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Top 7 Free Elephant Quilt Pattern

Below we gathered different tutorial versions of Elephant Quilt Pattern.

1. Paisley Splash


An applique friendly pattern for a small quilt.

Project Finish Size: 22.5 inches x 33.5 inches

Learn more about Paisley Splash Quilt pattern here.

2. Elephants on Parade

photo source: shwin and shwin

This gorgeous scrap quilt pattern tutorial is from Shauna of Shwin and Shwin . This quilt shows a baby elephant following her mother.

3. Elephant Cuddles Throw Quilt

photo source: AccuQuilt

An elephant throw quilt your little one would love.

Hurry and get this FREE quilt pattern from AccuQuilt

Project Finish Size: 28 inches x 37 inches

4. Ring Around the Daisy


This fun elephant quilt pattern is by Heidi Pridemore from The Whimsical Workshop.

Project Finish Size: 54 inches x 54 inches

Learn more about Ring Around the Daisy Quilt pattern here.

5. Elephant in the Dusk


Here is another FREE quilt pattern of the elephant quilt from Art Gallery Quilts .

Project Finish Size: 45 inches x 60 inches

Learn more about Elephant in the Dusk Quilt pattern here.

6. Jungle Elephant


These cute elephants marching will be a perfect gift to your little one.

Project Finish Size: 42 inches x 42 inches

Learn more about Jungle Elephants Quilt pattern here.

7. Elephant Pop


An adorable elephant baby quilt pattern by Marinda Stewart for Michael Miller Fabrics.

Project Finish Size: 56 inches x 68 inches

Learn more about Elephant Pop Quilt pattern here.

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