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Singer 14T968DC Serger Review | Affordable Professional Serger in 2023

Are you confused about whether to purchase a singer 14T968DC serger machine or not? Your mind will be clear after reading Singer 14T968DC Serger Review The Singer is a trusted American company established in 1851. Since then, Singer has earned a big name in manufacturing sewing machines.

Most importantly, Singer is among the top three sewing machine manufacturers in the world. Its products are highly reliable as its products are available at a low price while comparing similar products of other brands.

Our primary purpose of singer 14T968DC Serger Review is to make you sure and confident enough to make the best decision related to buying this serger sewing machine. Singer 14T968DC is the top-notch flagship of Singer that is very suitable for those who are looking to expanding their creativity.

Singer 14T968DC Serger Machine Features

Singer 14T968DC is one of the best brands in a professional serger sewing machine. Loaded with multiple automatic and adjustable features that can deal with a variety of projects. You can get professional results without compromising quality; it offers 5-4-3-and 2 thread capability with a wide range of stitch options.

On the other hand, self-adjusting tension and threading is a breeze in this serger machine. The best part of this product is that it is quite capable of handling pro-level sewing projects.

Singer 14T968DC Serger

Structure and Design

This professional-looking sewing machine is total horsepower. The interior frame of the serger is metal, which provides long-lasting durability. Singer 14T968DC comes with stainless steel. This surface offers a smooth surface that allows your fabrics to move forward quickly as you sew.

The dimension of the Singer professional 5 14t968dc sergers is 11 x 12.5 x 14 inches, and the weight is only 20 pounds. So, you can easily say that this serger is compact. You don’t need a special place to store this machine. The transportation is effortless with its user-friendly designed handle.

Sewing Speed

Serger machine’s sewing machine is an essential factor because you need a high speed while using a serger. Singer 14T968DC serger operates on a high sewing speed of 1300 stitches/minutes. It is an outstanding speed to complete your projects quickly. This serger offers you to sew the seam, finish seams, and trim seam allowances in one step with professional results.

Self Adjustable Tension

One of the most special features of singer 14T968DC serger is its self-adjustable tension system. This feature saves your time and the extra hassle of tension adjustment. Just select your desired stitch with the turn of a dial; the serger will adjust the tension instantly according to the selected stitch.


Stitch Option

This serger machine offers 12 built-in stitch options. It is capable of producing 2,3,4 and 5 thread overlock stitches. It also includes four rolled hemstitches, three types of cover stitches to deal with almost every project.

Other included stitch options are two thread overedge stitches, three thread flatlock stitches, 4 and 5 thread safety stitches, a triple cover hem stitch, and a unique double chain stitch.

Besides, you can adjust the stitch length and width according to your project demand. This adjustable stitch option is helpful in different stitching techniques like blasting, appliqué, and others.

Other Popular Serger Machines in 2023

Easy Threading

Threading a serger has never been an easy task. But this serger machine offers a straightforward threading system. The threading path of each thread is specified with a different color to make threading simple. Easy to read reference diagrams include on the machine.

Cover stitch Feature

One of the most helpful and vital features of this serger is its cover stitch feature. Coverstitch option makes the singer serger 14T968DC stand out from the rest.

You don’t need to switch between a sewing machine and a serger while using a Singer pro 5 serger. You can choose between wide, narrow, or Tripple cover stitch.

4 Built-in Rolled Hems

It comes with 4 built-in rolled hems, which is a beneficial feature for lightweight fabrics. It’s effortless to use, by just sliding a lever without changing the stitch plate.

Adjustable Differential Feed

It comes with an adjustable differential feed. Differential feed controls the ratio of movement between the front and back feed dogs; you can adjust it according to your fabric needs. It is a must feature for even smooth and quality stitching, especially when working with stretch or delicate fabric.

Soft Cover

The Singer 14T968DC machine comes with a soft cover that helps to keep your machine dust-free when you’re not using it.

Waste Catcher

An attachable waste pocket includes with this machine. It is a necessary accessory for a serger because it trims the fabric. In contrast, sewing and All the excess fabric fall all over the working area. Just place the waste bin in front of the machine, and it will catch the extra material and makes sure a clean and tidy working area.

LED Light

Working on dark fabric is a little bit difficult in the dim light sewing room. This Singer’s serger features a long-lasting LED light, which provides you a bright working area.


Adjustment panel

Juki MO 654De has a convenient adjustment panel, located on the external part of the serger. You can adjust stitch length and feed adjustment at this smart panel. It’s simple and easy to reach the panel.


Juki MO654DE Serger Instructional video

JUKI MO-654DE/MO-644D: Preparing, Threading, and Adjustments


  • ​An extra upper cutting blade
  • Piping foot
  • ​Gathering foot
  • ​Guide foot
  • ​pearl foot
  • ​Blind hem foot
  • ​Elastic foot
  • ​Tool for needle inserting
  • ​Lint brush 5 Spool covers
  • ​Needle wrench
  • ​Thread nets
  • ​Needle pack
  • ​Screwdrivers
  • ​5 Threads
  • ​Tweezers
  • ​Cover stitch converter plate
  • Accessory box
  • Softcover

Singer 14t968DC Manual

To download the complete user manual of Singer 14t968dc, Click here: 

Durable machine with heavy metal frame
Compact design is convenient for portability
Availability of cover stitch
Different Thread Capability like 2-3-4-5
Included Clean pocket
Less vibration during operation
Unavailability of the free arm
A bit difficult for beginners

Common FAQ’S of Singer 14T968DC Serger Machine

How hard is it to sew a sleeve or cuff because there is no free arm Singer 14T968DC Serger?

It is hard to sew narrow or rectangular-shaped kinds of stuff like cuffs and sleeves without a free arm feature. But you have to do it inside the hole instead of around the free arm. After all, it is not so bad.


Does this machine have a knife to trim seams?

Yes, the Singer 14T968DC serger comes with a movable and stationary knife that allows you to sew and trim in one operation.

What is the difference between a cover stitch and an overlock stitch?

A cover stitch can cover, bind topstitching necklines, hem the bottom of sweatsuits or T-shirts and join seams.

While an overlock stitch is used for over edging standard fabrics and seaming knit fabrics.

Bottom Line

Singer 14T968DC serger is a high-end serger machine. It packs with all the necessary features that a professional machine needs to be. Its cover stitch makes it a unique machine among the sergers. Most importantly, it can handle both professional-level tasks and home sewing tasks.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced serger with high standards and quality, place the Singer 14t968dc serger on your list.