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17 Stunning Free Butterfly Quilt Block and Quilt Patterns

Butterflies are fascinating, with some of nature's most vivid color patterns. In this modern world, this marvelous insect used as a design element: in fashion, sculptures, baskets, and even quilts. The butterfly quilt block has been used by generations of quilters, from grandmothers to modern seamstresses. For many quilting projects, this timeless design is adaptable, elegant, and easy to work with. As they twirl from flower to flower, let their shimmering wings transform into a quilt. Here are some of the most creative butterfly quilts we curated for you!

Free Butterfly Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Flutter Butterfly Fling Throw

Learn more about Flutter Butterfly Fling Throw Quilt pattern here.

Flutter Butterfly Fling is a beautiful throw quilt pattern designed by Me and My Sister Designs. With its stunning butterfly design, this quilt is sure to turn heads and make a statement in any room. Whether you're an experienced quilter or a beginner, this free quilt pattern is a fun and creative project to tackle.
Project Finish Size: 45 inches × 45 inches

2. Butterfly Vintage Quilt

Butterfly Vintage Quilt - free quilt pattern

Learn more about Butterfly Vintage Quilt pattern here.

Looking for a clouded yellow type of butterfly quilt inspiration? You got it! The Butterfly Vintage Quilt by McCall’s is a classic butterfly quilt pattern consisting of multiple butterflies with different colorful wings. It is not that hard to recreate because you just have to repeat the process of creating numerous butterflies. The butterfly quilt blocks are pieced. The butterflies in the diamond block will remind you of the unfolding of an adult butterfly from a pupa. Here’s a bonus: This quilting pattern has existed for 84 years long, and it could be a perfect addition to your vintage quilt collection.

3. Hearts Aflutter

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The Hearts Aflutter quilt pattern from Riley Blake Designs is a beautifully crafted pattern consisting of diverse butterfly designs! It has a love color combination of red and white. You can easily recreate this pattern by making small butterflies and squares block. This pattern will be a great addition to your house’s aesthetic! Hearts aflutter is also perfect as Valentine’s gift to your loved ones.

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4. Butterfly Crib Quilt

photo source: Rita F. Kostoff

Create a cozy and stylish crib for your baby girl with this Butterfly Crib quilt pattern designed by Rita F. Kostoff. Experiment with colors to match your nursery decor. Finished size: 37″ x 46-1/4″.

5. Butterfly Charm Blocks

photo source: Lilly Ella

Learn more about the Butterfly Charm Quilt Blocks pattern here.

Quilting a butterfly pattern is intricate. This charm block can surely help you with your future butterfly-inspired quilts! The Butterfly Charm Block Paper Piecing Pattern consists of three butterfly charm blocks Cricket, Gidget, & Pepper. These little pieces of paper blocks are measured at 5.5” and are made up of beautiful bright colors of red and pink for cricket, pink, orange, and yellow for gidget, and blue, green, and yellow for pepper! These three tiny butterflies will radiate joy to your home.

6. Butterfly Quilt

photo source: Cloud9 Fabrics

Learn more about Butterfly Quilt pattern here.

The Butterfly Quilt Pattern is designed by Linda Spiridon. When looking at this pattern, you’ll feel like you’re in a butterfly dome. The blocks are arranged, highlighting butterflies flying in different directions. This pattern is an excellent choice for your white fabric because of its colorful element that compliments the background. The finished size is 46 inches x 58 inches sized quilt.

7. Butterfly Quilt Block

Butterfly Quilt Block - free quilt block pattern by Riley Blake Designs_
Photo Source: Amy Smart

Greet the new spring season with The Butterfly Block by Elea Lutz. It is made with traditional quilting blocks. The butterfly block is an easy quilting design that you can recreate in your own comfort by sewing two pieces of cloth cut into the sizes of a butterfly! The finished size of this quilt block is 10 inches x 10 inches.

8. Wildflowers and Butterfly

Wildflowers and Butterfly Quilt - free quilt pattern by RK_

As the butterfly gets attracted to the bright flowers in the garden, you’ll also be fascinated with this quilt! If you like flowers and butterflies, this is best suited for you. The Wildflowers and Butterfly Quilt Pattern is crafted by Debbie Beaves. It is a beautiful quilting pattern that consists of pastel hues. The pattern depicts the dancing and twirling of butterflies from one nectar to another. The subject is made of butterflies connected to one another, and its border is made of flowers. It may not be the easiest to recreate, but it surely is worth your time!

9. Butterfly Blooms

Butterfly Blooms_free quilt pattern

Ellise Lea designed the Butterfly Blooms Pattern, and it is made up of beautiful butterfly-like flowers that seem to have bloomed. The quilting block consists of snowball and triangle units. Make sure to select fabrics with floral designs to make the butterfly quilt more enchanting! If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful picnic blanket, this should be on your list. Recreating this quilt requires intermediary quilting skills. Finished quilt measures 72 inches x 86 inches

10. Magic Butterfly Quilt

Magic Butterfly Quilt - free quilt pattern_

A butterfly and flower dome in one to give your quilt a euphoric touch! The Magic Butterfly Quilt Pattern by Ruby Star Society is a unique design that looks like a playing card. The center consists of four butterflies in different sizes, HST’s and flying geese blocks. Triangle blocks are sewn diagonally to emphasize the butterflies and flowers. It is quite a challenging quilting pattern to recreate, but it sure looks fun when you perfect it! Intermediate and expert quilters alike will enjoy this pattern. The finished quilt measures 50 inches x 70.5 inches

10. Petite Butterflies Quilt

Petite Butterflies Quilt - free quilt pattern _

Simply beautiful is the perfect description for this masterpiece by Ariga Mahmoudlo featuring Bello Mariposa fabrics by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The contrast of bright and dark fabrics in each quilting block maded it more captivating. If you’re just starting out in your quilting journey, this is ideal for you. The finished butterfly quilt size is 54.5 inches x 64 inches.

11. Butterfly Garden Quilt

Butterfly Garden - free Quilt Pattern by Riley Blake Designs_

As one of nature's most lovable creatures, the presence of butterflies in the garden is magical. Want to turn your quilt into a butterfly garden? Check Riley Blake Designs quilting project featuring Liberty’s Emporium fabric collection. It has a simple design but quite a complex border to recreate. The 62 inches x 74 inches is perfect to spice up any single-bedroom design.

12. GO! Butterfly Under the Stars Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - GO! Butterfly Under the Stars Quilt by Mary Anne Fontana from Fontana Originals for AccuQuilt

Learn more about GO! Butterfly Under the Stars Quilt pattern here.

This GO! Butterfly Under the Stars Quilt will surely take you up in the sky! This lovely quilt is from Accuquilt designed by Mary Ann Fontana from Fontana Originals. This pattern can be recreated with the combination of Butterfly Blocks, Ohio Star Blocks, and 9-Patch Chain Blocks. With its dreamy fabric from Island Batik in 46 inches x 46 inches size, this piece is definitely a quilt enthusiast's dream!

13. GO! Butterfly Garden Quilt

GO Butterfly Garden Throw Quilt - free quilt pattern

Learn more about GO! Butterfly Garden Quilt pattern here.

If you're a fan of both flowers and butterflies, then this GO! Butterfly Garden Throw Quilt is what you’re looking for! This quilt is from none other than AccuQuilt. Its finished quilt size is approximately 39″ x 52 and ½ inches. This piece is definitely a representation of a garden without having actual plants. With this in your house, you'll definitely feel the presence of peace, harmony, and nature all at the same time!

14. GO! Flying At Night

GO Flying At Night Throw Quilt - free quilt pattern

Learn more about GO! Flying At Night Quilt pattern here.

This GO! Flying at Night Throw Quilt from AccuQuilt designed by Mary Anne Fontana of Fontana Originals simulates neon butterflies flying in the night sky. You can definitely never go wrong with its pitch-black background and lively neon butterflies aesthetic! This piece comes in handy in size 45 inches by 45 inches. So get your neon fabrics now and start piecing this adorable quilt either by machine or the traditional way!

15. GO! Fancy Wings

GO Fancy Wings Throw Quilt - free quilt pattern

Learn more about GO! Fancy Wings Quilt pattern here.

This GO! Fancy Wings Throw Quilt is designed by Amanda Harward for AccuQuilt. This design focuses on the overall theme of flying butterflies in the sunny sky! This quilt is in size 50″ x 59″. To recreate this wonderful creation is simple! It is done by alternating the Shoo Fly Block and the Butterfly Pieced Block. Now, what are you waiting for? Get your quilting tools now!

16. GO! Spring Flutter

Free Quilt Pattern- GO! Spring Flutter Wall Hanging Quilt

Learn more about GO! Spring Flutter Quilt pattern here.

The GO! Spring Flutter Wall Hanging Quilt is designed by Melanie Call of A Bit of Scrap Stuff lives up to its name as it reflects the overall theme of butterflies in spring! This piece is in size 38 ½ x 38 ½ when completed. The fabrics used for this piece are supplied by Riley Blake Designs. With this cute and mellow outdoor-sy feels, this is definitely a spring staple home decor!

17. NeoVol

NeoVol quilt - free butterfly quilt pattern

Learn more about NeoVol Quilt pattern here.

This Neovol Pattern designed by Nicole of Lilly Ella focuses on a single maroon butterfly amidst a scrap of what seemed to be the study of butterfly drawings and yellow borders. This piece is 18″ by 20″ when finished and is perfect for quilting beginners like you! This quilting piece will surely liven your home, especially when put in the most important part of your house, the living room!

We hope that you have found this butterfly quilt list helpful in identifying your next show stopping quilt, till next time. Happy Quilting!

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