right side of the machine. You don’t have to stop your work while making necessary changes in these settings.

Wide Throat Area

Juki MO-1000 serger featured with a wide throat to provide you with a wide working area. The height of the throat is about 72.4mm.

LED Light

It is equipped with an LED light. This light lets you see what you’re sewing as the energy-efficient long-life bulb brightly illuminates the working area. it is eco-friendly and doesn’t heat even continuous usage.

Safety Feature

Another important feature is its safety feature that prevents operation when the cover is open, or the presser foot is in the upper position. If you have kids in your home, this feature makes it a reliable machine because it won’t allow the machine to run accidentally.

Quiet Operation

If you are allergic to noise, then be happy because Juki is a quiet sewing serger. It operates with a low noise level.

Waste Collector

It comes with a waste collector bin that catches the cut of fabrics and makes the sewing area clean and tidy.

Juki MO-1000 video Guide

JUKI MO-1000 Overview Chapter 1


  • Needle set
  • Presser foot
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • Brush/needle inserter
  • Electronic foot control
  • Thread nets
  • Oiler
  • Scrap catcher
  • Spool caps
  • Power cord
  • Accessory pouch foot control
  • Owner’s manual
  • Instructional DVD

Juki MO-1000 Manual

To download the complete user manual of JUKI mo-1000 Click here:

Super easy to thread with jet-air threading feature
Adjustable differential feed
Quick sewing speed
Easy to set up and easy to use
Convenient Safety feature
No critical cons yet

Common FAQ’S of Juki Serger MO 1000

How to thread the needle in Juki MO-1000 serger?

Juki serger MO 1000 comes with an automatic needle threader. You can easily thread the needle in the following quick three steps.

  • Lower the threading lever.
  • Hook the thread
  • Return the lever, and that’s it. You have threaded the needle.

Does Juki mo 1000 have a cover stitch option?

Unfortunately, Juki MO 1000 serger does not have a cover stitch option. If you want to perform a cover stitch job, then you should consider Singer 14T968DC Serger.

Does Juki mo 1000 make buttonholes?

The buttonhole option is not included in serger machines. To make buttonholes, you’ll need a regular sewing machine.

Bottom Line

We have provided you with all the information that might help you with Juki serger MO 1000. This serger falls in an affordable price range. It is equipped with a wealth of helpful features usually found on more expensive machines. Once you get used to the jet air loopers, you’ll never go back to another serger machine. Now, it depends on you whether you go with this Juki MO-1000 serger or any other brand.